10 Things I ♥ in August

August Favourites 2018
ltr: Gran Hotel, score knifes, de Jong’s miniatures, Kamikatz Brewery, Crossley Corduroy
  1. My most recent historical series obsession is Gran Hotel*. Set (and also made) in Spain in the early 20th century it combines melodrama, soap opera story lines and murder mysteries with neat costumes and gratituous shirtless boxing scenes. What’s not to love?
  2. How amazing are these Score Knives from the 16th Century? I’m always a fan of Renaissance harmonies and these are engraved on blades, how awesome is that? Also, note to self, best present idea for my Dad, ever.
  3. My favourite snack at the moment is Smoked Tofu.
  4. Rosa de Jong’s Miniature Landscapes are SO CUTE. Just look at them.
  5. After years of not actively listening to them the concert at the ConQuest pre-game party made me come back to Fiddler’s Green. They used to be such a staple in my old flat-share’s daily soundtrack! I’d never seen them live before, but they are actually so euphoric and fun in concert! My current favourite is The More The Merrier (which opened the concert and resonated so much with me) and Blarney Roses (an all-time favourite traditional of mine that just sticks and doesn’t go away).
  6. I’m absolutely smitten with Kamikatz Rise & Win Brewery, the architecture as well as the overall environmentally friendly concept.
  7. I’ve been reading Murder Mysteries by Hana Prosková by accident (by which I mean I found them in the open bookshelf) and have found them really enjoyable. They remind me of the Van de Wetering novels in their strangely calm tone, I love it.
  8. These DIY Geode Bath Bombs look so good! I’ve been saying that I want to get into making my own bath bombs for ages and I’m absolutely in love with these, they are so pretty!
  9. I’m also pretty enarmoured with the Crosley Corduroy Cruiser record player at Urban Outfitters… in every colour. Which is the main problem, because I could actually need a new record player but I can’t choose for the life of me when it comes to this colour combination (although I imagine the corduroy to be a pain to dust off).
  10. I unfollowed Connie Glynn a while ago but when this essay on the “Death of YouTubers” (as a concept. Not as people.) came up in my suggestions list I gave it a go and it’s really, really well researched and, well… good. I’ve been thinking about similar things in regards to blogging… but I’ve got that scheduled for another day.

*Gran Hotel is the original Spanish name. It might be written as Grand Hotel in some places, for example German Netflix.

3 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in August

  1. The video was interesting. Unfortunately capitalism ruins most things. I’ll be interested to read your thoughts on blogging. *signs off to go write a blog post*

  2. Yeah, I would also be interested in your thoughts on blogging!

    Also – because I needed something to watch while knitting – I started watching Gran Hotel on your recommendation. I really liked it and already watched the complete first season. And with that cliffhanger ending I can’t possibly stop watching it now… o.o’

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