10 Things I ♥ in February

Faves February
Neill Burnell’s Photography | Steve Simpson’s Art | Bernadette Banner | Penny Blackfeather by Francesca Dare | Talliston House Study

February might be over already but that doesn’t keep me from sharing my favourites of last month with you!

  1. Penny Blackfeather, a regencypunk – It’s like gothic, but with more parrots – adventure webcomic by Francesca Dare. I read through the whole thing in one sitting when I was down with a cold and I’m so in love with it that I’m ordering the print editions, as well.
  2. I’ve had Laisse Tomber les Filles by France Gall playing in an infinite loop stuck in my head for over a week now. I like the song, though, so I don’t mind too much.
  3. Wow, the weather currently is so amazing. So much sunshine!
  4. Here’s a bit of a throwback to 2009 with Victoria Suzanne’s 25 Ways to Salvage a Bad Day, I just love her ideas. I sometimes miss the good old days when there were so many Lolita and Mori Kei lifestyle blogs around so I regularly go back and dig through the archives of those that are still online.
  5. My current watching obsession is Amazing Interiors on Netflix, I just love seeing what people with a lot of creative energy (and the funds to match it) do with their places, even if I wouldn’t want to live in them myself. My favourites would be Talliston and that fantastically baroque place full of diamonds in Paris, they are just so full of glamour and dreams, oh wow.
  6. Bernadette Banner’s Channel on YouTube
  7. A friend recently showed me this beautiful Retro Sailor Scouts pin kickstarter and I just had to include it here in the list! I can’t quite decide which design is my favourite, though, they are all so cute. Anyway, here’s Alice Starling’s Instagram and website as well, because her style is just so darling.
  8. The Mystical Wistman’s Wood photographs of Neill Burnell are some of the most magical landscapes I’ve seen in a while and make me want to visit Dartmoor as soon as possible. ♥
  9. The Art of Steve Simpson who makes super-colourful illustrations. I love his mid-century inspired style and his Voodoo and Día de los Muertos themes, they are so cheerful and happy!
  10. Inspired by the works of a friend I started making a Collage Smashbook lately with things I like, thoughts I have, outfits I’d love in my wardrobe and so on. I find sitting down with scissors and glue oddly meditative and can only recommend it.

Any thoughts?

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