One Decade of Hedgefairy Tales

I wrote this on February 24th, the actual blog anniversary. Real life interfered and I couldn’t be bothered to post this until now. That doesn’t make it less true, though, so here we go, you wonderful, special person you. ♥

10 Years of Hedgefairy Tales

February 24th has a couple of things to say for itself. It’s the birthday of one of the Brothers Grimm, Estonian Independence Day, and it also marks the premiere of Grieg’s Peer Gynt in 1876. 2009, however, is a suspiciously quiet year for this day – no major calamities, no remarkable births or deaths, no amazing feats or art or science. Instead, February 24th 2009 is a Tuesday on which a girl in her solitary room in a large German city presses the “Publish” button for the first time after having decided on a name for a blog.

Which brings us to the present day. Today marks the ten-year anniversary of this blog’s emergence from the depths of the internet (and my brain). Imagine Botticelli’s birth of Venus but with a few more wires and pixels. Today this blog has officially been around for more than one-third of my life. Ten years are a lot in internet time, and this blog has seen so many ups and downs, so many friendships forged and broken, several moves, a few life-changing events, and over a thousand posts.

10 Years of Hedgefairy Tales3

In the beginning Hedgefairy Tales (I think it was called Teaparties & Fairy Tales back then, but Hedgefairy was always part of the URL) was a tool for me to come out of a shell I had been building basically ever since leaving elementary school. At the time nobody who met me would have taken me for the desperate romantic, lace enthusiast and avid lover of lovely things overall that I felt I was deep inside. Granted, not all of these things are apparent even today but I’m far more vocal about it now (and I’m working on it). I was a closed-off, tomboyish, black-clad, cynical ball of issues ten years ago, but a ball of issues who wished for other things, for delicate ruffles and tea parties and old-fashioned things, for gentleness and magic. I was in dire need for this magic to happen, and luckily, it did. Thanks, Papa, for your internet connection and my first digital camera.

Ten years later I’m a still-somewhat-socially anxious, tomboyish, autumn-and-pastel-coloured, slightly sarcastic ray of sunshine. Sure, there are clouds. Sure, there are issues that don’t just go away within a decade. But I’m in the best place I’ve been in ever since I left elementary school. And this blog – and that includes you, lovely person reading this – helped me so much getting here.

10 Years of Hedgefairy Tales2

I kinda would have liked talking about my big plans for the next ten years at this point, but I won’t. I’ll save my manifestos for a rainy day. This is just a post to say “thank you” to all of you who are here – whether you just came here by chance, know me from somewhere else, are visiting for the first time or are regulars – thank you so much for being here, leaving comments, sharing thoughts, enjoying content. I’d love to offer you a piece of cake or a mug of tea but I can’t, so the idea will have to suffice.

Thank you so much. All of you.

(And of course here’s to the next ten years! *clink*)

8 thoughts on “One Decade of Hedgefairy Tales

  1. Thanks for the comic recommendation, I will look into it! If you don’t know it yet, there is an awesome webcomic named Widdershins out there that is probably my favourite webcomic ever. It can be found under and tells the story of a group of more or less dysfunctional misfits who take up the fight against the Seven Deadly Sins in an alternative, magical 1833 Great Britain. It contains a pipe-smoking magical bounty hunter, an involuntary thiefking, a punk baker, two loveable tramps and many more and has characters all over the gender, sexual orientation and skin colour spectrum. I also was very happy that the comic has a German character that is actually a very nice person and absolutely not the stereotypical Nazi knockoff that German characters in mainsteam comics usually are. Also the storytelling is awesome and things that may appear insignificant in one book will come back some books later to haunt the characters. Maybe you will like it.

    1. Ooh, thanks for reminding me that Widdershings exists, it’s been on my list for ages and I completely forgot but it souns so awesome!

  2. Wow, congrats to 10 years of blogging! That is quite some time! I think I found your blog years ago at the Natron&Soda forum and kept stopping by :) I hope there are many more years to come, because I like reading you posts and watching your vlogs.

  3. Ten years, that’s wonderful! Congratulations! May there be many, many more.
    Your blog has been one of my favourites for a long time now, and your photography and style are so beautiful!

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