10 Things I ♥ in June

Shellworks | The Painted Hive | Mycologist by Peppermint Fox | DS: Hamlet | Moral Fibres
  1. I’m always smitten when I find new (at least new to me) eco-friendly things but wow, The Shellworks are so awesome. They make bioplastic from chitin from seafood waste, and I think the prospect of biodegradable pill blister packs is one of my favourite things ever – it’s one of the plastic pieces I’ll never really be able to get rid of, and that annoys me.
  2. But speaking of it, this post on the Moral Fibres blog about why being plastic-free isn’t always necessarily the most environmentally friendly option is SO important. Yes, reducing plastic waste is important and good but a lot of eco-influencers and websites let us believe that it’s the be-all-and-end-all, and that’s just not the case.
  3. I love this Tutorial about Ageing Small Furniture from The Painted Hive.
  4. I’ve been watching Baccano! lately and even though it provides more violence than I usually like in my entertainment it’s a really great anime – the style reminds me of Samurai Champloo and some characters are strangely endearing considering that they work for the Camorra or are otherwise criminally inclined.
  5. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). Finally, a German production that doesn’t feel like it’s ten years late. Thanks, Netflix!
  6. I’m smitten with Peppermint Fox’s Mycologist Print dress as well as skirt – both colourways (Autumn | Moss) are so pretty and the design is lovely as always. I’m almost glad I don’t wear polyester or my bank account would be in serious troubles.
  7. My new Laptop is a second-hand affair (reduce, reuse, recycle!), a reject swapped for a better model, if you want, but still good enough for me. I’m super happy that I don’t have to work on my LARP newspaper on the old one that kept freezing while burning up! Now I only need to transfer my sticker collection…
  8. A Shakespearean pig killed me (repeatedly) and I loved it, or in other terms: I’m playing Don’t Starve: Hamlet. It’s been out for over half a year now and I didn’t have it yet which is scandalous considering how much time I’ve already sunk into the other versions of this game.
  9. Jenseits der Siegel – Beyond the Seals LARP was really lovely this year. During the last few I was incredibly stressed but with a fantastic team by my side, we managed to make a great in-game newspaper and generate play for a lot of people. This is the first year that I can truly say I’m looking forward to the next!
  10. I’m looking a lot at Mice lately – not because I’m considering getting pets (I’d love to, but there’s just no room at the moment), but for work, and I’m absolutely in love. My main reference site is this right now, and ooooh, look at them!

Any thoughts?

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