10 Things I ♥ in July

Miss Wondersmith’s Geode Sweets | Youth in Revolt | Ragged Victorians | Panic! At The Disco
  1. My Grandmas. Happy Birthday, Oma Inge, I love you. Oma Erika, I’m sad you’re no longer around as of this month, but I love you nevertheless.
  2. Miss Wondersmith is a fantastic individual who, just like a goldsmith used gold, uses wonder as her material. I was first drawn to her amazing recipes like these gems and the moss gazing nettle cake but I’m equally enchanted by the vessels she makes and the idea of her events.
  3. Our SodaStream. The boyfriend and I were pretty much done lugging water six-packs up to the fourth floor, not even talking about plastic bottles – while you can bring them back to the store in Germany the cheaper ones are still crushed and produce unnecessary plastic waste – so we decided to go for it and buy a bubblifyer for the occasions that we want carbonated water and so far I’m pretty glad we did.
  4. The Ragged Victorians are a reenactment group that specialises (unsurprisingly) in Victorians with emphasis on the lowest classes. Very Dickensian, they provide a great deal of inspiration for my ideal work attire and for all things Messy Victorian.
  5. Finding a decent replacement for a pair of shoes I’ve completely worn out at the thrift store. I have the tendency to keep my shoes for ages until they literally fall apart because I’m really picky when it comes to them. I was really lucky this time, though!
  6. Panic! At The Disco first got big during my teenage years and for some reason, after not following their exploits since then (probably because I haven’t had any form of music TV) I started listening to them again recently. I’m so happy that they didn’t lose their dramatic style and that the older pieces aged so well! (And yes, I’m really not an up-to-date kind of person)
  7. I just watched Youth in Revolt and I loved it. I’m not much of a film person, I prefer series, but the premise of a shy hipster (played by Michael Cera) who, to win the heart of a girl that could as well be from a Wes Anderson movie, resorts to creating Francois, a devil-may-care “supplementary persona”, got me. I especially enjoyed the talks between the main character and himself and the animated sequences, and I’d watch the film again in the blink of an eye.
  8. The by far most relaxed pre-ConQuest I’ve had so far. After last year wasn’t exactly my favourite ConQuest this year I’m just taking a step back. My kit is ready, the camp gear is fine, there’s no super-urgent project to finish, all I have to do is lean back and look forward to a week of in-character camping with my friends.
  9. Getting back into filming, editing and posting on YouTube. Filming makes me incredibly happy and so does learning to edit more and more. If you’ve missed my video on my plans for the channel (and partially here, probably), here it is.
  10. Having so many amazing people in my life that I don’t have enough time to hang out with them as much as I’d like to without sacrificing my important alone-time – if that isn’t a wonderful problem I don’t know what is!

2 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in July

  1. So many lovely things. I loooove The Ragged Victorians too! And I’m so glad that you’re into filming again, since I love your wonderful videos. <3

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