DoneDay: Upcycled LARP Scroll Case

Upcycled Scroll Case | Hedgefairy TalesA week ago someone from my LARP group turned 30 – my own big one is approaching fast, as well, and this year sees quite a couple of these in my circle of friends – so it was high time to finish this project.

He’s starting a courier business at the next game, and I assumed that a messenger can never have enough containers for important papers, complete with rings to hang it from a belt or sling it over the shoulder with a strap. I also wanted to test if I could make one of these the way I imagined it to work.

The scroll case is based around an old whiskey packaging – you know, those sturdy cardboard tubes with the metal lids. I wrapped it in old sofa leather, hunted down in the streets of Marburg long ago, first to glue it on and then to stitch it shut. The most complicated part was the lid, while I could just glue a cuff around the lower end I wanted to fully cover the upper, but with the lining that I added so the original inside of the whiskey tube wasn’t visible I had to change a few things.

Upcycled Scroll Case | Hedgefairy TalesI hammered the inside of the lid until it fit back in – not really elegantly done, I admit, but it works – and then added a piece of leather on top. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how long it took me to actually add the last thin strip of leather around the edge to finally conceal the leftover bits of tin cap… Anyway, another challenging thing was hammering in those rivets – I couldn’t exactly open up the tube for them but wanted it to be somewhat sturdy (I think I used a rolling pin on the inside), and I think the trouble was worth it in the end.

Upcycled Scroll Case | Hedgefairy TalesOverall I’m happy how this project turned out (and I think the receiver liked it, too) and I think I might even make another one to conceal my camcorder at games so I don’t disturb the ambience if I decide to film.

Let me know if you’d want a tutorial on that in the comments!

P.S.: I’m very much looking forward to my new camera. The phone is nice and convenient and everything, but it doesn’t beat the more traditional digital device.

Any thoughts?

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