6 thoughts on “My Femininity Feels Wrong

  1. I feel you!
    I’ve been there a couple years ago, although by now I found a good balance between my feminity and my tomboy side.
    I used to reject anything remotely feminine (except my long hair, I always liked that) because I felt it would make me seem weak. And how twisted of a society is that, that we live in, where little girls get applauded when they dress and act stereotypically masculine, as it makes them appear stronger, but little boys get told off for dressing and acting typically feminine, as it makes them appear weaker?

    So now, I sometimes dress ultra-feminine, and sometimes very business-like, and sometimes very bland… still working on putting a bit of unusualness and whimsy in the latter.

    By the way, the damsel that rescues herself is a pretty cool narrative!

    1. I’m glad on one and a bit sad on the other hand that so many fellow girls seem to feel the same. It’s fantastic to hear that you found your balance!

  2. Wow. Finally someone found the right words for what I am feeling, like since ever. Me also is a Tomboy. I never was the girly type but I hated it so much when people adressed me as your sir. ^^
    An my style would be also impossible to match. But for me it is okay to put on what ever I feel like. Otherwise I always felt kind of putting a halloween/circus/whatsoever costume on that is in all kind of ways not me. Thank your for that video. Gives me some new thoughts to think about. (all in a good way!)

    1. I’m glad you liked this video. Balancing these things is so hard sometimes and it’s really nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with it.

  3. I feel you there. I spent quite a few years avoiding any clothes that were girly or decidedly feminine like the plague, because I didn’t want to be seen as a sex object. Nowadays I am still trying to find my style somewhere between casual metalhead, big city witch and lovecraftian librarian.

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