♥ Some Favourites from February & March ♥

march favourites - Hedgefairy Tales
– the latest of my flower rescues –
  1. Selfmade doubles as a favourite from Black History and Women’s History month and was my favourite binge on Netflix in quite a while. If you haven’t seen it yet, it chronicles the rise to riches of Madam C.J. Walker, the first Black and female self-made millionaire of America. Go give it a watch, it’s great!
  2. The Magnus Archives are my new podcast obsession, and I might need a break from them sometime soon as I notice my speech pattern slipping into that of the Archivist more and more… if you like (mostly) vague horror, cult stuff and weird things, this podcast might be for you.
  3. Birdsong outside my window in the morning.
  4. Caprice embodies the manic, giddy, effervescent energy of spring as few other musicians do. Their tunes feel outright magical to me, and I’m so happy I found them!
  5. I’m finally reading Matt Ruff’s Lovecraft Country, and I’m loving it. If you ever need to convince someone of how absolutely infuriating racism is (and I hope you don’t have to, nobody should have people like that in their life), just give them this book. Bonus points are awarded for including cult stuff (see above) and being by the author of my favourite book, Fool on the Hill. Speaking of which, I kind of hope Lionheart is a descendant of at least one of the main characters… That would make so much sense.
  6. Apropos Descendants… I admit that I lately watched the eponymous Disney movie series and… it’s weirdly endearing? I didn’t think that it would grow on me like mould when I saw the first few minutes, it’s a bit cringy (and I have, of course, massive amounts of snark), but then again it was made for teens, and weren’t we all a bit cringy at that age? I’d also wear all of those awesome villain kid leather jackets in a heartbeat.
  7. Calling my friends “love”.
  8. I’ve taken to buying flowers for myself. I’ve been preaching the “buy yourself flowers” gospel for a while now but never really practised it, for no particular reason. I’m getting my flowers from the supermarket and I make it a point to buy the scraggliest, most-unlikely-to-be-picked-by-others bunch I see. I feel sorry that they won’t be bought, and they are surely still pretty and in any case still good enough to dry upside down.
  9. I’m playing Overlord again, and oh, it’s still so adorable. The manic chaotic energy of the minions always warms my heart. In fact, I’m even working on some fan art that you’ll see sometime next month if everything goes smoothly!
  10. Last but not least, I’m incredibly grateful for my productivity lately. There are a bunch of finished projects and new videos and cakes that are only here because I’m (relatively) stable and cared for and can indulge my creativity. I love it.

2 thoughts on “♥ Some Favourites from February & March ♥

  1. Three massive cheers for productivity – and for the terrific links housed in this post. I too enjoy calling people “love” or “luv”. Growing up we had a charming elderly British neighbour (named Eunice) who often did so and between that and the years I spent living in Ireland (where, admittedly, this term of endearment is a bit less common than in the UK, but certainly more so than here in North America), it’s stuck with me throughout my life.

    Thank you for sharing some of the content that has caught your eye and attention as of late.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

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