(Life) Style Tips in February 2020

february tipsEvaluate your resolutions and make changes if necessary, nobody wants to stick to something that makes them deeply unhappy! If you used last month’s idea of drawing them out of a hat, draw new ones if needed.

The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within.
– William C. Bryant

If you want to try something new this might be the month to do it – February is short even in a leap year and makes things like living vegan, going outside every day or wearing something bolder each time you go outside for a month a bit less daunting.

A bit more specific: What better time to practise some web necromancy and start a blog to revive the blogging world than in this shortest month? I personally miss the blogosphere so much these days so I’m trying my best to recruit new (or old!) tenants to this neck of the online woods.

And even this heart of mine has something artificial. The dancers have sewn it into a bag of pink satin, pink satin slightly faded, like their dancing shoes.
Edgar Degas

The 7th and 8th of the month mark Ballet and Opera day, respectively, so why not try to incorporate something a bit more theatrical into your wear for the whole month? Go for tulle skirts or wrap shirts and high buns for a Ballet vibe, maybe even pick one work for more specific inspiration – how lovely would be a Swan Lake-inspired everyday outfit? – or go ham on costume jewellery and dramatic make-up for Opera touches.

February might be the most dreary and grey month in the first half of the year (at least in the Northern hemisphere) and you’re probably over the cold by now. Find a cosy new café and try your way through their hot beverage and cake selection to get some warmth and brightness.

For our friends in the Southern Hemisphere: Here are our last August ideas for more ideas about what to do in the hot part of the year.

P.S.: The graphic on top is an amalgamation of this texture by Lost + Taken, this soap calendar  (scroll down to find it) and one of these ballerinas by The Graphics Fairy and these flowers from the Old Graphics Shop. While all these are free to use without credit I like sharing my sources so that others can use them, too.

10 Things I ♥ in January

Ghost Apples | Tasia’s Witches | 20s Patterns | Cynthia Hart
  1. 2020! It’s going to be a good year, I think.
  2. Adriene (and of course Benji) is releasing another January Yoga series, Home, which I have so far managed to practise along.
  3. I’m still in awe with the idea of these Ghost Apples.
  4. The Real Historical Patterns Tumblr is a favourite of mine as a resource of patterns in general, but in the light of the New 20s, here’s their 1920s tag for your wardrobe for the new decade.
  5. One thing that has become a beloved ritual in this new year is a pot of green tea each morning that I don’t have to get up before daybreak. There is just something so gentle and self-loving about brewing it, choosing to use a daintier cup than for most other infusions (because it cools much faster and is pretty) that matches the whispy aroma of the leaves and then sipping in peace before the hustle of the day begins for real.
  6. Brushing up on my French has been so much fun (and I’m surprised how much stuck from those two semesters at uni)!
  7. I think wall calendars are one of the hardest things to choose for the beginning of the year because they always pose the question of “who do I want to be for the next twelve months?” to me… However, I found the absurdly wonderful Cynthia Hart calendar that provides the perfect contrast to my more tomboyish and down-to-earth decor and still compliments the rest so well!
  8. Tasia.m.s on Instagram draws these absolutely stunning witch illustrations based on vintage patterns and I’m very much in love with them
  9. Decluttering. Yeah, sure, it’s a trend now, but it just feels so good. Bonus points when I can give one of my old things to a friend, skipping the step of carrying the stuff to the thrift store first.
  10. Kind of in the same vein: the feeling of seeing a video melt during editing – from the original footage to the rough cut to the final thing. As someone who rambles a lot, I really like the challenge to end up under half an hour without screwing up my personality.