10 Things I ♥ in April

April 2018 Favourites

  1. Seed by N-Dr01d on DeviantArt. It’s a mesmerizing game of breeding flowers but my favourite feature is the Evolve-O-Matic that does the breeding for you. You can chime in any second to alter the course of natural selection, but I love having it run in the background just to check in once in a while to see where it’s going and maybe add some fresh, uh, juice to the progress.
  2. Amsterdam, once again.
  3. Lately thanks to a whim I’ve been watching Wakfu. Its colourful, quirky world really reminds me of Deponia, the way it’s designed and animated, too. I’m absolutely in love with the scenery that’s a bit reminiscent of Daedalic’s works, too.
  4. The progress I make on my tiny balcony garden. It’s far from perfect but I’m really proud of it!
  5. Southern Gothic by Tyminsky is in my current cycling-to-work playlist and fits perfectly well into my current aesthetic – and my upcoming Dresden Files RPG campaign.
  6. Curry Plants. Until we got the thing at work I wasn’t aware of helichrysum italicum being a thing which is a SHAME. It smells delicious and can be used to spice up rice and fish, much like Rosemary except it smells and tastes like curry. I mean, what more do you want?! And did I mention it’s incredibly healthy, too? (Of course I got one for my balcony.)
  7. Hogwarts Mystery. How could I not. This is the new mobile RPG set in the Potterverse and it reminds me so much of the first computer game of the franchise (except it has less lag because my phone can do far more than the really shoddy PC I had back then). I love that it’s set before the books so you can meet characters that would have been at Hogwarts at that time. I can’t wait to get on with the game! (Yes, it has drawbacks, but I’ll get into that in a separate post someday.)
  8. Warm days by the lake. There are going to be so many more this year.
  9. Making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.
  10. I think Mareep, this month’s community day pokémon, is really cute. It’s a sheep, of course I find it adorable! I’m not as big of a fan of its evolutions, though, as far as I’m concerned I’d rather have a more badass ram pokémon than a half-naked giraffe, but hey.

10 Things I ♥ in March

March Favourites

  1. Cognitive Surplus’ Research pocket note book series. All covers are science-themed, with beautiful graphics and illustrations. I think my favourite set is the Natural Science one. They also carry other formats, by the way.
  2. Angels in Heaven by Abby the Spoon Lady & Chris Rodrigues makes me want to learn how to play spoons (not for the first time, though, and instruments are always a valuable skill). I’m a huge sucker for the “backwater mountain ghost town” aesthetic, anyway, and this is just SO GOOD. More on Abbey here (I’ll have to feature her as an NPC in Changeling some day).
  3. I’ve noticed more ruffles and lacey bits at the usual-suspect high-street retailers. My plea to the gods of fashion for more romantic mainstream stuff (especially for basics) has been heard!
  4. Amanda Parer’s Giant Invading Rabbits. Do I have to say I’d totally be okay with living under huge fluffy glowing overlords? There’s an article summing up the most beautiful of her Intrude work, too.
  5. It’s lovely to see trees starting to blossom again, getting new leaves that hesitatingly peek out of their buds. I just hope the apple bloom doesn’t freeze to death in a freak Winter comeback like last year. Anyway, the spring sunshine is marvellous.
  6. This post on Dress Restoration. I must admit that I’m a bit relieved that these beetle wings are shed naturally… and that I also absolutely need this dress in my wardrobe.
  7. A lovely piece on comparing yourself to others. I might have to print this one out and hang it somewhere I can see it.
  8. The Organic Quince Tea from Fredsted The is my current breakfast favourite. I’m not such a big fan of black brews in general but I absolutely love a good quince aroma – one of my favourite beer mixes is quince-flavoured, too (it also reminds me of the Midsummer Night’s Dream).
  9. I usually get this tea from our local branch of Søstrene Grene, a shop that is always a delight to visit. I think one of my favourite features is that they always have soft classical pieces playing in the background rather than pop or mall music so it’s a great stop for me during a stressful day in the city when I don’t know where else to go to calm down (is that weird?). And of course I like their pastel product palette immensely.
  10. Getting a grasp on how to describe my aesthetic. This has been a point of irritation for me for years. It seems trivial but just like a diagnosis (even though this comparison seems a bit dramatic) it really helps to have at least a fuzzy term for things like these – and it makes it far more easier to explain to others!

10 Things I ♥ in February

February Favourites

  1. Israeli Artist Ronit Baranga makes such beautiful and unsettling sculptures. They look like Guillermo del Toro suddenly found a love for all things pastel and went on to make a soft aesthetic Hellboy spinoff about dark fae (which I of course would totally watch). I’m especially fond of the crawling tea sets.
  2. All About Better Wonderland, a mash-up of Meghan Trainor, Daft Punk and the 90s. Nils, the German guy who mad this also made a great Rick Astley-Avicii mash-up (plus surprise elements). Hat tip to my tattoo artist for showing me these works of art (and making me notice that singing along to stuff is a great way to deal with pain). And the videos are on point, too.
  3. Fat Kingdom animal paintings by Mike Mitchell. I’m always a fan of fat animal pictures (sorry, not sorry) but his technique is perfect as well so I’m completely smitten. He also did Fat Birds (this one is for Verdinium!).
  4. Last Week Lolita News. While I’m not really part of the Lolita fashion and subculture anymore this sarcastic, over-the-top news show is hilarious. From what I’ve gathered from the comments Tyler is an incredibly sweet person but her snarky news anchor videos are a form of mean and dedicated (all the time and research!) and well-done vindictiveness that I willingly subject to.
  5. I absolutely love this make-up tutorial on natural freckles by Cheyenne of LarpHouse. So far I always used eyebrow pencils for my freckle make-ups but this one is a game changer for more natural looking spots.
  6. The stunningly beautiful underwater photography of Cheryl Walsh. Her work is so amazing, definitely check out the Mermaids and Heroines galleries on her website (my favourites, but the others are great as well) and her Instagram for more pictures. Lots of art this week. I’m not even sorry.
  7. #28DaysOfBlogging. Honestly my biggest problem with this challenge is that I don’t seem to have the time to read all other participants’ great content. Apart from that I love pushing myself and my creativity this way!
  8. I’m getting back into old-school Lolita fashion. When I think about the things that I love the most about this style it’s always the really old stuff I come back to (and prints with food, to be honest). For inspiration I’ve been reading F Yeah Lolita’s old-school tag and scrolling through this themed Tumblr.
  9. Aunt Dimity. I found six of the cozy mystery books at the open book shelf while I was hunting for Pokémon and decided to grab them on a whim (everything with a pink stuffed bunny and the word “mystery” gets my attention). Getting them home while still trying to throw virtual balls at virtual beasts and with freezing hands wasn’t really that comfortable but definitely worth it. I’ll have to see if my library has the 18 volumes that I don’t have!
  10. Winter Sunshine. While we’re still comfortably in the minusses (°C, of course, and the forecast claims it’s going to stay like this for a while) it’s been clear for almost a week now and the bright light gives the city a look no instagram filter could ever achieve. Now if I’d remember to put on gloves when I go outside before it gets warmer again, that’d be great…

10 Things I ♥ in January

January Favourites | Hedgefairy https://hedgefairy.wordpress.com

  1. The Finder was the first thing I bingewatched in 2018. Not only does it remind me of Psych, I also love how the starring female officer isn’t a hard, tough warrior but a capable marshall with a lot of feelings and girly giggles – but that doesn’t make her any less badass (and Willa is super adorable, too).
  2. Adriene’s traditional first month of the year yoga series, TRUE.
  3. Fuzzimo, a site full of textures, fonts and other fun things, and all for free AND under a CC license. I found Antoniu’s work via his incredibly handy embossed label generator (prepare to see that again in the future). If you’re doing creative things on the internet and off make sure to pay him a visit.
  4. Days getting longer again. It’s still dark when we pack up at work at the afternoon markets but I can really see the change from week to week.
  5. My new Tattoo! There was no way this wouldn’t end up here.
  6. Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked. I’ve had so much fun with this. Not only brought it Walani, the incredibly chill surfer girl, into the game (more strong girl characters! Yay!) but also a great take on the whole “exotic island” trope, treasure maps in bottles, agressive dolphins and all. And now please excuse me while I sink more of my time into this game.
  7. Whendi’s Bears are such beautiful little treasures. They have this sad, haunted look about them and I LOVE the artificial aging and distressing, it’s so incredibly well done! I was instantly smitten and had a hard time on picking my favourites to link to, but here are a small bulldog named Hope, a dog from the circus, a reel tiny ellyfont and a white rabbit to get you started. Oh, bonus points for the ice-skating hare. ♥
    And the kelpie-ness of this horse. See how hard it is to play favourites here?!
  8. This gallery of convicted minors called Fagin’s Children. I love looking at photographs of rugged Victorians (or Edwardians, I really don’t care that much) as they are a class often neglected by the more romantisising movements like Steampunk or Neo-Victorians. Rosanne Watson looks so wonderfully defiant and Robert Charlton would have certainly made quite a handsomely rougueish devil later on, and I wonder what became of all of them.
  9. Character Bleed 101 by LarpHouse on Youtube. Bleed occurs when your feelings influence your character’s and vice versa, and while it’s often seen as something negative or even “unprofessional” this video explains the whole thing wonderfully – and why it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  10. 2018. The year has treated me well so far – I got my new tattoo already, got going with my projects and the new place is coming along well enough. I’ve watched stuff that made me feel incredibly warm and fuzzy inside, had great dinners with some friends and wonderful chats with others and am overall so thankful for thos new year, because it actually feels like a really fresh start this time.

10 Things I ♥ in December

Things I love in December 2017 | Hedgefairy https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comWelcome to my monthly favourites!  This is the feature where I collect things – tiny and not so tiny – that made me happy throughout the month.

  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I saw the trailer when it first came out and wanted to watch it but forgot about it until I saw it on Netflix and jumped right in. I love the over-the-top tropes and satirical character and it has musical numbers, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The way they handle feminism and mental illness is just amazing and I’m absolutely smitten.
  2. Wild Garlic Cheese. What can I say, I like the stuff.
  3. Look at the adorable stuff Lady Arcoiris makes!
  4. The amount of natural light in my new room. My old one was so very dark, I’m absolutely smitten by having actual sunshine in here once in a while!
  5. My Staple Gun was one of the best things I bought during the move. Yeah, this list is full of seemingly mundane stuff but I can’t help being happy about the thing. ^^
  6. The absurdly pretty automatons of Ghostlight Gallery.
  7. The view into all the backyards of our block from our new flat. It’s like a whole new world because from our old kitchen window you could just see our own fence and a bit of the neighbors’ yard and that was it. Now I can see the rooftops of the smaller buildings within the yards and watch smoke rise from the chimneys and smaller and larger birds hopping from branch to branch on the rowan right in front of my balcony and I love it.
  8. This adorable Unicorn Taxidermy pattern by My Backyard Monsters.
  9. Our new bathtub. It’s not quite full-sized so short me can wallow in there without either pointing my toes all the time which is rather unrelaxing or go under. I love having a tub again so, SO much! It’s the best thing I can imagine after coming home from a cold, exhausting day outside.
  10. I’ve been falling back in love with Psychobilly lately and one of my favourites at the moment is Tiger Army. They are so versatile (which might be connected to all members constantly changing except for the front man), and I love their romantic streak. I’m currently especially in love with Dark and Lonely Night, the theremin part is so lovely!

10 Things I ♥ in November


  1. The very simplistic yet awesome animal costumes/onesies by Blamo Toys. Very Where The Wild Things Are.
  2. NaNoWriMo, as every year, even though I didn’t get so very far. I’m proud for trying, anyway!
  3. Amadeus, the 1984 biopic-with-an-artistic-license on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It’s fantastic, how haven’t I seen this before? And oh, that laugh. That marvellous, deranged laugh. It’s so perfect.
  4. During my research for NaNo I stumbled over 1789: Les Amants De La Bastille, written by Dove Attia, the very same genius that gave us Mozart: L’Opera Rock. Set during the French Revolution (always a favourite) it tells a tale of hope and star-crossed lovers, all with amazing choreography and catchy songs. I fell hopelessly in love with Hey Ha, Sur ma Peau and the wonderfully touching finale, Pour La Peine.
  5. While here in Germany the whole recycling thing is going pretty well I love the Precious Plastic initiative. It teaches you how to build your own space to upcycle plastic into new things and serves as a network all over the world, too.
  6. Yoshi Yoshitani’s Fairytale Tarot. Her artwork is so very bold, and I love the idea of Briar Rose as the Hanged Man. I’m considering getting a postcard set but really can’t decide which cards to choose. Janet as Strength is definitely in there, though!
  7. We’re moving! “But you just moved a year ago”, you’ll think now, but that’s before you know that we’re moving within the same house we live in now, just a few floors up. We’re going to have so much more natural light and far less cold from the cellar below. The move is scheduled for the beginning of December, and I can’t wait to decorate my new room!
  8. Pinterest’s new Section feature. What can I say, I’m easily happied and have an immense dislike for large boards as they are horribly overwhelming for me. I like to use them especially for my Changeling-based boards to divide them into “mythical” and “casual”, basically, for example my Mermaids & Selkies board.
  9. Azalea’s Viking Woman dress up game. I like it for wilder fantasy purposes in general, and I absolutely adore Azalea’s style.
  10. This limited edition Pink Bat Pin by Mab Graves on Etsy. Her overall style is amazing – very cute goth with a creepy edge. I also recommend her Instagram for pictures of her wonderful sense of aesthetics and peculiar artistic endeavours.