Welcome to the 20s! – Happy New Year’s Resolutions


Happy 2020, Thistledown Gang!

I hope all of you had a good passing from last year to this and woke up bright-eyed and just looking forward to the new year as much as I do.

I spent my last night of the old year taming the chaos around me to start into the new year with a floor one can actually walk on, watching fireworks and going to bed early because I wanted to start the decade well-rested, which – yay! – worked wonderfully for me!

And of course, there are my resolutions, this year less of a list and more of an almost-vow, an almost-poem that I wrote in a grey hour when I felt utterly fragile in my fae-ness in this world, but after spilling my guts through my pen, I felt better, so I’m keeping it because it says pretty much exactly what I wish for in 2020. Let me know your resolutions in the comments, I’d love to read about them!

In 2020
I want people to see me.
I want people to see me as the wild faerie I am.
I’m done with being invisible,
I want the perfect wardrobe (for now)
I want to be charming and confusing
And life-changing and enchanting.
I want to celebrate the full moons and
Visit new and old places, I want to explore
both this world and myself.
I want to make, and want to make a living making.
I want to be a feral force of nature,
I don’t want to hold back.
I want my glamour to run free, to be
impossible to shake off.
I want to dance under the stars
and swim in wild waters,
I want to gather my tribe and
have them get caught in my intense lust
for life.
I’m done with inaction and anxiety
and being tired,
I’ll find a cure against all that
and the encroaching banality,
And my banners will fly,
amassing a following of creatures wild and free and inspired, just like me
in its light, because


I’m nothing if not shiny.

I’M BACK! A Not-So-Short Vlog

I haven’t been super present on my YouTube channel (or here) lately, and in this video I’ll try to explain why that is. What’s more, I’m telling you all about my nefarious plans for the channel that might even spill over onto the blog!

If you want to hold me accountable for doing all those things you might want to subscribe, and if you liked it and give a subsequent thumbs-up I’d be so flattered.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anti-Banality Emergency Kit

106_7338A few posts ago I mentioned how I enjoy making little themed care packages for my friends far away. The latest of these packages went to my lovely Verdinium. I started putting it together after she mentioned a horrid surge of Banality – the very opposite of what I’d call my personal life essence and a term from my favourite game background – in her life. I simply couldn’t let that happen, so I made an emergency kit.

It contains a magic cup and spoon, instant Glamour (just add water) and refill sachets and a patch full of celestial bodies to remind her of the dreams we’re made of.

106_7333Mere mortals might see a bit of junk and some packets of sherbet powder, but this right there is magic. Remember how these things worked when you were a kid? They still do, you just have to let them. And I hope the emergency kit helps.

106_7335Short PSA at the end: Photos might become a rarer thing for a while here as my camera just broke – there’s a big crack in the display and it’s kinda hard to know what you’re doing photography-wise without seeing it. I’m going to try to make it work or use the phone until I take the plunge and upgrade to a better camera again, but just in case that doesn’t work out so well, I wanted to let you know.

One Decade of Hedgefairy Tales

I wrote this on February 24th, the actual blog anniversary. Real life interfered and I couldn’t be bothered to post this until now. That doesn’t make it less true, though, so here we go, you wonderful, special person you. ♥

10 Years of Hedgefairy Tales

February 24th has a couple of things to say for itself. It’s the birthday of one of the Brothers Grimm, Estonian Independence Day, and it also marks the premiere of Grieg’s Peer Gynt in 1876. 2009, however, is a suspiciously quiet year for this day – no major calamities, no remarkable births or deaths, no amazing feats or art or science. Instead, February 24th 2009 is a Tuesday on which a girl in her solitary room in a large German city presses the “Publish” button for the first time after having decided on a name for a blog.

Which brings us to the present day. Today marks the ten-year anniversary of this blog’s emergence from the depths of the internet (and my brain). Imagine Botticelli’s birth of Venus but with a few more wires and pixels. Today this blog has officially been around for more than one-third of my life. Ten years are a lot in internet time, and this blog has seen so many ups and downs, so many friendships forged and broken, several moves, a few life-changing events, and over a thousand posts.

10 Years of Hedgefairy Tales3

In the beginning Hedgefairy Tales (I think it was called Teaparties & Fairy Tales back then, but Hedgefairy was always part of the URL) was a tool for me to come out of a shell I had been building basically ever since leaving elementary school. At the time nobody who met me would have taken me for the desperate romantic, lace enthusiast and avid lover of lovely things overall that I felt I was deep inside. Granted, not all of these things are apparent even today but I’m far more vocal about it now (and I’m working on it). I was a closed-off, tomboyish, black-clad, cynical ball of issues ten years ago, but a ball of issues who wished for other things, for delicate ruffles and tea parties and old-fashioned things, for gentleness and magic. I was in dire need for this magic to happen, and luckily, it did. Thanks, Papa, for your internet connection and my first digital camera.

Ten years later I’m a still-somewhat-socially anxious, tomboyish, autumn-and-pastel-coloured, slightly sarcastic ray of sunshine. Sure, there are clouds. Sure, there are issues that don’t just go away within a decade. But I’m in the best place I’ve been in ever since I left elementary school. And this blog – and that includes you, lovely person reading this – helped me so much getting here.

10 Years of Hedgefairy Tales2

I kinda would have liked talking about my big plans for the next ten years at this point, but I won’t. I’ll save my manifestos for a rainy day. This is just a post to say “thank you” to all of you who are here – whether you just came here by chance, know me from somewhere else, are visiting for the first time or are regulars – thank you so much for being here, leaving comments, sharing thoughts, enjoying content. I’d love to offer you a piece of cake or a mug of tea but I can’t, so the idea will have to suffice.

Thank you so much. All of you.

(And of course here’s to the next ten years! *clink*)

Year of the Sun Resolutions

Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it
– L. M. Montgomery

New Year’s Resolutions are a bit like the holidays – they are full of hope for some people but mostly (at least where I come from) they are met with contempt, a remnant of stupider times, a relic that nobody really wants, handed down by well-meaning but square and archaic ancestors) by which I mean grandparents and meddling aunts and the like).
I, however, like New Year’s Resolutions. I like fresh starts in general, and while I agree with Lucy Maud Montgomery’s quote above that every day can be a new start I always felt extremely comfortable with the concept and symbolism of a new year.

As cliché as “new year, new me” might be I like making resolutions and even if I don’t always stick to them here are mine for 2019:

Skip fewer Historical Dancing classes

I’m one of those people who enjoy sports and movement but has to drag herself to actually do it. Having regular classes helps a bunch, though, and with friends they even double as social time (two birds, one stone). Historical Dancing also has the merit of being not only fun but also useful for LARP purposes (provided I can make my crew dance at some point) and other projects. It also helps to have people who kind of hold me accountable, or who just expect to see me there because I’m a regular, which I’m trying to become.


Work off those UFO kilos

While I did a decent job losing some of my own weight last year my project piles were not so successful. No matter if by completion or by throwing them out I want to reduce my UnFinished Objects to at most half the workbench storage (as I’m typing this the whole thing is stuffed to the brim with precariously balanced piles on top). I not only want to craft more again, I want to use what I’ve got and I want to FINISH things.

Do more Yoga & swim more

In the same vein as my dancing resolution I want to do more yoga – the mindfulness is good for me and it’s a great way o get the blood flowing in the morning – and to get back into swimming. The next indoor pool is only a couple of minutes from my place so I’ve got no decent excuse not to go swimming at least every other week. Maybe I’ll invest in a waterproof mp3, too, so I can soak up info (hello, vast world of podcasts and audio books!) and splash around at the same time.



I’ve been living in Hanover for over two years now and I feel like I’ve seen nothing yet. I want to get to know this place more, learn its secrets, its hidden gems, its past.
And I want to go out into the world as well. Leave my comfort zone. Discover new places, see more cities and castles and cursed towers. I want to travel, not even necessarily outside the country because there are so many spots to find here yet – and on the way find out more about myself, too.

Make the Content I’d like to see

I think this might be a two-part resolution because it includes the question what it is that I want to see in the first place. I see a bit of a journey ahead of me in that regard but I’m looking forward to it.There are so many things I want to make – mostly videos but I want to revive this blog – or rather, revitalise because it’s not dead, I only need a good healer, not a necromancer – with its original thoughts and a good dose of faerie glamour.


Be fae and feral

I think these will be my defining words for 2019. I like them. I’m fae. And I was feral once, wild and untamed. It’s not that I don’t value civilisation – I’m writing this on my tablet and you’re reading it over the internet and I spend uncanny amounts of time on YouTube and Netflix, and thrifting is hard without civilisation, you know – it’s more that I feel like I’m missing something about myself. And this thing I hereby, in passing, vow to find again.
I think this one actually ties in well with all my other resolutions, especially the exploring and crafting ones. And I can’t wait to see where it’ll take me.

Of course and as always there are the tiny ones – watch what I eat, read more, spend more time outside, the works – but these are the big ones. Do you have any resolutions, big or small, for this year? I’d love a comment about them (I’m always curious).

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