10 Things I ♥ in February

10 Things I ♥ in February

  1. Celestine and the Hare, who, together with King Norty’s weasels and badgers and mice and may other critters and stories hail from a shack in Wales. Look around on their website and take your time to explore.
  2. My new red socks. They were a hand-me-down from the Demon Dog’s owner who moved recently and sorted them out, and they make a great match with my favourite leggings.
  3. Pit People, a turn-based co-op hex adventure by The Behemoth. It’s still in early-access alpha but essentially it feels like Adventure Time but as a sillied-up game. Lots of weird scenery, moronic (often food-based) names, frosting-shooting cupcakes, hairy trolls and magnificently stupid hats. Oh, and a great soundtrack. The best thing about it though is the battle princess with the great mace.
  4. Gallica, the French national library, has Le Livre des Tournois, the book of tourneys, by René d’Anjou (aka. Good King René, who held among other things the throne of Naples, oh, you know what, have a Wikipedia page) from ca. 1460 as a complete scan. This is so amazing! I stumbled over it during a bit of research for our LARP background and the illustrations are so great! My French is bad, though (although not as abysmal as my Latin) so it might take a while or some translation until I’m actually curious enough about the tournament rules described in the book (but I’m positive this will happen sooner or later).
  5. Regency Slang. This just made me smile (and want to incorporate these things into my daily use) so I’m sharing it.
  6. Jackie Morris, one of my favourite contemporary artists. I fell in love with her triple hare painting quite a while ago and this way discovered her beautiful style. The way I draw hares by now has been greatly influenced by her, and the banner of my LARP group showing one gives me ample opportunity. Sadly she doesn’t seem to do postcards or any other small prints, but maybe, someday…
  7. This Arthurian Kickstarter.
  8. And this short essay on Vulture Culture, strangely drawing the reader in, making them want to go and look for bones in the wild themselves.
  9. Ninth but not least, my blog is EIGHT YEARS old this month! In blog years that’s pretty ancient, so thanks to everyone who stuck with me and thanks to all of you who came over time (and will hopefully come in the future). Here’s to a magical, glamour-filled year 9!
  10. The calory tracking app of my choice, Fat Secret. It’s far easier than doing all the counting and calculating on my laptop all the time and I can use it on the go. I’m also really pleased that they ask you if you want to lose, gain or keep weight at the beginning instead of just assuming that you want to lose it. And it lets you add exercise. I’m off to do some yoga now. See you!

(Life) Style Tips in February

February Life Style Tips

  • For me February is often a somewhat dull month – New Year’s is over, spring is not yet here and the cold (mostly without accompanying snow here in Germany) is starting to get even to me. It’s also such a short month that I have the feeling that I don’t even have to start anything, it’s over so soon anyway. But you know what? That’s just a reason to make it count even more!
  • Re-assess your New Year’s resolutions. If necessary, make adjustments. Don’t just make it “new year, new me”, make it “new month, still new me”!
  • While we’re at it, why not make 2017 a year of resolutions? Let’s assume February is the month of Style Resolutions. Look through your current fashion Pinterest boards or make a collage from magazine cutouts of what you’d like to see in your wardrobe, or what kind of real-life character you’d like to be this year! Mine includes cute witch anime design and adventuring changelings.
  • Slowly start incorporating spring into your wardrobe through colours (pastels, fresh greens, whites), fabric (anything lighter) and motifs (songbirds or snowdrops, maybe?) to lure them out just a little bit.
  • When you’re done luring look for the first heralds, go snowdrop hunting and listen to the first birds that sing of warmer days to come!