UFO Friday

UFO Friday is my (usually) bi-weekly series where I show you what projects I’ve been working on (UFO standing for UnFinished Objects). For more of these, look here and for every other week’s feature, Finished Things Saturday, look here.


As always I’ve been doing quite some darning. Keeping my clothes wearable is one of my favourite things to do – and I even like it when it’s visible that they’ve been worn, torn and mended a few times.


With my work pants I’ve established the habit that they all get a secondary colour for mending. My black work pants have a yellow back pocket, and my tan ones get green. The pockets were in no real condition to put anything in there anymore so I finally replaced them with some secondhand placemat fabric.



Of course I’m crafting for ConQuest like a madwoman. My most current project were these small pennants to mark which of the sleeping tents are ours. The stencils came out a little bit messier than I would have liked them to be but overall I’m really pleased about the final result.

Gotta stop typing now, I’m being tickled and somebody’s trying to hit random keys as I write. I love my friends. ^^

Gotta stop G

Up for a Challenge: Plastic Free July ’17

It’s almost July and for me (just like October and November) this is a challenge month for me.

Last year I tried to go plastic free in July, felt like I failed miserably came August and felt rather disheartened about attempting zero waste but still being myself too much to give up completely.

Because you know what?

Trying and not being as successful as you wanted to be is still better than not trying at all.

So where is this going this year?

I’m going to try.

I want to have a decent image of what amount of single use plastic I had to throw away over the month. I want to check my progress more thoroughly. I’m not quite sure yet of I’m going to have a waste jar or bag – my problem with this would be packaging of things like fish or dairy that leave residue that can (and probably will) go bad after a while. I could of course clean the packagings before putting them in the jar/bag but that’d strike me as somewhat obsessive for what I want from this challenge. My current idea is to document my single use plastic with pictures instead, maybe once a week? If you happen to have a great solution please let me know in the comments!

What I also want to do is share more of my ideas, tutorials and craft ideas for less waste (because let’s face it, I’ll never arrive at “zero”, and that’s okay). I’m experimenting with a plastic-free (or at least less-plastic) bathroom right now! I hope I’ll manage to write about streamlining your things, too, without sacrificing the things you love or will probably need. No promises, though, I know my scatterbrain.

I hope you’ll accompany me on this journey, either as fellow participants or as casual visitors in the temple of doom sustainability or just as an audience as I try to do my best and not succumb to the temptation of veggie jelly dinos every other day.

So, are you coming?

Landesmuseum Hannover: Nature

106_1191When my father visited we went for a stroll though the city. When we passed an impressively large old building we went to investigate what it was and found it to be the Lower Saxony State Museum.106_1183Going to museums has always been “our” thing. When I was younger and visited him every fortnight we went to a museum every Sunday morning. And continuing this tradition we decided to go in.106_1188I’m splitting the picture for this museum into several parts (as I did before when I wrote about the Hessian State Museum in Darmstadt), Nature, man-made things and fine art, as this is one of those museums you’ll spend half a day in and still haven’t seen everything up close.106_1120106_1123We started with the depths of the sea, flooded with bluish lighting. Not only do they display skulls of sea mammals and fish there, no, they also have a vivarium that makes you feel like you’re in something part zoo, part museum. I don’t think I’ll have to mention that this is a great hit with the younger visitors (and me as well).106_1115I found myself taken with the beautiful aquariums even a bit more for the lush green flora and miniature landscapes (or rather, underwaterscapes) than for their scaly inhabitants.106_1126106_1125Right next to the piranha aquarium was a skull of one of their ancestors in a ghostly light, reminding us that those pouty lips hide absurdly sharp teeth and the pleasant chill down a childs spine when they wade into a lake thinking of those monsters (in central Europe where there are no piranhas, but did I care when I was eight? No, I did not).106_1140106_1141106_1178106_1149I really liked this display. It felt a bot like a bottled-up holiday by the seaside.106_1152106_1166To give you a bit of the scale of this quartz rock, here’s the bigger picture. It was lit from the bottom, emanating a magical glow that made it strangely special in this huge collection of things in a now brightly lit showroom.
I also love the transition from the Under The Sea exhibition to (more or less because Lower Saxony has quite a bit of moorland) dry land.

106_1167106_1164The nature exhibition, located in the parterre of the building, ended with something that looked like a giant, glass-walled birdcage with all kinds of specimen captured and stuffed in flight or rest. I’m always so very fascinated by shimmering feathers.106_1194106_1197I wish they had quartz crystals in the souvenirs shop, I would surely have gotten one.

Eilenriede Forest Walk

Eilenriede: Hollow Tree TrunkLast Sunday was incredibly nice weather – not too hot but not too cool either – so Rusty and I went for a walk through Eilenriede, Hanover’s own municipal forest. It’s so beautiful there, you wouldn’t guess that it’s right within a bustling city.

Eilenriede: Wood TexturesEilenriede: Wood TexturesWhat can I say, I’m a big fan complete fanatic for wood textures so people who go on walks with me will have to endure an “ooooh, this is so pretty, gotta take a picture!” every five minutes or so. Scoundrel is absolutely used to it by now (although I think he’s still somewhat annoyed by it sometimes…) but it was new for Rusty, I guess. He didn’t seem to mind too much, though.

Eilenriede: Wild FortEilenriede: Entrance to Wild FortOne of my favourite things to find in places like Eilenriede or even the woodland beyond my mother’s garden are branch forts. We found more than this one but they were either surrounded by playing children and I didn’t want to disturb, or not as elaborate as this one. That’s okay, this way I have more to explore next time!
I’d love to sleep in one of these some time, somewhere where you can see the stars through the branches, just like the warm rays of the sun shine through them now.

Eilenriede: Inside Wild FortEilenriede: Bracket Fungi on a Beech treeEilenriede: Tree mushroomsEilenriede: Fungus on a tree stumpAnother thing that I also lovelovelove taking macros of are mushrooms, especially bracket fungi. Fungi are such incredibly interesting organisms in every aspect!Eilenriede: DecompositionEilenriede: DecompositionI’m always filled with so much awe and wonder when I see the light through fresh leaves, the green overlapping to create new shades. Doesn’t the tree in this picture look like it just grew to hold a platform for an Elven tree dwelling?Eilenriede: Elven Ground
Eilenriede: Mother Nature's Stained Glass