(Life) Style Tips in February

February Life Style Tips

  • For me February is often a somewhat dull month – New Year’s is over, spring is not yet here and the cold (mostly without accompanying snow here in Germany) is starting to get even to me. It’s also such a short month that I have the feeling that I don’t even have to start anything, it’s over so soon anyway. But you know what? That’s just a reason to make it count even more!
  • Re-assess your New Year’s resolutions. If necessary, make adjustments. Don’t just make it “new year, new me”, make it “new month, still new me”!
  • While we’re at it, why not make 2017 a year of resolutions? Let’s assume February is the month of Style Resolutions. Look through your current fashion Pinterest boards or make a collage from magazine cutouts of what you’d like to see in your wardrobe, or what kind of real-life character you’d like to be this year! Mine includes cute witch anime design and adventuring changelings.
  • Slowly start incorporating spring into your wardrobe through colours (pastels, fresh greens, whites), fabric (anything lighter) and motifs (songbirds or snowdrops, maybe?) to lure them out just a little bit.
  • When you’re done luring look for the first heralds, go snowdrop hunting and listen to the first birds that sing of warmer days to come!

Thrifting in January ’17

Welcome to a fairly late monthly thrift haul for January 2017! As I promised last year I started making monthly thrifting videos, and you can find this one’s at the bottom of the post.

Thrifting in January '17: Vials and Scarf

If there’s one thing a LARPer or a witch has always use for it’s little glass bottles or vials. I found these for 50 cents each, and the lantern is a great addition to our LARP camp equipment. The scarf is going to become a skirt, I really like the pattern.

One of our local thrift shops had one of these “several of those for €1” events for retro handkerchiefs. Set 1 reminds me of the early 1960s children’s books that my family handed down to me when I was a kid, set 2 seems to be part of one series – or at least from the same designer -, and I think I want to make a patch from the rabbit’s head, set 3 I mainly bought for patchwork purposes.

Thrifting in January '17: 60s illustrations

Thrifting in January '17: Rabbits and Swine

Thrifting in January '17: Umbrellas and Florals

And then there is this beauty:

Thrifting in January '17: Ari had a little lamb

It reminds me of some Lolita prints and I would most likely describe it as “retro fairy kei”. I have no idea where to put this on but this basically needs to become a backpatch of sorts.

Thrifting in January '17: Lace and Aprons

Thrifting in January '17: Lace Detail

I bought two old (approx 90s) café uniform aprons, just because. One of them is so tiny that at first I thought it was meant for a doll, not for a grown person. I also got over 3m of lace and the prettiest doily with gold threads woven into it.

Thrifting in January '17: Tassles and Cups

I’m always a fan of tassels, especially with Dolly Kei fashion. I buy them at the thrift store whenever I get the chance (and they aren’t too atrocious). The fabric underneath is actually a small pillow cover and an addition to my current patchwork quilt project. I usually don’t buy fabric for these projects for the sake of scrapbusting but once in a while I find a nice piece second-hand and try to incorporate it. It has stars, ffs.
The cup thingies have moons on them – at least I interpret the faces as those of the moon. I have no idea what this specific combination of cup-with-a-straight-handle and shot-glass-sized-cup are meant to be used for originally, if you can enlighten me, please leave a comment!

Thrifting in January '17: Ropes and TwineThrifting in January '17: Selfcare tea bowl

I’ve wanted a tea bowl specifically for green tea for a while now – drinking green tea (as opposed to infusions) always needs time and awareness and care, because if I don’t take the time, am not aware and do not care I leave the leaves in far too long and the whole thing gets cold and bitter. Green tea means selfcare to me, so this is my new selfcare tea bowl, a purchase inspired by my father who uses similar ones, but without the edges and blue instead of brown patterns and entirely different except for the size and handlelessness.

Thrifting in January 2017: LARP props

Last but definitely not least there’s two more encampment props: The prettiest oil lamp and a slate. Only our quartermaster can read in-game but my character will surely try to learn it so taking the slate home with me was a must.
The handle of the lamp has fallen off but I wanted to learn soldering anyway and that’s going to be my first project!

Just in case you want to hear me talk about all these things here’s the video version:

Have you had any interesting or cute or useful or otherwise great thrift finds last month?

UFO Friday

Hello, I’m just a little update about what’s been going on craft-wise lately.
So there was this slightly phallic drought stopper, do you remember? It’s still growing with every bit of fabric that I’m throwing away thanks to my other projects!


And I did indeed work on other projects, too. This is a dress for my LARP character Noio, she needed something to change into – only one set of clothing for more than three days isn’t enough. I used to improvise with simple long tiered skirts and my go-to LARP shirts but that’s just not cutting it for me to be honest. And when I found this fabric at the thrift store – I think it used to be a throw blanket – in the perfect shade of pink I decided to make her a new dress.


It still needs a properly sewn neckline and/or straps but it’s coming along nicely.

And for another LARP-related project I bought this fabric which I think I might have mentioned in a vlog before:


The dark colour is supposed to be green, it just doesn’t show properly on the picture, thanks to lazy lighting.

What are you working on at the moment?