10 Things I ♥ in February

February Favourites

  1. Israeli Artist Ronit Baranga makes such beautiful and unsettling sculptures. They look like Guillermo del Toro suddenly found a love for all things pastel and went on to make a soft aesthetic Hellboy spinoff about dark fae (which I of course would totally watch). I’m especially fond of the crawling tea sets.
  2. All About Better Wonderland, a mash-up of Meghan Trainor, Daft Punk and the 90s. Nils, the German guy who mad this also made a great Rick Astley-Avicii mash-up (plus surprise elements). Hat tip to my tattoo artist for showing me these works of art (and making me notice that singing along to stuff is a great way to deal with pain). And the videos are on point, too.
  3. Fat Kingdom animal paintings by Mike Mitchell. I’m always a fan of fat animal pictures (sorry, not sorry) but his technique is perfect as well so I’m completely smitten. He also did Fat Birds (this one is for Verdinium!).
  4. Last Week Lolita News. While I’m not really part of the Lolita fashion and subculture anymore this sarcastic, over-the-top news show is hilarious. From what I’ve gathered from the comments Tyler is an incredibly sweet person but her snarky news anchor videos are a form of mean and dedicated (all the time and research!) and well-done vindictiveness that I willingly subject to.
  5. I absolutely love this make-up tutorial on natural freckles by Cheyenne of LarpHouse. So far I always used eyebrow pencils for my freckle make-ups but this one is a game changer for more natural looking spots.
  6. The stunningly beautiful underwater photography of Cheryl Walsh. Her work is so amazing, definitely check out the Mermaids and Heroines galleries on her website (my favourites, but the others are great as well) and her Instagram for more pictures. Lots of art this week. I’m not even sorry.
  7. #28DaysOfBlogging. Honestly my biggest problem with this challenge is that I don’t seem to have the time to read all other participants’ great content. Apart from that I love pushing myself and my creativity this way!
  8. I’m getting back into old-school Lolita fashion. When I think about the things that I love the most about this style it’s always the really old stuff I come back to (and prints with food, to be honest). For inspiration I’ve been reading F Yeah Lolita’s old-school tag and scrolling through this themed Tumblr.
  9. Aunt Dimity. I found six of the cozy mystery books at the open book shelf while I was hunting for Pokémon and decided to grab them on a whim (everything with a pink stuffed bunny and the word “mystery” gets my attention). Getting them home while still trying to throw virtual balls at virtual beasts and with freezing hands wasn’t really that comfortable but definitely worth it. I’ll have to see if my library has the 18 volumes that I don’t have!
  10. Winter Sunshine. While we’re still comfortably in the minusses (°C, of course, and the forecast claims it’s going to stay like this for a while) it’s been clear for almost a week now and the bright light gives the city a look no instagram filter could ever achieve. Now if I’d remember to put on gloves when I go outside before it gets warmer again, that’d be great…


Eight Years of Tales from the Hedge

bloggiversary 8Eight years. It’s been eight years since I took hold of my name and went webwards to look for a world I felt ready to conquer. I can’t really say that I’ve moved mountains so far but I carved out a place for myself in this corner, bit by bit, and I’m happy here.

The lances above are part of the new blog design, a little sneak preview, if you want. Do you like them? I hope so, because I do!

Thank you for sticking with me if you’ve been here for a while, and a heartfelt welcome to all of those who only found their way here not such a long time ago. I’m so happy to have you.
I wish I could offer you an actual cup of tea, and some really heavy chocolate cake but for now the virtual offer will have to do. Thank you for all the comments and ideas and support over the last eight years.

I love writing this blog, and I love writing it for you.
Thank you so much.


– – –

P.S.: No, the graphic didn’t get tilted by accident. I just like how an eight looks like a lemniscate if you tip it over.

UFO Friday

UFO Friday is my (usually) bi-weekly series where I show you what projects I’ve been working on (UFO standing for UnFinished Objects). For more of these, look here and for every other week’s feature, Finished Things Saturday, look here.

106_4283This magnificent piece of timeless rain protection has been taking up space in my UFO sideboard for quite some time now. I always had the plan to strip and then rebuild it with something a bit more elegant or cute to ultimately use it as a parasol.106_4284I finally started – the original plastic cover doesn’t even have normal seams but is fused rather than sewn – by taking the thing apart. The plastic was quite sticky so its heyday was kind of over, anyway. It still saddened me a little bit, I really like clear umbrellas and I adore the retro look of this one.106_4285

I’ve only come as far as to trace one of the segments this week – Scoundrel’s got a friend over for the weekend so the livingroom/craft den is freelancing as our guest room at the moment. I can’t wait to resume working on it next week!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend.
What are you working on at the moment?

OOTD: Almost like Spring

sunny3Remember how I said that I wanted to conquer my fear of taking outfit pictures in public in this vlog? One day later with the nicest weather imaginable I went out on adventures in the city and did exactly that.

By the way: This post is by no means sponsored by my phone’s manufacturer (ahaha… nope). Staring at my phone is merely how I cope with being “visible” in public while I’m on my own most of the time. There was also a discussion going on in our Changeling group chat I was invested in, but I probably would have been busy catching water Pokémon due to the close vicinity of the river otherwise…
sunnyPeople looked at me, yes, but I picked a good spot for this kind of confrontational self-therapy – not too crowded, great lighting, in a corner so I couldn’t be seen from everywhere. I did it! I guess it helps that Northern Germans tend to keep to themselves so there’s not much going on in terms of unwanted commentary or unnecessary questions, and that Hanover is big enough to have its share of weird folk doing weird stuff. Still, for me this feels like a huge achievement.sunny2This jacket makes me feel weirdly confident. It’s by far not the most flattering piece of clothing I own but it is incredibly cozy and warm and soft with a flannel lining and big pockets. It’s a hand-me-down from Rusty’s Mum’s partner (it’s complicated but nice), probably from the 80s or 90s. I had originally planned to make it a bit more fitted but I’ve come to appreciate its bulkiness, somehow.sunny4jean jacket: hand-me-down (Arizona) | Hufflepuff scarf: selfmade | skirt: thrifted & altered | leg warmers & crop top: self-made / thrifted & upcycled | shoes: British Knights | velvet headband: thrifted

Taking a Sick Day


Okay, not really new content today even though I announced it yesterday. It seems all my sniffling wasn’t but an allergic reaction after all because now I’m properly down with a cold. Headache, sore throat, sinuses working overtime in terms of snot production, the works.
The worst thing about being sick is the boredom because you can’t really do anything lest your head hurts or you move with the speed and grace of a zombie sloth (which is what I do. I move very slowly, hunched and I make complainy groaning noises from time to time). I couldn’t sleep, either, except for a short nap on the living room floor which for some reason worked better than my bed. By now I have retreated to my usual I’m-not-well resort which is YouTube videos, mostly hauls or chatty vlogs because I don’t have to follow a story line and of course Netflix chose today of all days to act up anyway.

But you know what? Other than the symptoms above and the ennui of not being able to do anything mildly interesting I’m fine. I managed to sew a cover for our sofa on Sunday so now I can lounge about on velvety, golden beauty. I’ve got a Changeling character to write. It’s Tuesday, not Monday, so the boyfriend is actually at home making dinner and hot lemon with honey for me and telling me that I’m adorable when I’m covered in blankets and grumpy and snotty. I have not one, but two hot water bottles. Life could be so much worse.