Mori Challenge Revisited: Question 9

List 10 words that remind you of Mori or inspire your Mori life.

Mori Challenge: 10 words that remind you of Mori or inspire your Mori life | Hedgefairy

  1. brambles (noun, English) – Mori as a word alone is very much connected to the picture of brambles in every season – bare and barren, bearing fruit, in bloom – in my head
  2. wild (adj., German) – the German version (pronounced like the English willed – [vɪlt]) means the same as the anglophone but is also a noun, Wild, meaning Game (as in hunting).
  3. torn (adj. English) – like the hem of a dress, maybe for its similarity with thorn (noun, English), too. See also 1., Brambles.
  4. werifesteria (verb, Old English) – to wander longingly through the forest in search for mystery. The ultimate Mori word, if you ask me.
  5. Unterholz (noun, German). The word for undergrowth, translates directly to underwood.
  6. mushroom (noun, English) – especially oyster mushrooms.
  7. hedge (noun, English) – a threshold between realms and also part of my name.
  8. August (noun/name, German/English; also: adj., English). Even though autumn is my “main” Mori season there is something so golden and gossamer-y about this word and its connotations that it deserves a spot in this list.
  9. Altweibersommer (noun, German). Translatable as crone’s summer it means the last warm days in very late summer or early autumn, mostly in September when the gossamer used for kiting by baby spiders gets caught in the twigs and looks like strands of silvery hair.
  10. もったいない – mottainai (term, Japanese). The big W defines it as a ” sense of regret concerning waste” and connected to the Shinto belief that things have souls. This ties in beautifully with my own view of zero-waste and not wasting things or reuse things as much as possible.

The background of that graphic comes from Lost + Taken. Check them out, they have wonderful texture stock and are free (although you can donate if you want to). I’m not being sponsored by them, I just love their work. ;)

All fonts I used are 100% free as well and deserve a mention:
brambles | Elementary Gothic Scaled

wild | Toilet Tag Medium

torn | A Font with Serifs

werifesteria | Hurry Up

Unterholz | Tree Like

mushroom | Bohem Press

hedge | Pokoljaro (the same I use in my header!)
August | Swistblnk Monthoers

Altweibersommer | MB An Old Witch

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Mori Challenge Revisited: Question 8

What is your favorite type of plant life? Whether it be tree, bush, flower, fruit or vegetable, why is it so special to you?

Oooh, a hard one. I could go on about my favourite plant life for hours – oaks, fungi (well, technically still not plants), willows because they soothe headaches and you can make baskets from them, wild roses, rowans, blackberries in the country… but I think I’ll stick with vegetables and fruit this time. And salad, and herbs and things like that. This also gives me a great chance to put out all the pictures I took at work lately!

20161018_085412106_1707As you might know I work at a farmer’s market twice a week. It’s a wonderful job, I’m outside a lot, I get to take home produce that isn’t good enough to sell anymore but still good enough to eat and I really adore most of my co-workers. One of my two bosses – the farmer’s son – even shares his vast (and by that I mean he could easily best a first or second semester biology major even though he didn’t go to uni for it – and that’s just the basics and not even his “everything edible” specialisation) knowledge about plants with me on a regular basis, and I love listening to him.

106_1714100_0231But the most important thing is that I love edible plants. I’m a pescetarian so plants make up quite a bit of my diet. I love touching vegetables, I love feeling the warmth and the life that they still carry flowing through my hands. I love handing them over to the customers because we only sell organic produce, healthy and most of the time local and seasonal, too. I love to chat with them (the customers, not the veggies) about recipes and I’m always so happy when I find strangely-shaped specimen or things that I didn’t know yet.

100_0227100_0451I can’t get enough of the colours, too: The vibrant stalks of chard, the beautiful sunset gradient of yellow beetroot, the almost bloody juice of red beets, the infinite shades of green. The textures, as well: The velvety leaves of lemon balm, the smooth firm skin of cherry tomatoes, the rough, earthy surface of celery roots, the way piles of different salads make me think of giant moss patches. For me it’s all so wonderful, so perfect.

106_3083Aren’t they beautiful?

106_3081Those are artichoke flowers, by the way. They dry beautifully, too! I’ve got one on my window sill right in front of me as I type.
I could ramble on about the beauty of vegetables, fruit and other edible greenery (I sometimes get moments of “ooooh, look how beautiful this is!” in front of customers but I don’t think that they mind much…). But I won’t. Well, maybe I will another day.

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Mori Challenge Revisited: Question 7

Are you also into Lolita? I find a lot of Mori Girls do Lolita as well! Whether you are or aren’t a Lolita, why do you think this is?

To be honest I started this blog because of Lolita. Without Lolita I probably wouldn’t have tapped into my girlier side and wouldn’t have found Mori Kei in the first place.

Mori Challenge: Mori and LolitaI think in a strange way Lolita and Mori Kei come from the same idea, from the same feeling. Of course there is also the fashions’ respective history to begin with, both are Japanese street fashion styles, both are inspired by frilly, girly, gentle vintage things. Compare old-school country Lolita and old-school Mori Kei, there are more than just a few similarities.

Both are fashions that intrigue people who don’t exactly want to curry favour with the male gaze or the ever-present sexualisation or rather erotisation of modern fashion and looks. Both are relatively modest when it comes to cleavage and hemlines, both are not into screaming colours or silhouettes that follow the lines of the body too closely. I’d even go as far as to call both of them somewhat escapist fashions.

Wait, you’ll say now, escapist? Aren’t you taking thing a bit far?
Alright, maybe escapist isn’t the right word. But both fashions make at least me feel… like I’m in a cocoon of lace and frills and ruffles and softness. For me (who is still hung up on old-school Lolita, to be honest) both have a gentleness to them, something not as rigid as many modern “mainstream” styles. Something to show the world that the wearer isn’t necessarily of it, more like a drifting fairy tale person, someone who is merely visiting, gracing the mortal world with their sometimes strange and outweirding presence. Both are styles to curl up and read classics in, or watch silly movies about princesses and girls in pretty dresses or in secret gardens. They have so much in common, in inspiration as well als looks.

Both are, in a strange way, for me somewhat dystopian. Both are a denial of the harshness of our world, one tries to flee this banality by donning the clothes of children of times long gone and royalty that never was while the other runs into the woods, torn lace trailing behind them. Both don’t feel quite right in the middle of all the grey and pollution and bees dying and noise and one-calamity-chasing-the-other news broadcasts.

Both offer us a refuge from the harshness of reality because the layers and layers of ruffles soften the blows of all that “real life” throws at us.

And that’s perfectly alright.

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10 Things I ♥ in September

10 Things I ♥ in September 2017 | Hedgefairy

  1. Dungeons and Doggos. It’s a comic about DnD and enthusiastic dogs, I mean, what’s not to love?
  2. The Pinup Companion on YouTube. She is just so gosh darn adorable and makes me want to wear vintage clothes although I know I would feel terrible in them and probably look incredibly stuck-up and unlike myself but she’s just too pretty in them (then again I think she would look gorgeous in practically everything)! Her instagram‘s awfully pretty, too.
  3. Moana. I finally got around watching it and oh, it’s so beautiful. I love how it’s definitely not a girl’s film, it’s completely gender neutral, the protagonist just happens to be a girl (which, in our society, probably puts it into chick flick ghetto, but I digress), and how it’s set in one of the most fascinating cultures that practically didn’t get any screen time at all so far. The tunes weren’t quite as catchy as some of Disney’s others but after a few days of You’re Welcome and Shiny (I loved that scene) stuck with me How Far I’ll Go finally arrived in my head and won’t go away, either.
  4. This awesome Sea Dragon Shawl pattern on Ravelry. I still can’t really knit well but every time I see something like this I’d really like to practise (just to forget about it a few hours later…).
  5. Julia Sarda’s Illustrations. I found her when I was searching for pictures for this post and I just love her style. Explore her old blog or current website to see her wonderful work!
  6. The fact that a Little Girl pulled out a Sword from the Excalibur Lake. It might be “just a prop” but that doesn’t make it any less magical!
  7. Animal Studies by oxboxer on deviantArt. Of course the otter stole my heart first, but the iguana and jackrabbit are so, so lovely, too.
  8. The food instagram prodigy that is J o s e aka. naturally.Jo. Not only do his creations sound good, his knack for presentation and aesthetics in general is so very impressive and makes me want to spend more time in the kitchen to have more pastel-coloured food.
  9. Riverdale on Netflix. I’ll sing its praise again once season two comes around but let me just say that the overall aesthetic of the series was exactly what I needed at the moment. I know there is a lot of debate going on about Jughead and his not being asexual like his current comic incarnation but between the fact I never actually read Archie comics and the idea that the show runners could have used his original-by-first-appearance stance on women – being a fist-rate misogynist – I think I’m fairly okay with how it is so far. And who knows what happens next, anyway.
  10. Yet another instagram love of mine, Rivuletpaper aka. Lili Seika Jones. Her illustrations are amazing, and besides her beautiful originals she also works with two of my favourite fandoms, Harry Potter and Brian Froud (via Labyrinth).

September Vintage Wonderland

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairySomething that I didn’t know before this month about Hanover: There is a Vintage fair thing going on not too far from where I live every second Saturday of the month. Coinciding with Scoundrel’s only weekend at home for quite a while and me having taken the day of for the occasion we decided to take a look at it.
I’d say that for vintage the prices were reasonable most of the time but what befuddled me was that the different “teams” (Vintage Wonderland is a collab between several antique and vintage dealers) had such wildly varying prices between them.
Then again I’m rather spoiled by my local thrift store prices anyway, so no complaints, really.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyI was a bit sad that there were so little dresses and clothing in general but maybe I’ll have better luck next time! There were a bunch of antique linen nightgowns for both men and women, too, but Scoundrel, sensible person that he is, talked me out of getting one. *sigh*

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | Hedgefairy

I wish Mattel would make a retro design line with the old Barbie artwork from the 70s. It’s just so pretty and romantic and I think I still have a Barbie doll dress or two from that time that I inherited from my Mum and her cousins.
There were books, too, in the children’s section (and scattered throughout the place anyway), and when I opened one of them the marked sentence just jumped at me:

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyI must admit that I didn’t read the story (The Rebel Cow) for context, to my shame.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyScoundrel pointed this very special arrangement out to me – I have no idea if the pistol (a toy, of course, and I pushed the clothing aside a little to make it show at all) hidden under all the frilly doll dresses was a mere coincidence or a beautifully arranged work of art. One way or the other I really appreciated this. Very tumblr aesthetic-worthy.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyAs mentioned above mid-century part of the Wonderland was strangely high-prized in comparison to the rest which wasn’t really all within my personal budget but still seemed reasonable for most things. Well, it’s (more or less) curated vintage, after all, not a charity thrift shop. I was strangely fascinated by these colourful shot tins nevertheless.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyThese two were one of the strangest pieces there, intertwined in an eternal combat for life and death.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyThis old poster says “Pre- and early historic artifacts from the Province of Hanover” at the top and even though Bronze Age isn’t my personal specialty it’s not too far away to not gush over this.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyI’ve been thinking about building my own family history with pictures like these, thrifted old photographs to make up stories to about adventures and star-crossed lovers and strange pastimes of long-disappeared relatives.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyI was rather tempted by the pots and saucieres below, but what for? Our kitchen is stocked and we rarely entertain without just having dinner on the sofa. Maybe next time I’ll find a purpose for one of them and take it home…

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyI’m such a big fan of enamel kitchen things, always have been. I desperately need to get more enamel camping mugs for storing things, too…

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyComing here was a truly inspiring adventure, even though it was incredibly crowded. But now that I’ve been there I think I won’t be as intimidated when I return at some point, hopefully still in 2017. Until next time, Wonderland!

FinThSat: Lightweight Grocery Bags

Finished Things Saturday is the (usually) bi-weekly counterpart to my UFO Fridays. While there I show you what I’m working on FinThSat is about small finished projects that I didn’t think worthy of a separate post for some time but now just put in this feature. They deserve it! For more FinThSats, look here.

Grocery Bags | HedgefairyIt was my Mum’s birthday last week and because she doesn’t have the time to care about these things I made her a few lightweight grocery bags for loose produce at the super- oder farmer’s market.

Grocery Bags | HedgefairyThe six sachets are made of a second-hand viscose scarf and the ribbons are probably viscose, too, according to my fire test… so they are biodegradable or burnable once they have outlived their usefulness. The only thing my Mum has to do is cut off the seams.

Grocery Bags | HedgefairyThe fabric was horrible to work with, I have to admit. Far too flimsy and slippery. But I think those will not be the last of these bags I’ll make. I already have another scarf thrifted for my own.