First Full Moon, Year of the Sun

2019-4Happy first full Moon of 2019!

I do admit that I was a bit confused when it came to 2019. It just didn’t feel like a new year. Not like the fresh start I’d wanted. It took me until yesterday and a talk with the boyfriend to understand that this was because my new year started in the old. To be a bit more precise, my new year started when I was getting better again. December was my new start, my new chance. And I’m oh so grateful for it.

Now that I’ve realised this I’m able to write about 2019 without a strange feeling in my gut and digressing into melancholy thoughts. Because so far the year has been good to me. I’ve been productive and surrounded by wonderful people, I’m so lucky in that regard. As for 2018, good riddance!


Today is the first full Moon of the Year of the Sun, and I took the time to take out my cards, meditate a bit and find some direction. I think celebrating the full moon is a good thing for me and I’ll try to make it a thing here this year. Who’s with me? I still have no idea how to exactly do it, but finding out is half the adventure. I think next time I want to make moon cakes of some variety, maybe traditional ones, maybe just a sponge that looks like, you know, the moon. Or maybe I’ll just take the day off. We’ll see.

And of course I have resolutions, but that’s for another post.

Thank you for being here with me in 2019. Have a lovely year.