A short Changeling PSA

Remember the Wunderkammer Chronicles I wrote about here?
It’s alive. And kicking. And sprinkling fairy dust. Badass fairy dust.

What I want it to become is a lifestyle community for like-minded individuals, not only roleplayers.
You identify with the whole Changeling concept, feeling like half of you belongs to this world and the other half to another? Come join us.
You like faeries, fairy tales, urban fantasy or dressing like a storybook character (Dolly, Strega, Lolita, Neo-Victorian, Punk, Steampunk, all alternatives are welcome! You’re also welcome if you don’t dress weirdly.)? Come join us.
You love making do, crafting, reviving traditions, witchcraft and a picturesque, mori-ish lifestyle? Come join us.
You’re into pastels, magical girls, over-sugared cupcakes and glitter? Come join us.
You want to play Changeling: The Dreaming in a forum with others who enjoy it? Come f*cking join us.

I want this to be a place for us who are always in another world with at least one foot, I want this to be a place where we can be ourselves and play pretend. I want this to be a balefire that keeps banality at bay.

Come join us. We’re there, and we’re waiting for you.
Bring your friends.

The Wunderkammer Chronicles.

OOTD: Mischievous Spirit

100_0241This is what I wore when Verdinium visited. It’s pretty much my go-to Autumn and Winter concept, leggings, something chunky around the feet, short skirt, big scarf.
100_0242And I really like this picture, I look like a mischievous changeling trickster there.

Outfit Rundown:
– jacket: H&M
– skirt: selfmade
– leggings: H&M
– hat: H&M
– boots: hand-me-down from Verdinium
– Hufflepuff scarf: selfmade

Thanks to Verdinium for the awesome pictures!

The Wunderkammer Chronicles


*doorbell ringing* Hey, can [insert your name] come out to play?

When I asked you if you were up for a game of Changeling in my last post I meant it. I feel myself yearning to get all the stories and adventure hooks for fae-born-human out of my head and though, what time better than now, and what crowd better than my lovely readers? I feel like I’ve built a tribe here over time, small but precious, of people who are like me, drawn to the realms beyond our realm, fascinated by fairy tales and myth and folklore.

Well, the problem is that some of you live on other continents, and the solution for that is the internet. Verdinium gave me the idea for a play-by-post forum, a place for us – if you want to join me – to play and pretend. I realise that this might seem a strange proposition but I’d rather try and invite you to play and risk that you might say “no” than spend my time wondering what would have been, had I not asked you at all.

So without further ado and before I change my mind I give you The Wunderkammer Chronicles.

The Wunderkammer Chronicles is a forum intended for roleplay, although it has sections for the Changeling lifestyle, too. It’s supposed to be for play-by-post gaming, a form of pen & paper RPG where you – instead of sitting at a table talking about what your character does – post your speech and actions into a gameplay thread. I myself will be the storyteller (that would be a game master by another name) so far over there but you are invited to host a chronicle or one-short or adventure there as well if you’d like to!

The forum is still somewhat under construction and I’m open for ideas and opinions, but mostly I hope for you to come out and play with me. Make an account, maybe tell me here (or don’t), maybe tell your friends (if you think they could like it), join the adventure or even become a storyteller if you have a grasp of the Word of Darkness and Changeling: The Dreaming already.

So I ask again, this time with a context to make it happen for real (though in our imaginations and on virtual ground): Anyone up for a game?

Changeling: The Dreaming

Disclaimer: This post deals with fantasy, RPGs and mental illness. If you don’t want to read about these things, please skip the post. And while I usually have no problems with critical comments I’d ask you not to post any this time. If you smirk at the thought of somebody thinking of magic and fairies as real in any way this might simply not be the post for you. If you find traces of yourself in this post you’re more than welcome to tell me in the comments, though!
(And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s my glossary)

My first run-in with Changeling: The Dreaming was during my third-or-so semester. Jule, the elfin one, started a chronicle that we sadly never finished due to the usual problem – everybody having different time-tables – but I was hooked nevertheless. I played a punk Boggan named Lilo who had a swearing winged rat familiar.
We tried again later, same problems, same fate, but the fascination stayed (I played an Eshu ethnologist with family ties to the Caribbean this time).

Ever since then this has been my favourite RPG background. Let me break it down for you why.

Changeling: The Dreaming is part of the World of Darkness, a number of storyteller settings that are set in a slightly gothier, darker version (also dubbed GothicPunk) of our word where vampires (Vampire: The Masquerade), werewolves (Werewolf: The Apocalypse), mummies (Mummy: The Resurrection), mages (Mage: The Ascension), ghosts (Wraith: The Oblivion) and a whole lot of other fantasy and horror creatures actually exist and battle each other over dominion in cities like Boston or Dublin or simply for their lives.

If that wasn’t cool enough as a setting, one of the many supernatural things are Changelings. Capital “C” because it’s important to me. To explain the whole Changeling thing I’ll have to go a bit further back in history, to the 12th century, to be precise. Oh, no, wait. Further. *tape rewinding noises*

Back in times long gone by, fae lived among mortals, created by those mortals’ dreams. They had sprung from dreams of perfection, nightmares of hunger, the idea of the thing that goes bump in the night, all sorts, really. Now, abandon the thought that fae are fairies. They are not. Not exactly.
There are many kinds of fae, also known as kithain. There are kith like the Sidhe – the shining host, the fae nobility, those who sprang from the dreams of perfection and beauty mentioned above – just imagine Tolkien elves, or the ones who kidnapped Tam Lin. There are Boggans, helpful household spirits, short and round and good, and Redcaps, the things that rose from the battlefields to dye their hats in the blood of the fallen, Mermaids, Trolls and many, many more. Every culture has its own set of “the good neighbors”, “the fair folk”, “the wee people” (even though they might be taller than your average human), and those are what we call fae in this case.
But back to the story.
When man discovered iron, though, cold iron, no less, something broke. It became easier to tame the world, and with the taming of the world the dreams and the believing in the fae faded. At some point (and here we are in the 12th century again) there was just not enough glamour, not enough dreamstuff left to sustain all fae and even the pathways into the Dreaming and to Arcadia, the fae lands of myth and legend, began to crumble.
The fae nobility managed to escape the dawning catastrophe, most of them, anyway, but the commoners were left to their own devices. They adapted, and what became of that was the Changeling Way.
Their fae souls – immortal as they were – were born again in human bodies into human families, sheltered from the growing banality of the world within two sets of armour against it: the mortal coil and a human soul around the fae one. If they were lucky their fae soul would awaken at some point of the human life, showing them a world much deeper and more fantastic than they could have imagined. The fae soul would have merged with the human soul and it would have been their lot to balance these two souls to neither slip into bedlam nor banality.
If not, they were simply born into another human body after the first one had lived its life, into another chance for their fae soul to re-emerge.
Now, about 800 years passed since this Shattering. Then, in 1969, humanity reached a goal so lofty, so filled with dreams, so eagerly watched by so many, that a wave of glamour swept over the globe: The Moon landing. The gates to the Dreaming burst open once again and the fae nobility, the Shining Host, returned in all its glory.
And all was fine and well again.

Except it wasn’t. Banality was still a thing. The struggle to maintain the balance between fae and mortal soul was still a thing and getting harder and harder every century. Which brings us up to now: The nobility has adapted as well, the gates to Arcadia, the fae utopia, are closed once more, Changelings all over the world are nurturing dreams and inspiration, and the fight for the survival of faekind is still going on. No wonder, if you look at the world around us.

That’s a nice story, you might say now, but why is it so important to you? It’s just another RPG background.

Because Changeling gave me sort of an explanation. For the first time in a long time I felt like I had found something that resonated deeply within me and made things clearer. It might be a metaphor, but I’m a Changeling. I walk the fine line between banality and bedlam and most of the time I don’t feel fully human. I rarely basically never talk about my mental illnesses here on the blog but Changeling offered me a way to accept myself more than before, to see that, if I define myself as a Changeling, a fae soul inside a mortal body, a lot of things made more sense all of a sudden. Why my emotions seemed too big for my body so often, why the state of the world made me so terrified and sad that I fell into catatonic states now and then, why I have seemed weird and strange to others my entire life, and why I sometimes am really baffled and confused by norms of human society.

I don’t say that you have to be mentally ill to understand the appeal of Changeling: The Dreaming, and I don’t say that every mentally ill person is actually a fae soul in a human body (there are vampires and mages and so forth as well! Joking, folks, joking). I just try to explain why this background means so much to me and how it helped me to cope (in a therapist-approved way, even) with some of my problems.

There’s also the balance between the Seelie and the Unseelie side that every Changeling has to find that makes a lot of sense to me. Seelie is not necessarily good and Unseelie not necessarily evil (many people try to simplify it like that, one of my biggest pet peeves), it’s far more difficult to explain. It isn’t even lawful and chaotic, more like dutiful and passionate, both which are good and important but can turn nasty in a heartbeat.

I think what I want to say is that I love how the game actually manages to do exactly what its goal is in-game: Bringing glamour and magic into a grey, drab world, inspiring to look further than our own shoe tips. How it changes the perspective of how we view places and people, how it concentrates on the beauty of the soul and the idea instead of only the physical appearance but still encourages to create beauty in our everyday life, lest our fae souls wither.

I love this background because it tugs on my very heartstrings, because it makes me want to gather my fellow changelings for adventure, because it makes me want to share my ideas with the world and hope that they might inspire someone to create something themselves, producing glamour, or fairy dust, or simply put: the rawest form of magic.

I’m a Changeling, here to save the world from banality or burn out into bedlam trying.
Anyone up for a game?

Morning Walk

Two weeks ago I was told to go to an orthopaedic specialist because of a small accident I had in January. My physician had told me to be at the office on Friday at 7am for a chance to actually get a spot, so I rose at 6am, went to the orthopaedic’s office, waited for 45 minutes, queued with the about 30 other patients who had already been there when I arrived for another 15 and then got an appointment – in June. It was even early enough for me to go to my eight-o’-clock lecture.Hedgefairy: Weidenhausen, MarburgBut as I had a doctor’s certificate anyway for feeling sicklish all week and the attendance at our lectures isn’t mandatory to get to write the exam I decided to take a break and have a soul day instead.Hedgefairy: Weidenhausen, MarburgI made my way home through Weidenhausen, one of the oldest parts of town (I’ll post a tour through the quarter some time soon-ish!), not knowing that this was to become a morning walk at all.Hedgefairy: Yellow RosesEverything was so quiet and serene and the first really warm rays of the morning sun warmed my back when I sat down at the old village square to continue reading Princess Nevermore by Dian Cutis Regan that I had taken with me to the doctor’s office for entertainment and solace.Hedgefairy: IvyWeidenhausen is pretty close to the river and I live on the other side, so I went to the promenade at the banks but not without stopping at the playground and continuing my fantasy lecture on the swing set there.Hedgefairy: River LahnI did a tiny bit of yoga on the canoe landing pontoon before diving back into Princess Quinnella’s adventures, this time on the sun-warmed planks mere inches over the river.Hedgefairy: Reflections on the surfaceHedgefairy: RiverpathI finished the book on the other side of the banks at my swimming spot. I found a nice place, half sunny, half in shade and stretched out my legs and let the rays of the sun caress me.Hedgefairy: Riverbank readingI swore a Changeling oath that day – to protect the glamour of a world that allows me such beautiful moments. This walk was definitely a reminder that it’s no use to let inconvenience get me down and that it is okay to take off a day to care for myself once in a while. I think I should take more walks like this.Hedgefairy: Over the garden fenceP.S.: Can anybody tell me what kind of flower that is? I thought it might be a rather fluffy variation of Hollyhocks, but it most probably isn’t. But isn’t it beautiful?

P.P.S.: As for my opinion on Princess Nevermore, it’s a nice, comfy fantasy read. The characters felt genuine, but I was a bit irritated that it was never revealed what became of the affection of Cam, the wizard’s apprentice, for Princess Quinn (who even dreamt about him, too). I would have liked some sort of less-loose end for that instead of the focus on Adam the Outer World guy. Anyway I didn’t feel too betrayed by that, so I do recommend it as a light print snack if you happen to find it in your local library or an open shelf. I swore my Changeling oath on it. It can’t be too bad.

10 Things I ♥ in October


  1. Elemental Adornments by Christi Anderson on Etsy. While far out of my price range (because I’m a poor student) I admire her craftswomanship immensely, especially the Journey of Life locket. She also has a catalog I think might find it’s way onto my book shelf some day, just to look at it.
  2. The smell of melting sugar. I’ve been preserving some fruit lately and plan on making sweets this winter, too. The whole progress of baking and making sweet things, too, is somethings so magical and relaxing to me. I’d like to think that I was working in a patîsserie in another lifetime, maybe.
  3. Cabin Porn. I don’t have the book (yet) but the trailer looks amazing for the part of me that wants to be a reclusive wood dweller (especially the house around 1:00). And of course there’s the regular website (where the picture is from). House share with a big self-sufficient garden and goats, anyone?
  4. Le Heart Design, adorable-yet-morbid mouse taxidermy by Léa Mai Nguyen. She even made a how-to video (which is really interesting if you’re interested in taxidermy, obviously). I’m not sure if I would ever try this, but I sure found it interesting enough to post here. Also, taxidermy Mouse Guard fanart.
  5. My new haircut. Yes, I eventually cut off the dreadlocks and I don’t even regret it. I missed the wind in my hair so much.
  6. Northern Exposure, a slice-of-life series from the first half of the 90s. It’s my go-to comfort watch after Great British Bake Off has ended for another year. I’m completely enarmoured with Chris and Marilyn and my Mum used to have Maggie’s haircut back in the early 90s. I also like Alaska.
  7. Prepping Changeling. I’m so much looking forward to the chronicle! All four core charaters are already written together with one or two guest characters (and I love love love my NPCs and my town).
  8. A visit from Verdinium! She’s arriving here on Wednesday, and we plan to go on a day trip to Cassel on Thursday, and she’ll stay ’til Sunday!
  9. Sims 3 as a Worldbuilding Tool. I use it extensively for my Changeling preparations at the moment to bring life and a more visual approach to the fictional college town of New Kirkwell, ME.
  10. Rising early. It might be a bit unusual to like that in the dark half of the year, but I actually enjoy it. It feels like the world belongs more to me during the hour-and-half beween getting up and going to uni.