Prettily Medicated: Pill Case DIY

Prettily Medicated: Pill Box DIY

When my doctor prescribed me yet another pill to take daily in addition to the several others that I already took I decided to get myself a pill case to make things a bit more well-arranged.  And while there are pretty cases out there (I particularly like this one) I wanted one right now instead of in a few days or weeks, so I went straight from the doctor’s office to the pharmacist.

Pill Box DIY

Quelle surprise, the choices they had weren’t really that exciting – there was only one case, and the incredible selection of either pink, red, cyan or yellow for the clear plastic parts.
I simply took it as a challenge, picked cyan for no particular reason and as soon as I was at home brought out the crafting things.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I measured the case and the individual compartment lids, transferred the measurements to a pretty piece of wrapping paper (one could use magazine cut-outs or different papers, too) and cut out the pieces.
  2. The plastic was too shiny, so for better grip I sanded it down a bit
  3. I then glued the pieces onto the lids, one at a time, fanning the lids open so that they wouldn’t touch and then let the whole thing dry for an hour or two. I arranged the pieces first in a row so the pattern would show up on the finished case, too.
  4. As everything was dry to the touch I clipped the front and back parts and glued them down – it’s easier to do it this way than to do it all at once, these small bits can be tricky.
  5. Afterwards I sanded down the excess paper at the edges of the lids, this is how you get a decent, clean cut.
  6. In the end I added a top coat of glue to have it water-proof and sealed.

And that’s about it. Sans waiting time it didn’t even take an hour and now I have a pretty pill case that suites my tastes with only spending about 2-3€ on the case and using stuff I had lying around anyway.

I used a fabric transfer medium for glue, it’s pretty much my go-to stuff for things that need to be water-proof after I realised that it wasn’t what I needed when I first bought it, but every other waterproof glue that’s applicable with a brush will do, too.

Dolly Kei-ish Pill Box DIY

Things I Wear: Pomegranate Town Witch


People tell me to smile more. I try to smile more on pictures, seriously. It’s just that my sort of smile looks like a neutral face, while my neutral face usually seems a little bit angry or annoyed.


I went for a town witch look with this one. I think I should add a cape next time, or maybe a shawl, and far more trinkets, but in general I do like the look.

– dress, skirt: thrifted
– boots: Dr. Martens
– corset: gift from Verdinium
– hair pieces: Claire’s, Colosseum
– gloves: local shepherd
– crystal necklace: selfmade

Lolita Challenge: Week 28: Bloomers or no bloomers?

 Bloomers or no bloomers?



When in doubt, bloomers.

Not only do they come in handy when a gust of wind or a very impolite person decides they want to know what’s under that poofy skirt of yours, they also make excellent, comfy-cute homewear and can be worn for Coppelius or Emilie Autumn concerts.


I made the bloomers above last week, and my father dropped by during the process. It went about like this:

Him: What’s that you’re sewing?
Me: Hm… shorts. Sort of.Him: They look gigantic. Like a tent.
Me: They’re not finished yet.
Him: Who’s supposed to wear them? An elephant?


Well, at least he didn’t say something along the lines of “you’re not that fat”, anyway, I’m happy with them. They also used up a bit of fabric I hadn’t assigned for any other project, and a few applications I had saved from a pair of pants I had to let go of, and a bit of embroidery floss and gold trim. I went for a Dolly Kei inspired look, so they can be worn on their own without a skirt without any problems. I already did that, actually, yesterday for my band session.

The Perfect Thrift Find

Thrifting is a strange hobby. If you take it seriously you’ll visit your usual shops at least once a week, and you’ll go through the same pieces as always – tackily plastic 80s blouses, horribly printed and fake-rhinestoned T-shirts, flannel baby bear print bedsheets, cargo skirts that were all the rage fifteen years ago. Sometimes you find something good, like vintage bedsheets or plain ones (I use these for sewing), doilies (also crafting material), plain T-shirts or a skirt that isn’t horrible.
And sometimes you get really lucky.


Actually I only wanted to go to the fabric supply shop on the other side of the hill. The red cross thrift shop is on the way, so I stopped casually to go through the t-shirts in a box outside (“Nope, nope… nope.”) and then turned to take a look at the white tiered skirt with a bit of lace (which proved unsatisfactory). And then I glimpsed something light and airy, in a cordovan hue with flowers printed on it. I took a look at it and fell in love a little bit, and then I decided to let it hang there and first go downhill a few meters and get my fabric, because that actually had the far higher priority.


When I came back twenty minutes later the dress was still there, so I tried it on, and it fit well enough, so I took it home.


It’s a bit like the dress from my last outfit post, but more airy and made of lightweight cotton muslin. Not only is it perfect for the hot weather we’re facing here at the moment, it also goes very well with several of my other favourite thrift finds.

Have you had any extraordinary luck thrifting lately?

Things I Wear: Lebensreform Noveau

Lebensreform, die(German, fem.): meaning “life reform”, this late 19th and early 20th century social movement – originating from Germany and Switzerland – took life back outside from the stuffy parlours of Prussia and made vegetarianism, hiking and not wearing corsets a thing. In several, partly absurd ways it’s related to anarchism (yay!), the hippie movement (yay!) and the blood-and-soil idiology idiocy of nationalist morons during the last century (nay.).


We went for a swim, the Northerner, Jules and I, and before that we were watching Warehouse 13 at my place while I was repairing a dress I just got at the thrift store two days ago (it was a bargain and easy to stitch up, so no hard feelings there at all), and then I put it on and made a silly show out of it, and Jules said, ohmigod, it looked so much like Art Nouveau and Lebensreform and everything, so I put a better belt over it and a flower crown in my hair and grabbed my parasol, and then we were good to go.

Outfit Rundown:

  • dress: thrifted
  • belt: Orsay
  • sandals (not in the picture): Sketchers (the comfiest flip-flops I’ve ever worn)

Accessory Rundown:

  • flower crown: Claires’ (love it!)
  • scarab necklace: a gift
  • sunglasses: costume section around Halloween
  • parasol: Lisbeth Dahl

Picture above by Jules. Thanks!

Folk Record Cover Art – Photo Shoot

As I showed you the pictures I took of Jules before, here’s the vice versa now. When we went through the photographs afterwards we both were struck with the idea that they would make perfect art for a folk-singer-songwriter-something record. Vinyl, at best, and probably something between Loreena McKennitt and Black 47 and a little bit of folk-inspired punk, overall rather 90s I guess. It would be a challenging project, after all.

for Jolly: chair without context again :)

I think I like the last three best, and the very last one would be the cover picture for the record if I made one. But – I dare say – all of the pictures turned out really good, and some of them even made it into Jules’ portfolio for his application for fashion design studies.

I really love and appreciate working with my best friend and am so looking forward to our next session!