10 Things I ♥ in June

Monthly Favourites: July 2017 | Hedgefairy

  1. The beautiful sculptures of Patrick Haines. His work is kind of morbid, a bit of a “memento mori”. Take this beetle, for example, or this bird. I was also quite taken with the “Citadel” and this raven. Thanks to Polly for leading me there!’
  2. Cécile Corbel’s Vagabonde album. I know I put her on one of my lists before but at the moment I’m having a phase of her albums rotating as my personal background soundtrack.
  3. Our new hammock in the backyard.
  4. This Mori Kei beginner’s guide by Baaikha on tumblr.
  5. My tablet. I got an unused Fire (so it’s technically not a tablet, it’s a kindle, but DILLIGAF?) from a friend and it is so much more handy for bingeing on blog posts on the sofa than my laptop! I still need a good cover for it but I can’t wait to have more packing space on my next travels because I don’t need to take the notebook anymore just to update a blog post or read my Changeling rule books (putting them on there was pretty much the first thing I did when I got it).
  6. This Dormouse Pin from Monica L. Knighton’s Etsy shop. All of her pieces are wonderful (and some were already featured in this list), but this is definitely a new favourite, together with the Fluttering Bat and the Hanging Bats.
  7. The music of Josh Woodward. I’m always on the hunt for good royalty-free music to use in videos and it was on such a hunt that I stumbled over Josh’s work on the Free Music Archive. Someone who puts songs for people who like things as their tag line on their website can’t be a bad person, right? He makes a feel-good, soft, pop-folky kind of music that just makes me smile (and serves as a great soundtrack for some of my videos, too. He puts up an instrumental version for each song, this is so wonderful!).
  8. psych. I know I’m late with this one but my friend Rus is a big fan and finally introduced me to the series. I’m always a friend of Sherlock scans and I love how it’s more of a sitcom than your usual crime show.
  9. Mangetouts. We have them at work and on Thursdays and Saturdays I seem to live only on them and fresh strawberries at the moment. Sooo yummy!
  10. Adriene is hosting a Find What Feels Good retreat, and there’s a home version on YouTube, too. It starts tomorrow (as far as I can see), is laid out for a week and the schedule looks really good, including journal prompts and of course yoga flows. I’ve been a bit lazy with my yoga practise lately so this is a great opportunity for me to start over and get used to daily sessions again.

10 Things I ♥ in April

April 2016

  1. Goat Story Coffee Horns. Travel mugs shaped like mead horns? That’s great. Sadly I don’t do the whole coffee-to-go thing at all (I don’t even drink coffee, it makes me too jittery although I love the smell) but seeing those makes me want to try it. The idea of horn-shaped mug is something so very fairy-tale like it surely delights my inner fae and of course my Mori side.
  2. Why Enchantment Matters, a heartfelt short essay by Sharon Blackie. This resonates deeply with the Changeling in me (yes, capital C) and her point of view just feels so right.
  3. Past Your Porchlight, the delightful Etsy shop of Jessie Cunningham from Ontario. She makes beautiful felt creatures, foremost bears, and they are the kind of animal I’d like to see in the forests of my dreams. The combination of a bear with mushrooms is just wonderful. And she has a badger, too.
  4. The Art of Coey Kuhn. He has a Tumblr here and there’s an Etsy shop, too. I love the Unicorn tapestry tryptich (inspired by medieval imagery, always a plus) and I think I might desperately need the occult patches
  5. Tattoo artist Yvonne Kang‘s work. Just look at her Instagram, her lines are so fine and perfect! I especially like this card queen, in fact the first thing I saw of her work.
  6. Pretty Little Liars. I started watching after I ran out of Bryan Fuller re-runs. Basically it’s Twin Peaks (but with a more viewer-friendly pace) meets Desperate Housewives (but with teenagers). Lots of secrets, lots of drama and a dash of LGBT discussion. Also, Hanna Marin is the loveliest being on earth and her mother is awesome, too. What can I say, I love a good mystery and I’m hooked for now.
  7. Ballet. I wanted to take ballet lessons since I was in first grade but somehow it never happened. Now that I’m 26 I finally got up and followed Fragile to the uni sports ballet class. It was all I had imagined, the instructor was lovely, the music was fun and I’ve got sore muscles, too. (picture)
  8. WossiDiA. WossiDiA is the digitalised archive of Mecklenburg folklore collector Richard Wossidlo. I’m taking a class on archives as a source for culture studies this semester and the professor is one of the archive keepers from Rostock.
  9. hipsum, a (absolutely beautifully working) parody of lorem ipsum – but with Hipster buzzwords.
  10. The Stand Still Stay Silent Book 1 is finally available to non-backers! I’ll definitely get a copy. If you haven’t read the comic yet I suggest you start with that now, it’s great.