FinThSat: Backpack Utensil Roll

Finished Things Saturday (or sometimes Sunday, too…) is the (usually) bi-weekly counterpart to my UFO Fridays. While there I show you what I’m working on FinThSat is about small finished projects that I didn’t think worthy of a separate post for some time but now just put in this feature. They deserve it! For more FinThSats, look here.

106_3098I used to keep a pair of chopsticks in my backpack, simple ones that I didn’t use when I got take-away at some point. I never used them because, simply, I didn’t find them each time I needed them. I happened to be in need of a spoon or fork from time to time but never had them with me. Or a knife (but I have that on me at least when I’m wearing my work pants).

106_3101I’ve seen utensil rolls like this on several zero waste blogs. Most of them are far more minimalist than mine and have wooden cutlery – it’s more lightweight than metal.

106_3103Mine has a spoon and fork from our cutlery drawer (by now I’ve also added a simple butter knife) as well as a pair of chopsticks – the same ones that used to get lost in my backpack. I broke off the small piece where they used to be connected, sanded off the edges and painted them to match the roll.

106_3099The roll isn’t that heavy after all. I keep it in my backpack so I can just take leftovers to work and not worry about taking anything extra.
The material is, as always, from my stash of mostly thrifted fabrics (they used to be a place mat and a bed sheet this time) . The buttons were from a mixed bag I bought second-hand, and not necessarily for these. But I liked how they made a cute 70s-ish Chinese restaurant flair once paired.

Do you keep cutlery in your bag?


Finished Things Saturday: Pink Lancer Dice Bag

Finished Things Saturday (or FTS for short) is the (usually) bi-weekly counterpart to my UFO Fridays. While there I show you what I’m working on FTS is about small finished projects that I didn’t think worthy of a separate post for some time but now just put in this feature. They deserve it! For more FTSs, look here.
Pink Lancer Dice Bag | HedgefairyOne of the things I do when it’s not my turn during Pathfinder sessions is crafting. I usually just work on bigger projects that happen to be up at the moment but that one partictular week I had the urge to do something about the scrap box.
Pink Lancer Dice Bag | HedgefairyMy old dice bag had long been inactive: At my old place I just kept my dice in a bowl because I think they are pretty. I also keep my D20 (for all my non-gaming readers: ikosaeder or 20-sided die) in an extra tie-string bag (that I had since childhood and didn’t make myself) for better organisation (Pathfinder works on a D20 basis). This was just too much for my tiny old bag to hold so I decided that I needed a new one.
Pink Lancer Dice Bag | HedgefairyThis one has ample space for all my dice, a small pencil, map markers… all the little things that are definitely necessary. It’s made out of the leftovers of Noio’s dress, the lining of my Mother Quilt and some bias tape from a dismanteled place mat – and all fabrics were thrifted in the first place.
I have taken up a jousting lance as a personal symbol lately, and I think I should do more embroidery again – I really like it.

What scrap busters have you sewn lately? Or did you manage to reduce you stash somehow else? Let me know in the comments!

Finished Things Saturday: Tripod Sleeves

Tripod Sleeves | HedgefairyWhile I don’t take as many outfit pictures as I’d like to and don’t film as much either (or rather I don’t get to the editing process) I have two tripods that I love and that live behind my bedroom door. The tiny one was a Yuletide present from Scoundrel and the big one was a lucky find at the thrift store. They kept falling over, however, and they didn’t exactly look decorative, either.

Tripod Sleeves | HedgefairyAnd as I sometimes have to haul them somewhere – my Mum’s place, a place for OOTDs or somewhere with bad lighting where I need longer exposure – I decided that I could just sew sleeves for them, and add carrier strings while I was at it.

Tripod Sleeves | HedgefairyThe fabric is a heavy canvas, scraps of a LARP vest Scoundrel made for himself a few months ago. Everything else was at hand already, too, and I finally could use up two of my old Hedgefairy labels, stencilled rose hips that I made when I still was at school.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I hope you have less rain than we do.

Finished Things Saturday: Crystal in the Rough

Clear quartz (Bergkristall in German, which means “mountain crystal”) is one of my favourite minerals ever. As much as I like rose quartz and amethyst and citrine and calcite there is something about clear quartz that makes it special to me. Maybe it’s the spiky form in which it grows, maybe it’s how clear it is and how you can see everything inside. I don’t mind my crystals being battered or cloudy or somehow imperfect.

I made all of these quite a while ago but never showed them to you. The big one on the leather string is from a vendor back in Marburg, I think, while the smaller ones are from a flea market in Amsterdam.106_2089This one is the closest thing I own and wear to a choker. Most of the time I’m not too fond of things too close around my neck but this one is okay. The wire is recycled from old champagne bottles – Scoundrel used to detangle them as a child and once gave me a whole small box of them, neatly wrapped up.106_2083I usually wear different earrings on each side (when I wear two at all) so I only ever have to make one if I make some.106_2091I love the rough part at the top of this one. I wrapped it up very casually, just the way I think a witch with very little nerves for thought-through finery would. Which I basically am most of the time.106_2092106_2096What’s your favourite kind of crystal? I’d love to know, leave me a comment!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Finished Things Saturday: Canteen, Revamped

Revamped Canteen, made with an army surplus canteen and an old leather sofa

One of the most important things to carry around when LARPing is a bottle of water, especially when you’re at a game where you run around a lot, probably get into fights and get overall exhausted, most probably under the burning sun. I have a canteen for that, and while it was sensible and okay it wasn’t really pretty.


Bambi has the same (and I couldn’t find pictures of mine before), we both bought it for less than 8,-€ and it doesn’t disturb the big picture too much. However there was room for improvement. I found improvement in the form of leather scavenged from a sofa destined for the dump.

Revamped Canteen, made with an army surplus canteen and an old leather sofa

I took the old wool cover apart, used it as a pattern for the leather pieces and then just sewed the new cover directly on my canteen. The top is still visible but it’s handier this way and it’s not really disruptive, either, so I decided to keep it that way for now. Now, pretty might not be the right word for how it looks now, but it is far more satisfying.

What projects did you work on this week?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Finished Things Saturday: Lace Bags


Recently I noticed that my fabric cotton pads were too small to just toss them in the wash with everything else. They would wind up in the door rubber thingy and still be dirty. So I went out, got myself one of those short lace curtains for 50 cents at the thrift shop (because I had not tulle fabric or something similar at home) and made this. It has a drawstring secured with laundry buttons and I can simply hang it on the door, put my used pads in and then toss them in the laundry hamper when I’m running low.


Of course I had leftover curtain so I made another one for salad. Many of our customers have similar bags that all look the same (it leads to confusion and stress. If you have those things it’s a good idea to mark them somehow as yours). This way I don’t have to use new corn starch bags from work anymore every time I get salad, too.



And last but not least I made a tiny one for my soap leftovers. I only use slices of soap for showering, not the whole bar. On the plus side this keeps the rest of the soap dry and not soggy but on the minus side the slices break apart at some point and then I have tiny pieces of soap I can’t really use (because the “just stick it on the next piece of soap” thing doesn’t work for me). With the lace pouch I can simply put the pieces in there and then use the bag as a whole.

What have you been crafting this week?