Mori Challenge Revisited: Question 8

What is your favorite type of plant life? Whether it be tree, bush, flower, fruit or vegetable, why is it so special to you?

Oooh, a hard one. I could go on about my favourite plant life for hours – oaks, fungi (well, technically still not plants), willows because they soothe headaches and you can make baskets from them, wild roses, rowans, blackberries in the country… but I think I’ll stick with vegetables and fruit this time. And salad, and herbs and things like that. This also gives me a great chance to put out all the pictures I took at work lately!

20161018_085412106_1707As you might know I work at a farmer’s market twice a week. It’s a wonderful job, I’m outside a lot, I get to take home produce that isn’t good enough to sell anymore but still good enough to eat and I really adore most of my co-workers. One of my two bosses – the farmer’s son – even shares his vast (and by that I mean he could easily best a first or second semester biology major even though he didn’t go to uni for it – and that’s just the basics and not even his “everything edible” specialisation) knowledge about plants with me on a regular basis, and I love listening to him.

106_1714100_0231But the most important thing is that I love edible plants. I’m a pescetarian so plants make up quite a bit of my diet. I love touching vegetables, I love feeling the warmth and the life that they still carry flowing through my hands. I love handing them over to the customers because we only sell organic produce, healthy and most of the time local and seasonal, too. I love to chat with them (the customers, not the veggies) about recipes and I’m always so happy when I find strangely-shaped specimen or things that I didn’t know yet.

100_0227100_0451I can’t get enough of the colours, too: The vibrant stalks of chard, the beautiful sunset gradient of yellow beetroot, the almost bloody juice of red beets, the infinite shades of green. The textures, as well: The velvety leaves of lemon balm, the smooth firm skin of cherry tomatoes, the rough, earthy surface of celery roots, the way piles of different salads make me think of giant moss patches. For me it’s all so wonderful, so perfect.

106_3083Aren’t they beautiful?

106_3081Those are artichoke flowers, by the way. They dry beautifully, too! I’ve got one on my window sill right in front of me as I type.
I could ramble on about the beauty of vegetables, fruit and other edible greenery (I sometimes get moments of “ooooh, look how beautiful this is!” in front of customers but I don’t think that they mind much…). But I won’t. Well, maybe I will another day.

This post is part of the 30 Question Mori Kei Challenge. For other posts from this challenge, please look here for all the questions!


UFO Friday

UFO Friday is my (usually) bi-weekly series where I show you what projects I’ve been working on (UFO standing for UnFinished Objects). For more of these, look here and for every other week’s feature, Finished Things Saturday, look here.

UFO Friday: Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Aperture | HedgefairyI haven’t written one of these in what feels like ages! Above you can see my latest endeavour in label design, basically, for a bread bag I’m working on. It’s almost done so look out for it during the next few weeks!

UFO Friday: Drying Beets | HedgefairyI got several kilos of beet roots from work during the last weeks and after giving away ¾ of them to friends and co-workers I decided to dry the rest. I have been wanting to experiment with beet root powder anyway!

UFO Friday: Drying Beets | HedgefairyI also made one tray of bigger slices with sugar and cinnamon (we keep a mixture ready in our kitchen for apple-cinnamon loaf). Scoundrel happens to actually  like them even though they were a really random experiment.

UFO Friday | HedgefairyI’m also working on a new floofy, frilly pettiskirt – something I’ll be able to wear as a petticoat as well as on its own if I happen to feel pink and sparkly. This is the thrifted lining fabric I happened to find quite a while ago.

UFO Friday | HedgefairyAnd last but unspectacular not least is this foam pad/bolster thingy. It used to be the back of my Mum’s sleep sofa that has long been sent off to wherever it is that really old but not so fancy sofas go. I use it as a headboard for my bed but I really dislike the fabric – it just doesn’t match the rest of my decor. I’m currently covering it with a quilt which looks really nice but I want a cover I can change it to once in a while, so that’s definitely on my project list at the moment. I even cut the fabric already!

What have you been working on lately? And of course: Have a wonderful weekend!

FinThSat: Backpack Utensil Roll

Finished Things Saturday (or sometimes Sunday, too…) is the (usually) bi-weekly counterpart to my UFO Fridays. While there I show you what I’m working on FinThSat is about small finished projects that I didn’t think worthy of a separate post for some time but now just put in this feature. They deserve it! For more FinThSats, look here.

106_3098I used to keep a pair of chopsticks in my backpack, simple ones that I didn’t use when I got take-away at some point. I never used them because, simply, I didn’t find them each time I needed them. I happened to be in need of a spoon or fork from time to time but never had them with me. Or a knife (but I have that on me at least when I’m wearing my work pants).

106_3101I’ve seen utensil rolls like this on several zero waste blogs. Most of them are far more minimalist than mine and have wooden cutlery – it’s more lightweight than metal.

106_3103Mine has a spoon and fork from our cutlery drawer (by now I’ve also added a simple butter knife) as well as a pair of chopsticks – the same ones that used to get lost in my backpack. I broke off the small piece where they used to be connected, sanded off the edges and painted them to match the roll.

106_3099The roll isn’t that heavy after all. I keep it in my backpack so I can just take leftovers to work and not worry about taking anything extra.
The material is, as always, from my stash of mostly thrifted fabrics (they used to be a place mat and a bed sheet this time) . The buttons were from a mixed bag I bought second-hand, and not necessarily for these. But I liked how they made a cute 70s-ish Chinese restaurant flair once paired.

Do you keep cutlery in your bag?

Chocolate Zucchini Walnut Cake

Recipe: Chocolate Zucchini Walnut Cake | HedgefairyMost people look at me like I’ve said somthing along the lines of “actually I’m and alien and I have purple tentacles on my back” when I tell them about zucchini cake. It’s one of the few things my Mum actually cooks or bakes really well (the other being pasta salad and parmesan chili biscuits). The cake is moist, almost brownie-like, and has a lot of chocolate. The last one I made was so dark it almost looked purple…
It’s really yummy, I swear!

That’s, if you like zucchini in the first place.
The zucchini makes the stuff more moist and makes it stay soft and yummy for a longer time. You won’t even taste it. I’ve had people turning green when I told them about this and asking for more when they finally tried it.

Chocolate Zucchini Walnut Cake | HedgefairyMakes one baking tray, ~25 pieces

400-450g zucchini (about a large one or two smaller ones)
450g flour, Type 405
200g sugar
4 eggs or 4 tbs soy flour (mix with water until you get a paste)
¼l oil
2 tsp baking soda
200g walnuts, chopped
1 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp gingerbread spice (pumpkin spice would probably work, too)
4 tbs cocoa powder

Grate your zucchini and, if necessary, chop your walnuts and thoroughly mix everything. If the mix is too dry just add water.
Pour/spread onto a lined baking tray and bake at ~200°C for 30 minutes.
Cut into squares.

You can now either let it cool and cover it later with dark chocolate couverture or you can say, well, screw it, and just put chocolate spread on it right now. Which is what I usually do.

You can substitute the zucchini with practically any other gratable fruit or vegetable, really, but I like the original best.

Chocolate Zucchini Walnut Cake | HedgefairyThe cake keeps surprisingly well thanks to the zucchini, theoretically, practically it rarely does last long enough. It’s become a favourite for our Pathfinder nights because it’s so easy and quick to make, too. I suppose you could make it in a fancy tin or silicone mold, too, but while this doesn’t look like much it’s how I learned to love it.

Happy baking!

10 Things I ♥ in August

10 Things I love in August 2017 | Hedgefairy

  1. The Best Time I Rejected Minimalism, an essay by Isabel Slone on why it’s okay not to have a capsule wardrobe and a kondo-d life.
  2. Avocado Stone Faces. What a marvelous idea! I really admire Jan Campbell’s skill, all of her creations look so wonderfully tranquil. Take a look at her Instagram for a gallery of her work or head over to the official website and shop here.
  3. Rowans. I have one right outside my window and now is the time where the berries are at their peak.
  4. I’m kindasorta getting back into binge-watching Teen Wolf. I’m not even sure why I stopped the first time I tried. Still a big fan of Lydia, still completely devoted to Stiles! I also find myself liking Peter Hale more and more these days, he’s just so snarky (notice a trend in my favourite characters here?).
  5. CONQUEST!!! It’s the highlight of my year, every year, so of course it deserves a spot in the list. And multiple exclamation marks. Look out for my yearly ConQuest posts sometime soon!
  6. Dragon Caps is such a cute font! It’s by no means perfect but I love the hand-made look and the dragons are epicdorable. Adepic. I can’t make up a good portmanteau word for epic and adorable.
  7. Vindsvept. Providing the listener with royalty-free music this composer from the frozen northern wilderness writes beautiful fantasy-inspired, adventure-inspiring pieces. My favourites so far are this bluegrass piece (it reminds me a bit of Gravity Falls) and this energetic, folksy one. Scoundrel also uses some of their pieces for our Pathfinder campaign (which is how I found them in the first place).
  8. Yonder – The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Another discovery made through Rusty’s PS4 this game had me at first glance. It’s so incredibly adorable that I couldn’t stop squealing once I got my own save. That being said I don’t think Yonder is for people who want to actually finish quests and proceed with a story somewhat quickly. It’s about exploration, crafting and standing in awe for the open world created by Australia-based Prideful Sloth. It’s also perfectly fit for gamers who enjoy serene scenes, cutesy design and pastel colours. Now please excuse me while I make my own groffle plushy.
  9. The Inn at the Crossroads, named after a place in the Song of Fire and Ice books, provides the reader with innumerable recipes inspired by Game of Thrones and World of Warcraft (plus a few other works of fiction). I’m currently searching for new things to cook at camp for my LARP group and I can’t wait to try my hand at some of these.
  10. It might be completely out of my budget and I usually bike without a helmet anyway because I’m a bad role model like that (don’t do that!) but the helmets from Bike Pretty are so adorable! I never thought of a straw hat cover-up for a helmet! Or this cute oil skin hat, which would probably go more with my everyday style. I’m also pretty smitten by their blog covering all things pretty & bike-related.

10 Things I ♥ in June

Monthly Favourites: July 2017 | Hedgefairy

  1. The beautiful sculptures of Patrick Haines. His work is kind of morbid, a bit of a “memento mori”. Take this beetle, for example, or this bird. I was also quite taken with the “Citadel” and this raven. Thanks to Polly for leading me there!’
  2. Cécile Corbel’s Vagabonde album. I know I put her on one of my lists before but at the moment I’m having a phase of her albums rotating as my personal background soundtrack.
  3. Our new hammock in the backyard.
  4. This Mori Kei beginner’s guide by Baaikha on tumblr.
  5. My tablet. I got an unused Fire (so it’s technically not a tablet, it’s a kindle, but DILLIGAF?) from a friend and it is so much more handy for bingeing on blog posts on the sofa than my laptop! I still need a good cover for it but I can’t wait to have more packing space on my next travels because I don’t need to take the notebook anymore just to update a blog post or read my Changeling rule books (putting them on there was pretty much the first thing I did when I got it).
  6. This Dormouse Pin from Monica L. Knighton’s Etsy shop. All of her pieces are wonderful (and some were already featured in this list), but this is definitely a new favourite, together with the Fluttering Bat and the Hanging Bats.
  7. The music of Josh Woodward. I’m always on the hunt for good royalty-free music to use in videos and it was on such a hunt that I stumbled over Josh’s work on the Free Music Archive. Someone who puts songs for people who like things as their tag line on their website can’t be a bad person, right? He makes a feel-good, soft, pop-folky kind of music that just makes me smile (and serves as a great soundtrack for some of my videos, too. He puts up an instrumental version for each song, this is so wonderful!).
  8. psych. I know I’m late with this one but my friend Rus is a big fan and finally introduced me to the series. I’m always a friend of Sherlock scans and I love how it’s more of a sitcom than your usual crime show.
  9. Mangetouts. We have them at work and on Thursdays and Saturdays I seem to live only on them and fresh strawberries at the moment. Sooo yummy!
  10. Adriene is hosting a Find What Feels Good retreat, and there’s a home version on YouTube, too. It starts tomorrow (as far as I can see), is laid out for a week and the schedule looks really good, including journal prompts and of course yoga flows. I’ve been a bit lazy with my yoga practise lately so this is a great opportunity for me to start over and get used to daily sessions again.