Urban Treasures: Berlin Mauerpark Haul

Mauerpark Haul | Hedgefairy Tales https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comMauerpark Haul | Hedgefairy Tales https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comYou might have picked up by now that I’m a pack rat. A horder goblin. A scavenger. When we were in Berlin earlier this year my treasure hunter instincts were pleased with some of the places and sights I found but in terms of thrifting… no such luck. I must have been to seven-or-so thrift stores and while there were a few really cute pieces all I saw was fabric (I might have to rely on the locals more next time). Clothes are nice but rarely treasure, and if they are they’ll have to fit, too.

Mauerpark Haul | Hedgefairy Tales https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comOn our last full day there we were lucky, though. The Mauerpark flea market isn’t only full of lovely old things but also lined with stalls of local artists, perfect for my treasure-hungry claws.
The ashtray above was one of these treasures. I used to be very much into suit symbols – I still like them, not as much, though – and something in the shape of a club was just too perfect not to pick it up. I use it as a ring dish now, and I love the patina. Maybe someday I’ll feel the urge to polish it but for now it’s just lovely the way it is.Mauerpark Haul | Hedgefairy Tales https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comThis spinning top might count as cheating: I didn’t find it at the flea market. I have the tiny souvenir challenge for myself to try to bring home a top from each of my bigger trips. I like these toys, they don’t take up much space but are still a great source of joy and fascination for me. This one is from Levy’s Contor at the Hackesche Höfe, a lovely traditional toy shop that also deals in Judaica.Mauerpark Haul | Hedgefairy Tales https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comThis lovely skeletal bird patch is reserved for a battle vest that I’m still collecting things for. It’s from one of the artists of the Lysergic collective but they don’t seem to have this specific motif anymore, at least not online.Mauerpark Haul | Hedgefairy Tales https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comI sadly don’t remember the name of the artist I picked up the Tausche Kunst Gegen Geld (Will Art For Money) sticker at. That one’s going on my laptop.
The tiny copper cauldron is for a LARP character in the making, and the silver spoon is for my collection. I like finding handles I don’t have yet.Mauerpark Haul | Hedgefairy Tales https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comMauerpark Haul | Hedgefairy Tales https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comI really like old kitchenware. This pan will be perfect for boiling breakfast eggs at LARPs and make a decent piece of camp decoration. I plan on sanding off the inside again, just in case. But isn’t the texture beautifulMauerpark Haul | Hedgefairy Tales https://hedgefairy.wordpress.com

This metal frame was love at first sight and by that I mean it was in fact one of the first things I laid eyes on at the flea market. It’s very light-weight, perfect for our strange walls that are impossible to get through with a percussion drill at one point and only need a poke with a pencil three centimeters over.Mauerpark Haul | Hedgefairy Tales https://hedgefairy.wordpress.comAnd last but not least I found the perfect picture to put in that frame. If you’ve ever seen my Twitter or YouTube account, met me in person or been at our camp at ConQuest you’ll know I have this thing for fish-tailed hares. I even have one tattooed on my left arm. There’s more than one story behind it that I might tell one day but for now that’s probably enough reason for why I HAD to buy this print. How often do you encounter fish-rabbits (because this isn’t a hare, but never mind) by chance, eh? The print is from Berliner Babylon, and this is surely not the last motif from them that I want for my wall.
The merrabbit now hangs over my books-and-art-supplies shelf, vigilantly watching my room.

As I mentioned there are visual treasures, too, but these are reserved for another post.
Do you have any recommendations for thrift shops or indie stores I should check out when I visit Berlin next time? I’d love to read about them in the comments!

Drawing Time Lapse: Jeniveve Joneit

I really like filming my drawing progress and looking back on it in a time-lapse video. It makes me see what I actually do, that it’s not just throwing paint and lead on paper and then suddenly something comes out that resembles a drawing. I don’t forget how hard drawing can be, I just forget that it’s actually an aquired skill, something that I can be proud of, that I’m able to do fairly well and that helps me make a living, somehow. Sometimes we need reminders for things like this and I found my reminder to be, partially, my camera.

JeniveveJeniveve Joneit, the subject of this drawing, is a character for a Lovecraftian horror LARP, played by Mo Mo O’Brien. She (Jeniveve, not Mo Mo, who is a singer, coffee shop princess and YouTuber) is a blind psychic working for the Department Of Occult Research. Mo Mo made a Q&A starring her character and I had the sudden urge to draw her with a cup of Scarebugs to-go where they spelled her name wrong. Again

On a different note I’m sorry the Amsterdam posts are taking so long (but a week isn’t long!, the kinda normal part of my conscience exclaims but is soon cut off by my disoriented need for proving that I exist that yells, it feels like f*ing agessss!!!) but they’re coming. I just took so many pictures that I have no idea where to start. ^^

Have a wonderful start into next week!

Snow in the Shadows of Wolves

Around the end of last year Scoundrel, Rusty and I went NPCing at a LARP called Im Schatten des Wolfes III (which translates to In the Shadow of the Wolf). It was muddy, it was cold, and in the end we got a beautiful medieval snow day.


I absolutely love it when things look like they’ve jumped right out of an adventure game.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!