Good-Bye 2013, hey there 2014


So here’s to a new year!

I hope you all had a nice New Year’s eve – we watched the fireworks and listened to the church bells standing on a small wall underneath the castle, high above the town. The picture above’s Scoundrel, by the way, running a sinawali with sparklers. I tried to make a sparkler-written “2014”, but it didn’t work out so well.

New year means new resolutions. Here is my resolutions post from last year. I think I wore more dresses and tartan, but sadly I didn’t make skeleton leggings or a sailor collar, and the tabi shoes I ordered wouldn’t fit. Well, bygones.

On to greener pastures! My new year’s resolutions for 2014 look somewhat like this:

  • Give this blog a make-over. The only thing that hinders me from doing that today is the disturbing lack of a portrait for the “About” page and a new header.
  • Finish one big project a month. I don’t have to start it in the same month, but I want to finish one, nevertheless. There are enough UFOs lying around waiting to be finished, anyway.
  • Go outside more. Like in “one hour per day”. I don’t get enough daylight and fresh air, especially in winter.
  • Read more. I’ve become incredibly lazy when it comes to reading during the last years. Maybe one book per month would be a good goal. When I think about how I used to finish several books a week when I was 13, 14, this is a real blow to my once-bibliophile self-esteem.
  • Do sports outside my regular training at least twice a month. I’ve got a muscle training room ticket, a track nearby and it’s ice-skating season.
  • Keep my place tidy. My clutter tends to diffuse through the free space somehow.

Do you have any new year’s resolutions? I know that a lot of people don’t make any as they acknowledge they won’t keep them anyways, but I like this tradition. I love how everything is new and neat at the beginning of a new year. I’m even starting a new note-book.

Off to new adventures now. Have a good start!

2013 in Review



Another year has passed, every calendar sheet is torn off, and it’s time for my annual review. Instead of writing a real wall of text I’ll just list the things that are most present. I’m sure I’ll forget something, but this should cover the most important points.

2013 (Wow. I still feel like a teenager. Weird.) was extremely exhausting in some aspects. There was this huge musical project, several things at uni, a lot of things going on in my family… but in the end we’re all still alive and ready to cross the threshold to the next year.

My old laptop finally made way for a new one and lives now at my mother’s house. I got my ear pierced again (a helix, upper left side) and I got dreads. All these things were on my 101 things list, yay me! I also lost quite some weight, started donating blood and plasma, burned my face once and twisted my ankle twice (which still isn’t completely restored yet). So now you’re on track with my physical stuff.

I’ve learned so much this year, some of which I already mentioned in my last semester review. I started to take singing lessons which are a lot of fun. Also, I’ve been teaching canne de combat – the beginner’s lesson – as a co-coach this year, which is a gret experience, too! I’ve learned so many new techniques, for aquarelle and printing, things about archaeological surveys and graphic software. Oh, and I won NaNo (also on the list!). Oh, and my DELF grade. I think I also improved my blogging a little, I joined Pinterest, and my photographs got a bit better, too.

Our musical KASSANDRA (modeled after the book by Christa Wolf) pushed my boundaries in terms of graphic design, last-minute changes, nerves, organisation and nerves again and again (did I mention nerves?). No matter how hard it was, in the end I went on with a new skill or two, and being on stage, acting and singing, being someone else for an hour or two, and after that receiving the applause and with it the affirmation that I did good, that’s just so great and worth it and everything. I hope we’ll have another show next year, or at least start planning one.

Apropos being someone else: I attended my second Conquest of Mythodea, this time with a character I hope I can keep. I had to switch because of, well, things (group/country internal meta stuff that really would be a bit much to write down), and at first I wasn’t happy about it at all. But now that I’ve settled for a new character I’m far more content than before! So, sometimes inconveniences aren’t really inconveniences, they’re just badly dressed chances to change something.

I moved house! Instead of the small white house at the end of the world (that isn’t the end of the world anymore) in a flat share I now live in my own little nest of a studio flat in a slightly larger white house with perfect lighting in the bathroom. And although (no, probably more “because”) we didn’t move in together I’m still in the best relationship I could wish for. Not only is he a partner, one of the big loves of my life and my haven, he’s also my best friend. ♥

As every year I made new friends and kept most of the people dear to me (thanks for being!), but my best friend besides Scoundrel is still Jules – it might be a bit of a bumpy road sometimes, but as you said after our last bump, I’m not going to get rid of you that easily. Thanks for that.

Did I mature? Maybe. Am I mature? I hope not. I grew, in a few aspects. I’m angry about all the sad, horrible, dark, hurting, annoying stuff that happened. But even more than that I’m thankful for everything good, bright, soothing, beautiful, happy-making, lovely, loving, adorable, sweet, funny, warm that happened.

Thanks for reading this blog all through the year, and if you just joined in 2013, welcome and thanks for reading, too. I hope you’ll stay with me in 2014, too.

Have a save passage into the next year tomorrow.

2012 in Review


Now that the year is nearing its end I find once again that I’m not the best when it comes to writing reviews, not of films and not even of a year of my own life.

There’s a lot of good things that happened over the last twelve months, such as taking up fine arts for my minor, stopping my bad habit of biting nails and getting to sing and act again. There are a few sad things, too, but I don’t see the point in getting into those.

One of the greatest things in 2012 was Jules moving here, definitely. Constantine returned from Ireland, Tony stayed on campus instead of transferring, and I’m still happily in love with the Scoundrel.

I also made new friends, unexpected ones, too. Actually, some of them I’ve known for years and didn’t know in the least that they were to become some of the best friends I could imagine!

As for today, I’m going to spend the evening with the usual suspects blowing up Bertie’s model houses and having raclette and then go up to Jules and have a merry change-of-years with him, Liz, some other great folks and a lot of cocktails and karaoke.

Have a great passage into the next year, I’ll see you there!

8 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Mine started with rain. It is still a little drizzly outside. We blew up some of the Imps old house models (he’s doing his studying of architecture quite well, so he has plenty of them) and I got a wonderfully warm woollen Scandinavian style pullover from Bambi and his sister who’s studying in Norway at the moment, so you can guess where the pullover came from… and I’m wearing it right now.
We stayed up until 6 AM, well I can do things like that some times (four times a year are definitely enough), but I think I’ll take a cat nap later and go to bed early this evening.

Preparing for the new year, I made some resolutions, and here they are:

  1. Stop biting nails. A very important one as it is a quite unladylike habit that I have displayed since I can remember. Time to stop it! I’ll even use nail polish if I’ve got to!
  2. Finally get my online shop started. Just for to see if the things that I make sell or not. I will work together with Jules, as a united force of crafters may be more successful than a lone wolf.
  3. Hold a Steampunk/ Gaslight con. The plot is pretty much complete and there are even enough people who are interested in a participation as players.I hope we’ll get the location we want to and then, in autumn…
  4. Wear more Lolita. I didn’t really do that last year, and to control this I should post on daily Lolita at least once a month. Maybe Jules will join me, wouldnt’ you?
  5. Fulfill about 50% of my daring deeds. Really. I’ve been far to lazy with them last year. But there are some that are in progress, so the prospects are great!
  6. Take better care of myself. I really want to be out of the house more often, get more daylight (good against depressive situations, honestly!), be more careful what I eat and do something good for my soul every day, too.
  7. Keep my room tidy. I just moved in and I want my retreat to be cosy and nice, well to express my self but I don’t need total chaos to show that this is my chamber. I also want to go for some real decorations (I’ll need a calendar, too!) and my closet also belongs to my room. No more clothes I don’t really like!
  8. Go to Latin classes regularly. If I really want to be accepted for the third semester next summer, I’ve got to study and learn my vocabularies well. But as I live only ten minutes from the lecture theatre building, this shouldn’t be too hard to achieve.

The fact that there are eight of them is pretty random. I hope I’ll keep sticking to them this year!
And now I’ll go an and have the first nice, hot, relaxing bath of the year.

‘Til Then!

Preparing for… New Year’s Eve

Picture from
Picture from

Fast away the old year passes,
Hail the new, ye lads and lasses!
Sing we joyous, all together,

Heedless of the wind and weather!

I left the falalalala thing out as it looks rather ridiculous when written.

The 31st of December is New Year’s Eve!

Or Silvester, as we call it in Germany. Or Hogmanay in Scotland.
The last remaining hours of the year passed always had something enchanted in my eyes. Just imagine – one single day to hold a whole year full of adventures, emotions and events!

Here are some of my New Year’s Eve traditions:

  • When I was younger, my mother and I used to light a bonfire on the hill behind our castle to burn the conifer boughs and the advent wreath from our Christmas decorations and little sheets of paper with those things that we liked and didn’t like in the passed-by year written on them.
  • If you don’t like firecrackers, you may like the idea of using sparklers instead. They are quite save in use and look great!
  • Speaking of firecrackers: I’m not really fond of the large, loud ones without any visual effects than smoulder. The tiny ones that fizz into the air to act like little fairies are way more interesting to watch, just like the small volcanos or spirals. That these are way more save that the large ones is something that I won’t even need to mention, I guess.
  • Our traditional New Year’s Eve dinner is raclette, normally with white mushrooms, ham, salami, pepperoni and other cold meat and potatoes, combined with bell pepper, cucumber and other vegetables when out of the oven.
  • Dinner for One is the usual sketch for New Year’s Eve in Germany. It’s often aired a couple of times before midnight so that everyone can watch it, even the children that should be in bed early (as if…). They are often showing older films from the 30s to 60s during the day, something that I highly appreciate as I love the way they are speaking!

But no matter how you celebrate this last day of the year 2009,

I wish all of you a Happy New Year 2010!