10 Things I ♥ in August

Left to right: Circus House | Kirsty Elson’s Art | Paperblanks
  1. Investing four Euros in a small soundbar at the thrift store has been such a good idea and makes living with the capabilities of my laptop so much easier.
  2. I might have a bit of a calendar problem, but I bought a new pocket planner, one of those that start around Midsummer and then go for the next one-and-a-half years, and it makes me happy. I like fresh starts so much, and I really love how sturdy and simple in layout, yet aesthetically pleasing and fancy in cover Paperblanks are. It’s this one, by the way, and I love how they explain their designs, as well.
  3. My new-to-me boots that I got from a friend – she’d gotten a pair of mine that I barely wore a few weeks prior, and I think we both ended up with something much more fitting, which is so lovely (not to mention sustainable). I love the colours and the little studs along the lacing!
  4. Summer Rain. After last year left us dry and the groundwater reserves diminished I’m happy for every cloudy and rainy day we get. We’ve had some really intense rainstorms lately, and even though it’s still comparatively little, every bit helps to replenish nature.
  5. Teen Wolf. I’m currently re-binging, mainly for Stiles, of course, who with this snarkiness and relatable being-an-oddball will always be my favourite character, but also Lydia, Peter Hale, and general supernatural teen drama, because I still can’t get enough of this over-the-top supernatural teen drama. Where were these series in my teenage years (not that we had a TV, and I know Buffy existed, but still)?!
  6. I’m very much into French accordion music lately, together with the aforementioned summer rain it makes me feel like I’m in a 70s movie about artistic types in an unnamed French town.
  7. And for a more lively mood I’m resorting to Yé-Yé tunes to channel my inner enfant terrible who annoys yet charms everyone around her.
  8. This circus-themed house. I love cirque and carnival aesthetics, and the colours are so bright an lovely! The layout really looks nice, too, and I’d love to know whoever made it look this way.
  9. I’m really quite taken with the Driftwood Art of Kirsty Elson. Her rows of small colourful coastal houses make me smile, and I love the idea of a large piece of driftwood as a wave. There’s even more of her work on Instagram, and it’s just as lovely.
  10. I’ve fallen into a surprise Tumblr Hole again lately, and I think I like it?

10 Things I ♥ in June

Shellworks | The Painted Hive | Mycologist by Peppermint Fox | DS: Hamlet | Moral Fibres
  1. I’m always smitten when I find new (at least new to me) eco-friendly things but wow, The Shellworks are so awesome. They make bioplastic from chitin from seafood waste, and I think the prospect of biodegradable pill blister packs is one of my favourite things ever – it’s one of the plastic pieces I’ll never really be able to get rid of, and that annoys me.
  2. But speaking of it, this post on the Moral Fibres blog about why being plastic-free isn’t always necessarily the most environmentally friendly option is SO important. Yes, reducing plastic waste is important and good but a lot of eco-influencers and websites let us believe that it’s the be-all-and-end-all, and that’s just not the case.
  3. I love this Tutorial about Ageing Small Furniture from The Painted Hive.
  4. I’ve been watching Baccano! lately and even though it provides more violence than I usually like in my entertainment it’s a really great anime – the style reminds me of Samurai Champloo and some characters are strangely endearing considering that they work for the Camorra or are otherwise criminally inclined.
  5. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). Finally, a German production that doesn’t feel like it’s ten years late. Thanks, Netflix!
  6. I’m smitten with Peppermint Fox’s Mycologist Print dress as well as skirt – both colourways (Autumn | Moss) are so pretty and the design is lovely as always. I’m almost glad I don’t wear polyester or my bank account would be in serious troubles.
  7. My new Laptop is a second-hand affair (reduce, reuse, recycle!), a reject swapped for a better model, if you want, but still good enough for me. I’m super happy that I don’t have to work on my LARP newspaper on the old one that kept freezing while burning up! Now I only need to transfer my sticker collection…
  8. A Shakespearean pig killed me (repeatedly) and I loved it, or in other terms: I’m playing Don’t Starve: Hamlet. It’s been out for over half a year now and I didn’t have it yet which is scandalous considering how much time I’ve already sunk into the other versions of this game.
  9. Jenseits der Siegel – Beyond the Seals LARP was really lovely this year. During the last few I was incredibly stressed but with a fantastic team by my side, we managed to make a great in-game newspaper and generate play for a lot of people. This is the first year that I can truly say I’m looking forward to the next!
  10. I’m looking a lot at Mice lately – not because I’m considering getting pets (I’d love to, but there’s just no room at the moment), but for work, and I’m absolutely in love. My main reference site is this right now, and ooooh, look at them!

10 Things I ♥ in May

A Stitch in Time (via) | L’Art du Crime | Paper Sculptures | Ann Street Studio
  1. A Stitch in Time explores techniques and cultural backgrounds of clothing worn in famous works of art and is therefore the perfect thing to watch while doing handsewing.
  2. Speaking of art history, I happened to stumble over L’Art du Crime on TV when I last visited family. Set in Paris it’s a series exploring murder cases connected to pieces of art, with a great deal of background info, a very lovely art historian character and the obligatory hardened detective really annoyed by his new job. I can’t wait for the next season to air in Germany!
  3. Even though I got distracted early, MerMay is so much fun! I will definitely continue working off my prompt list even when May is over (and I’m already looking forward to MahouShouJune…)!
  4. Our new Dehydrator. Or rather, Scoundrel’s Mum’s old one. After years of faithful service ours literally crumbled down to small bits of plastic but the outlaws happened to have one that they didn’t use. With all the veggies and fruit that I bring home from work every week we will definitely make good use of it, though, so now it lives at our place.
  5. Throwing things out of my closet is so freeing. It’s also lovely to have my friends go through the pile and pick what they like, thus skipping the thrift store step and in my case inching towards a more ideal wardrobe.
  6. Speaking of which, I’m really positively surprised by the designs that H&M puts out lately, there’s a lot of neo-Edwardian 80s inspiration going on, lots of lace and ruffles and broderie anglaise (I might have fallen for this onePinterest link for backup). I really hope it’ll become a trend, because as much as I love thrifting, sewing and being sustainable I admit that I do appreciate stuff that I like being available in high street stores.
  7. I might have spent a weekend or two playing Beat Saber at Rusty’s place lately… If you haven’t heard about it yet: it’s a VR rhythm game, a great workout and kiiiind of addictive. I’m stuck in level 11 at the moment, but I’ll beat it eventually!
  8. Exploring new Places. I’ve been to Hildesheim – mere 30 km or so from Hanover – for the first time last weekend and I’ve finally made it to one of the fascinating historical graveyards in our city. I’ve been thinking about exploration videos lately, just getting off the tram somewhere that looks interesting enough and see where it’ll take me. Let me know if you’d like that!
  9. I love the Wildlife Paper Sculptures by Tiffany Miller Russel, especially the birds with their layers of feathers, they are such delicate work!
  10. I started following Ann Street Studio (or rather Jamie Beck) on Instagram a while ago now and I absolutely love their work. The mother-daughter self portrait series is perfectly picturesque, and I’m a lover of all things romantic and provençal so I was smitten the first time I saw any of their photographs.

As always I’m not sponsored by any of the parties linked or mentioned. If I were I’d let you know!

Doneday: For a Fistful of Scrunchies

Doneday (formerly known as Finished Things Saturday but now moved to Mondays) is the (usually) bi-weekly counterpart to my UFO Fridays. While there I show you what I’m working on, Doneday is about finished projects – I used to think that small things weren’t worthy of a separate post but now I just put them in this feature and feel less silly about it. They deserve it! For more Doneday, look here.

106_7302When I was a kid, back in the 90s, I always wanted scrunchies. I saw them on my older cousin, on my friends, on girls on the street, and I wanted scrunchies.

Thing is, as a kid, back in the 90s, I had short hair. Not just shoulder length or a bob but gets-mistaken-for-a-boy-regularly short. So, no chance for scrunchies.

106_7327Although the current state of affairs isn’t the longest my hair has ever been I’m currently very able to use scrunchies in a multitude of ways so when I was sick in bed a while ago I used this time off to sew a couple of them. I made them all by hand and out of scraps.106_7330I feel like they are more gentle towards my sometimes hurting scalp so waiting for about 25 years was totally worth it. There are probably more to come, too, they are a fantastic scrapbuster!

What’s your favourite kind of scrapbuster project? Let me know in the comments!

10 Things I ♥ in August

August Favourites 2018
ltr: Gran Hotel, score knifes, de Jong’s miniatures, Kamikatz Brewery, Crossley Corduroy
  1. My most recent historical series obsession is Gran Hotel*. Set (and also made) in Spain in the early 20th century it combines melodrama, soap opera story lines and murder mysteries with neat costumes and gratituous shirtless boxing scenes. What’s not to love?
  2. How amazing are these Score Knives from the 16th Century? I’m always a fan of Renaissance harmonies and these are engraved on blades, how awesome is that? Also, note to self, best present idea for my Dad, ever.
  3. My favourite snack at the moment is Smoked Tofu.
  4. Rosa de Jong’s Miniature Landscapes are SO CUTE. Just look at them.
  5. After years of not actively listening to them the concert at the ConQuest pre-game party made me come back to Fiddler’s Green. They used to be such a staple in my old flat-share’s daily soundtrack! I’d never seen them live before, but they are actually so euphoric and fun in concert! My current favourite is The More The Merrier (which opened the concert and resonated so much with me) and Blarney Roses (an all-time favourite traditional of mine that just sticks and doesn’t go away).
  6. I’m absolutely smitten with Kamikatz Rise & Win Brewery, the architecture as well as the overall environmentally friendly concept.
  7. I’ve been reading Murder Mysteries by Hana Prosková by accident (by which I mean I found them in the open bookshelf) and have found them really enjoyable. They remind me of the Van de Wetering novels in their strangely calm tone, I love it.
  8. These DIY Geode Bath Bombs look so good! I’ve been saying that I want to get into making my own bath bombs for ages and I’m absolutely in love with these, they are so pretty!
  9. I’m also pretty enarmoured with the Crosley Corduroy Cruiser record player at Urban Outfitters… in every colour. Which is the main problem, because I could actually need a new record player but I can’t choose for the life of me when it comes to this colour combination (although I imagine the corduroy to be a pain to dust off).
  10. I unfollowed Connie Glynn a while ago but when this essay on the “Death of YouTubers” (as a concept. Not as people.) came up in my suggestions list I gave it a go and it’s really, really well researched and, well… good. I’ve been thinking about similar things in regards to blogging… but I’ve got that scheduled for another day.

*Gran Hotel is the original Spanish name. It might be written as Grand Hotel in some places, for example German Netflix.