Drawing Time Lapse: Jeniveve Joneit

I really like filming my drawing progress and looking back on it in a time-lapse video. It makes me see what I actually do, that it’s not just throwing paint and lead on paper and then suddenly something comes out that resembles a drawing. I don’t forget how hard drawing can be, I just forget that it’s actually an aquired skill, something that I can be proud of, that I’m able to do fairly well and that helps me make a living, somehow. Sometimes we need reminders for things like this and I found my reminder to be, partially, my camera.

JeniveveJeniveve Joneit, the subject of this drawing, is a character for a Lovecraftian horror LARP, played by Mo Mo O’Brien. She (Jeniveve, not Mo Mo, who is a singer, coffee shop princess and YouTuber) is a blind psychic working for the Department Of Occult Research. Mo Mo made a Q&A starring her character and I had the sudden urge to draw her with a cup of Scarebugs to-go where they spelled her name wrong. Again

On a different note I’m sorry the Amsterdam posts are taking so long (but a week isn’t long!, the kinda normal part of my conscience exclaims but is soon cut off by my disoriented need for proving that I exist that yells, it feels like f*ing agessss!!!) but they’re coming. I just took so many pictures that I have no idea where to start. ^^

Have a wonderful start into next week!

Time Lapse Drawing: Chey & Neville

Ever since my trip to IKEA with Erica and Cheyenne I wanted to draw the latter with her newly-acquired tree familiar Neville. I think I’ll be filming more of these drawing videos, I really like them, and they’re fun to watch even after editing them and thus staring at them for far too long.

Chey & Neville

Don’t worry, a post about Berlin will follow in a few days. I’m alive, just weirdly busy and tired and figuring things out. But all is well, and I love you for still checking in here to see if there’s new stuff.