Hedgevlog: Winter Job

I actually managed to finish and upload a vlog on Sunday just as planned, at least on YT. I hope I can return to my normal blogging schedule in the new year, as well, but for now I’m super happy to be back to vlogging!

Have a lovely week!

Return of the Hedgevlog

I’m vlogging again! It’s still a slow progress, finding back to my form in terms of all this – as you might have noticed with all the radio silence here on the blog. But I’m working on it, slowly but surely.

I like to think of the vlogs as some sort of commentary on the series that is my life, much like you’d get on the official DVD. Just little thoughts, and as I say in the vlog, a way for me to find out more about my voice and vision.

Thank you so much for accompanying me on this journey.