10 Things I ♥ in June

Monthly Favourites: July 2017 | Hedgefairy

  1. The beautiful sculptures of Patrick Haines. His work is kind of morbid, a bit of a “memento mori”. Take this beetle, for example, or this bird. I was also quite taken with the “Citadel” and this raven. Thanks to Polly for leading me there!’
  2. Cécile Corbel’s Vagabonde album. I know I put her on one of my lists before but at the moment I’m having a phase of her albums rotating as my personal background soundtrack.
  3. Our new hammock in the backyard.
  4. This Mori Kei beginner’s guide by Baaikha on tumblr.
  5. My tablet. I got an unused Fire (so it’s technically not a tablet, it’s a kindle, but DILLIGAF?) from a friend and it is so much more handy for bingeing on blog posts on the sofa than my laptop! I still need a good cover for it but I can’t wait to have more packing space on my next travels because I don’t need to take the notebook anymore just to update a blog post or read my Changeling rule books (putting them on there was pretty much the first thing I did when I got it).
  6. This Dormouse Pin from Monica L. Knighton’s Etsy shop. All of her pieces are wonderful (and some were already featured in this list), but this is definitely a new favourite, together with the Fluttering Bat and the Hanging Bats.
  7. The music of Josh Woodward. I’m always on the hunt for good royalty-free music to use in videos and it was on such a hunt that I stumbled over Josh’s work on the Free Music Archive. Someone who puts songs for people who like things as their tag line on their website can’t be a bad person, right? He makes a feel-good, soft, pop-folky kind of music that just makes me smile (and serves as a great soundtrack for some of my videos, too. He puts up an instrumental version for each song, this is so wonderful!).
  8. psych. I know I’m late with this one but my friend Rus is a big fan and finally introduced me to the series. I’m always a friend of Sherlock scans and I love how it’s more of a sitcom than your usual crime show.
  9. Mangetouts. We have them at work and on Thursdays and Saturdays I seem to live only on them and fresh strawberries at the moment. Sooo yummy!
  10. Adriene is hosting a Find What Feels Good retreat, and there’s a home version on YouTube, too. It starts tomorrow (as far as I can see), is laid out for a week and the schedule looks really good, including journal prompts and of course yoga flows. I’ve been a bit lazy with my yoga practise lately so this is a great opportunity for me to start over and get used to daily sessions again.

10 Things I ♥ in December

10 Things in December 2016

  1. Westworld, THE new show on HBO. It’s basically Firefly meets Dollhouse in a not-too-far-in-the-future setting. The score is great, the costumes are amazing and the best thing is that the characters that get most in terms of storyline and personal development are women. If you like the wild West and haven’t watched it yet, go do!
  2. Christmas Markets. Sure, there’s a lot of banal commerce and your usual boring food and booze stalls but there are also artisans, lights and the ever-present scent of Glühwein. I’m always excited about them, no matter how often I go visit (but always early enough to avoid all the drunk people).
  3. MeoMai on deviantArt. I’m absolutely in love with these three (I want the outfits of the girls on the sides) and her Disney Warrior Princesses (how amazing is this Snow White with axes and this regal Aurora? Then again they are all great!)
  4. Silo, a restaurant in Brighton. I can’t speak for the quality of their food but it being a zero-waste restaurant I surely love the idea! Should I ever visit Brighton I’ll definitely stop by.
  5. Lost in the Vale, a beautiful webcomic by Crystal and Alan Curtis. The story follows the Outrunners, a patrol of peacekeepers of a low-fantasy kingdom (so basically like my LARP group, which makes me like it even more!) and one of the members’ private quest to find the lost prince she once had a Summer romance with…
  6. Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. on YouTube. It’s basically an 18th century cooking show so of course I’m on board. Hat tip to Verdinium for finding it!
  7. YouTube again, I’m doing 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene at the moment and I’m loving every minute. Adriene is kind and sometimes slightly dorky and exactly the kind of person I’d love to go and have a big cup of cocoa with.
  8. I’m always smitten by the beautiful outcomes of National Geographic’s annual nature photography contest, and the 2016 winners have just been announced. Of course I made use of their “download as desktop background” function while I was clicking my way through the galleries, and I strongly advise you to do the same.
  9. AnonyMouse MMX from Malmö, Sweden. They have started a project of tiny little mouse shops in the streets, with all kind of scavenged items and scrupulous detail. Other people have also started adding to the project by plastering the shop walls with posters and baking tiny bread. I’ve always been a fan of mouse worlds (or anthropomorphic tiny animals in general) so of course I’m loving this.
  10. Hairy Growler and his wonderful upcycled coin trinkets. I’m especially fond of this out-or-circulation Wren farthing in all it’s incarnations (but I’d most probably wear the linked necklace, although the ring is cute, too) and this Irish hare three-pence coin, but I wouldn’t say no to this oak leaf ring.

10 Things I ♥ in January


  1. Joe Hogan’s Baskets. The basket weaver from Loch na Fooey makes such wonderful things, especially his more artistic baskets (The catkin bowls and the lichen one! The ones with handles from the bogs!) are something out of the lands of the fae, a changeling’s cradle, something to collect will-o’-the-whisps in.
  2. The fantastic creations of Dixmacabre. I love the lavish, dark designs, such a perfect balance of gothic and classic Lolita styles.
  3. Her Reputation for Accomplishment, a blog centered around Janeite pasttimes, especially penwomanship. I hope I’ll find enough violets this year to try out her “parlour chemistry” (great term, by the way), and I love the idea of sealing with wafers!
  4. Yoga. It’s one of my resolutions this year to work out for myself a little more and so far I’m doing fine (read: I’m doing). I use the Yoga Solution videos on YouTube because I like Tara’s soothing voice and her gentle approach. On some days I only do yoga for only ten minutes and on others for half an hour or so, but I think I’ll find my pace sooner or later. The yoga mat I use was my Yuletide present to myself, it’s the Maha Jute Mat in beige. I found it at TKmaxx, happy that there was something neutral in colour I can take with me when I go larping, too.
  5. Fingerless Gloves from nb Gloves & Mittens on Etsy. I’m especially fond of the ones with zippers and the ivory ones with red roses (in fact the first ones I saw).
  6. The Steamboat Arabia. I’m nowhere near the Missouri River but if I were I’d go visit the museum centered around the sunken steam boat. I love time capsules like this, and when I first read this article I was intrigued. Imagine finding something like this!
  7. Aviary Attorney on Steam. It’s obviously a spoof of Phoenix Wright but with a delightful design modeled after 19th century etchings. It’s not complete yet if one is to trust the comments, but once it is I’ll probably get it, just because of the delightful trailer and the whimsical design.
  8. The Borgias from 2011. I admit that I don’t exactly watch it for the plot because scheming and plotting are not my thing exactly, but the costumes are worth it. I like it better than The Tudors, though, maybe because the characters are, as strange as that sounds, more relatable.
  9. Analogue Photography. There’s something special about real photographs that are not made of pixels but of light and chemicals. There is a whole other quality to them, maybe because they don’t only record the scene but catch it. I started taking pictures with disposable cameras again for now until I can excavate my old simple camera from what ever box it got stuffed into at my mum’s place. It might not be perfect for the environment, I admit that, but it feels good for the soul.
  10. 2016, of course! A new year means new adventures and chances, I’ve always liked that. And with getting rid of so many things I had a great start, too.

Today is not the Day for Have-To’s.


But it’s a day of want-to’s. If I learned one thing during my experience with NaNoWriMo it’s that ten words are ten words more than no words at all. And that all I write and do can be improved later on. I’ve been doing yoga exercises lately, just ten minutes a day, but ten minutes are not bad. In fact, they are ten minutes more than no yoga at all, and that’s a good thing.

I so often heard that NaNo is just a comparison fest, that it’s unnecessary pressure, an idiotic try to force creativity. This might be true for some people, but not for me.

For me, NaNo is better than not writing at all. I might be behind the par, but I wrote, and that’s good. I might be far behind my friends, but I’m just glad they’re getting their words out. I might not publish a story, ever, but that’s okay, because I wrote, and I wrote for me. I’m not artistic in the sense that I have to write, that writing is like breathing to me (I sometimes feel this way about drawing, but that’s another story). I’ll leave this to others who are more suited for it. No. I write because I like to challenge myself to write at all.

And I’m okay with that.


(As always, I’m Hedgefairy on NaNo, feel free to add me.)