September Favourites

It’s been a year! Is anybody still reading this? I even forgot to share the videos I made!

Anyhoo, here’s a favourites list for last month in no particular order, just in case you do.

from left to right: My Time at Sandrock (via), my new campus, Miracle Workers (via), The Stranger Times podcast (via), train reading
  1. My Time at Sandrock. I must have started playing its predecessor, My Time at Portia, around this time last year because I found it mentioned in the half-started draft of last September’s favourites. The sequel has a more Western adventure feel to it, but still with the same “cute postapocalypse” twist.
  2. Going back to uni. It’s big and scary, but having more routine, input directed by someone else and a plethora of new, interesting stuff to learn is very much worth it so far.
  3. I don’t think we’ve breezed through a series like this since What We Do In the Shadows. Miracle Workers was such a refreshing show to binge inbetween all the angstiness of True Blood (the current “main watch” at the HQ). I can’t even quite decide which season was my favourite so far: Season One has a great plot, Season Two does the anachronism thing very vell (which I enjoy tremendously – either I want people to put a ton of research and work into something or this), and Season Three has that one scene… you know which one (spoilers, I guess?). Can’t wait for Season 4!
  4. Having friends who give me bones and teeth as gifts.
  5. Days full of rain are a blessing after this extremely hot and dry Summer. It’s a bit weird how now that it’s getting colder everything springs into lush greenness all of a sudden, but that just means the falling golden leaves aren’t just doing that because the trees can’t sustain them anymore.
  6. I can’t remember how decent they were at my old uni, but out Cafeteria Lunches are really neat here! I somehow always liked cafeterias, it’s fairly anonymous, you can watch people, do homework, have food and don’t even have to do the dishes.
  7. The Stranger Times podcast. It’s urban fantasy weirdness with some really nice worldbuilding, so very much straight up my alley. I listened through all of it within maybe two weeks and am feel quite compelled to listen to or read the actual novels, so that’s a good thing… And if you don’t know it yet, you can get it here.
  8. Having time to read on my commute. Sure, having a campus on the other side of town isn’t perfect, but I haven’t had time to read like that in a long while! I’m through two books already in less than as many weeks!
  9. Growing up I never had Helium Balloons for my birthday. This year a huge but very, very lightweight package arrived shortly before and when I opened it up on the day, it had the whole number-plus-some-heart-shapes package floating out because my favourite person remembered me saying something about liking them.
  10. My new backpack from Morgntau (not sponsored, sadly). I needed something new for hauling around all the stuff that somehow accumulates in my bags, and juggling a messenger bag plus canvas tote for the laptop wasn’t ideal. I also needed a birthday present to give to myself, and they had a sale… it’s the Oslo in green, by the way, and I’m very happy with it.

5 thoughts on “September Favourites

  1. I hope you enjoy your new university and get to learn some interesting things! I do think of you, you are one of the people I know from my older blogging era! Keep checking in!

  2. I’m reading!

    I also have a Morgntau backpack since their sale last year and I love its rustic style.

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