Thrifting in November ’16

100_0362The thrifting Gods have been nice to me again this month. Now that we have stocked the flat with everything we need I concentrate more on things that will make it feel more rounded and finished when I go for a thrifting stroll.
100_0365I always love dainty tea cups when I see them yet never know what to do with them, being a hand-potted sturdy mug girl myself. I still have no idea where these two beauties will end up but they don’t take much space and make a nice display for all the small things like dice and walnuts and acorns and buttons. And aren’t the autumn colours of the yarn lovely?
100_0371Speaking of buttons I grabbed a bag of buttons on one of my hunts lately, together with a bag of trim leftovers. Honestly craft supplies are one of my favourite – no, my favourite – thing to thrift for.
100_0368I saw this rose fabric – with little black dots, so the print was probably supposed to be cross-stitched over – some day, picked it up and said to myself “I’d take it for two euros”, only to look at the tag to find it was only one, so it came home with me. I think it might make a nice border-printed skirt, maybe for Dolly or Classic Lolita purposes.
100_0369I’m also still collecting silverware for my first forays into jewelery-making. The next thing on my shopping list are the tools but I can hardly resist pretty pieces.

This brooch was a curious one, it’s a pressed pansy preserved in what looks like acrylic. And last but not least there’s this beautiful lacy tablecloth that asked me to become part of my faerie wardrobe some day.

How was your thrifting luck this November? I’d love to hear about your treasures in the comments!

Forest Stroll

100_0177A few weeks ago by now (I’m quite busy at the moment hence the silence and the still-catching-up) my Mum came to visit and I took her to Eilenriede, our city forest.

100_0181We found the lawn maze. I can’t wait to see it in Winter covered with snow and once it thaws, too.100_0179100_0194100_0199
I went to forage for beech nuts, too. It was one of the last chances this year and they were just there for my taking! When I scurried from spot to spot, eagerly digging through the fallen leaves I said to my Mum, “I feel like a squirrel when I do this”, and she answered without any hesitation, completely deadpan: “You are a squirrel. You just have forgotten about it.”
So I might be a squirrel reincarnated after all.

100_0198We already peeled the nuts and dried them to use them in baking and maybe in pesto-making once the wild garlic starts growing again. The Old English word for wild garlic is Hramsa, by the way, doesn’t that sound great?100_0186I hope you all had a great week. Have an even better one come Monday!

10 Things I ♥ in November

10 Things I love in November 2016

  1. The Dice Shop. Not only have they a gemstone dice collection (I want Amethyst and Rainbow Fluorite, badly…) but also quite the range of dice towers (a tool used in Roman times already to make sure nobody used special throwing techniques or cheat otherwise). I think my favourites are the Elven Tower and the Ruined Castle. Here’s the webshop, click on your own (bank account’s) risk…
  2. What We Do In The Shadows. Yes, Halloween is over but that doesn’t keep me from recommending the best vampire movie ever made to you. It’s hilarious and doesn’t take its low-budget self seriously for the slightest bit, but still manages to tell a good story. I can’t wait for the werewolf sequel, We’re Wolves.
  3. Dellamorte & Co on Etsy. Based in New Jersey they make the most beautiful resin pieces of the morbid and dark romantic sort. I’m especially taken with this wall lantern (deep-sea creature plus Victorian-esque lantern? I’m sold), the Krampus nutcracker (for the upcoming season) and this Abigail Larson wraith.
  4. The art of Chie Hitotsuyama. She makes beautiful creatures from old newspaper, the strands almost reminding the viewer of muscles and sinew and veins.
  5. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?  Season 2. I gushed about this anime last year already and season two of café hijinks and rabbits is just as adorable as season one.
  6. Studio Farò’s Pattern Puzzles. Studio Farò is a sewing and fashion studio situated in New South Wales, Australia. On their blog they post free patterns now and then, from simple to more complicated ones, and I’m really smitten with they asymmetrical double-tucked top and tunic at the moment. I just found that there is not only a great thrift shop next to my Saturday market but also a fabric/sewing supply shop so I hope I’ll be making these two items rather sooner than later!
  7. Having a guest room! Well, it’s our living room/crafting room with a big sofa bed but it’s so nice to have an actual place where people can stay for a while (without having to sleep on the floor)! We hang out in the kitchen most of the time anyway so handing over the reign over the living room for a few days doesn’t hurt at all. My Mum was the first to stay there and then Verdinium visited for a week (because she basically lives at the other end of the country) and there are more visits planned already for the end of the month. I love having guests and I love it even more when everyone involved is able to close a door for a little time on their own when needed.
  8. Hogsmeade Concept Art for the Harry Potter theme parks via Theme Park University. I’m a sucker for concept art – it’s a good thing concept art books tend to be rather expensive, I only have so much book shelf space. Of course Harry Potter concept art ranks high among my favourites! I think my favourite here would be the Spintwitches Quidditch display, closely followed by Honeydukes.
  9. My new hiking boots. They remind me of Yama No Susume and Kokona’s new shoes because they have a bit of purple in their colour scheme!
  10. Méas Vintage, a blog about a realm of mirrors and wings and Provençe-inspired interior design by a woman I as a Changeling addict would instantly put in the Sidhe box. The blog is in German only but there is a translator in the side bar and the pictures are beautiful even if you wouldn’t understand the words.

Recipe: German Cheesecake

German Cheesecake

We’re being visited by Verdinium this week and when she first arrived last Thursday I had leftover cheesecake in the fridge. She tried it, liked it and asked me for the recipe. Instead of just scanning it for her I decided to bake another cake, take pictures and give her – and the rest of my lovely readers – the recipe in digital form.
This is the cheesecake recipe that was handed down from my Grandmum to me and she still makes it every time I come to visit.

Actual making time: ~20min
Baking time: 60-70min
Serves 2-4

You’ll need…

For the crust:
200g plain flour, type 405
1 tsp baking powder
50-75g sugar (depending on your sweet tooth)
1 egg
100g butter, soft

For the filling:
4 eggwhites
4 eggyolks
750g quark
100g sugar
1 satchet vanilla sugar
grated lemon peel
250ml milk
1 satchet vanilla instant pudding

German Cheesecake

To make the pastry mix all ingredients, egg and butter last, and knead until the dough is smooth. Line the bottom of a springform pan with baking paper and snap on the outer ring, then roll out about 1/3 of your dough for the base and use the rest to cover the sides. Prick the base with a fork a few times and then set aside. Pre-heat oven to ~170°C.
Beat the egg whites with 1/3 of the filling sugar.Mix the egg yolks with quark, milk, vanilla sugar, regular sugar and lemon peel. Once the mixture is smooth add the instant pudding.
Pour the filling into the dough-lined pan. Put into the oven and bake for 70min or until the filling is golden brown on top (which means slightly shorter than I left mine in this time…).

If you can use pesticide free fresh organic lemons for the lemon peel part do so, the results are so much more aromatic than the packaged stuff from the supermarket! The vanilla pudding can be substituted by 2½ tbsp starch, a dash of salt and another pack of vanilla sugar (which can be self-made, too, of course, or simply be substituted by actual vanilla but then you’d have to add another tsp of sugar for the pudding substitute… oh, you know what I mean).
If you can’t get quark where you live: Here are a few substitute suggestions.

If you bake it tell me if you liked it!

Thrifting in October ’16

I’m a bit later than usual with my monthly thrift haul post but to compensate that it’s longer than usual, too!
October proved to be a good hunting month around here. It helps that there is a thrift shop right next to where I work Saturdays which is great for finding treasures but not so great for my paycheck…

Thrifting in October '16

I’m a big fan of Cranach’s works, the details are beautiful and so are the colours. He’s also great at painting fabric structures, and I really love velvet. Hence the bowtie, too. I plan to use the small gold-embellished thingy (what is the name for those things in English? I wouldn’t even know how to call them in German) as a patch of sorts.

Thrifting in October '16

Thrifting in October '16

On to the bronze sector (can you tell I’ve been watching Warehouse 13 again?)! I don’t know yet what to do with the tiny mortar and pestle but I had to take them with me. The teapot hook is going in the kitchen (obviously) and I might have to lose a bit of my waist circumference before the belt fits but it was too pretty to leave behind! 1989 is my birth year, the thing with the number is a pin formerly used for a medal of some kind, I think.

Thrifting in October '16

Thrifting in October '16

Another two of the things I don’t know the name for! I usually call them “the horrible litte placemat thingies which are so very grandmotherly and somehow square and dusty, you know the kind”.
The one with the knights is going to become another set of patches, too, and the other one I don’t know about yet (but I liked the pattern. Maybe a belt. Who knows.).

Thrifting in October '16

Thrifting in October '16

More crafty things! Those are among my favourite things to thrift for aside from LARP stuff, I think. I just realised that I didn’t take a picture of the buttons but I’ll simply cover those in the November post (they’ve doubled in quantity, anyway). I found the wood-case biro at a free stuff point in the hallway of my doctor’s office house, I think I’ll take it for Noio, or just for woodland creature notes. And who can resist patterns for 1€ a piece?

Thrifting in October '16

Thrifting in October '16

I must admit that I mainly took this book from the open shelf for the colour and the pretty spine. I haven’t read it yet, other books from the same shelf are keeping me busy – at the moment I’m reading a semi-fictional biography on Eleanor of Aquitaine.
I wanted a new bunch of clear crystals for a while now for re-charging things so I was happy to find them at the thriftstore. I think I’m going to buy another packet or  two, but these are a good start!

Thrifting in October '16

Thrifting in October '16

Okay, I cheated with this one. The horese isn’t thrifted, I actually bought something new for once but it fit in the picture so well. Of course I bought doilies. They were 50 cent a piece. I always buy doilies (I might have a problem).
The two forks are once again for crafting purposes.

I didn’t just leave out the buttons, I also couldn’t get decent pictures of the clothes I got (told you it was a good hunting month). I’ll try to take ones with better lighting soon.

How was your thrifting luck last month? Anything good? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

First Snow

To counter the sad news from the US with something nice, we had the first snow yesterday. It’s really wet and it’s almost gone again already but it was there, and that’s what counts, and it makes me hope for more.




I guess I should get out the warm underthings and my gloves for the market tomorrow, but that’s perfectly fine. I love Winter!

Have you had the first snow already (except for my southern hemisphere readers, of course)?