10 Things I ♥ in September

10 Things I ♥ in September 2017 | Hedgefairy https://hedgefairy.wordpress.com

  1. Dungeons and Doggos. It’s a comic about DnD and enthusiastic dogs, I mean, what’s not to love?
  2. The Pinup Companion on YouTube. She is just so gosh darn adorable and makes me want to wear vintage clothes although I know I would feel terrible in them and probably look incredibly stuck-up and unlike myself but she’s just too pretty in them (then again I think she would look gorgeous in practically everything)! Her instagram‘s awfully pretty, too.
  3. Moana. I finally got around watching it and oh, it’s so beautiful. I love how it’s definitely not a girl’s film, it’s completely gender neutral, the protagonist just happens to be a girl (which, in our society, probably puts it into chick flick ghetto, but I digress), and how it’s set in one of the most fascinating cultures that practically didn’t get any screen time at all so far. The tunes weren’t quite as catchy as some of Disney’s others but after a few days of You’re Welcome and Shiny (I loved that scene) stuck with me How Far I’ll Go finally arrived in my head and won’t go away, either.
  4. This awesome Sea Dragon Shawl pattern on Ravelry. I still can’t really knit well but every time I see something like this I’d really like to practise (just to forget about it a few hours later…).
  5. Julia Sarda’s Illustrations. I found her when I was searching for pictures for this post and I just love her style. Explore her old blog or current website to see her wonderful work!
  6. The fact that a Little Girl pulled out a Sword from the Excalibur Lake. It might be “just a prop” but that doesn’t make it any less magical!
  7. Animal Studies by oxboxer on deviantArt. Of course the otter stole my heart first, but the iguana and jackrabbit are so, so lovely, too.
  8. The food instagram prodigy that is J o s e aka. naturally.Jo. Not only do his creations sound good, his knack for presentation and aesthetics in general is so very impressive and makes me want to spend more time in the kitchen to have more pastel-coloured food.
  9. Riverdale on Netflix. I’ll sing its praise again once season two comes around but let me just say that the overall aesthetic of the series was exactly what I needed at the moment. I know there is a lot of debate going on about Jughead and his not being asexual like his current comic incarnation but between the fact I never actually read Archie comics and the idea that the show runners could have used his original-by-first-appearance stance on women – being a fist-rate misogynist – I think I’m fairly okay with how it is so far. And who knows what happens next, anyway.
  10. Yet another instagram love of mine, Rivuletpaper aka. Lili Seika Jones. Her illustrations are amazing, and besides her beautiful originals she also works with two of my favourite fandoms, Harry Potter and Brian Froud (via Labyrinth).

September Vintage Wonderland

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairySomething that I didn’t know before this month about Hanover: There is a Vintage fair thing going on not too far from where I live every second Saturday of the month. Coinciding with Scoundrel’s only weekend at home for quite a while and me having taken the day of for the occasion we decided to take a look at it.
I’d say that for vintage the prices were reasonable most of the time but what befuddled me was that the different “teams” (Vintage Wonderland is a collab between several antique and vintage dealers) had such wildly varying prices between them.
Then again I’m rather spoiled by my local thrift store prices anyway, so no complaints, really.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyI was a bit sad that there were so little dresses and clothing in general but maybe I’ll have better luck next time! There were a bunch of antique linen nightgowns for both men and women, too, but Scoundrel, sensible person that he is, talked me out of getting one. *sigh*

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | Hedgefairy

I wish Mattel would make a retro design line with the old Barbie artwork from the 70s. It’s just so pretty and romantic and I think I still have a Barbie doll dress or two from that time that I inherited from my Mum and her cousins.
There were books, too, in the children’s section (and scattered throughout the place anyway), and when I opened one of them the marked sentence just jumped at me:

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyI must admit that I didn’t read the story (The Rebel Cow) for context, to my shame.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyScoundrel pointed this very special arrangement out to me – I have no idea if the pistol (a toy, of course, and I pushed the clothing aside a little to make it show at all) hidden under all the frilly doll dresses was a mere coincidence or a beautifully arranged work of art. One way or the other I really appreciated this. Very tumblr aesthetic-worthy.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyAs mentioned above mid-century part of the Wonderland was strangely high-prized in comparison to the rest which wasn’t really all within my personal budget but still seemed reasonable for most things. Well, it’s (more or less) curated vintage, after all, not a charity thrift shop. I was strangely fascinated by these colourful shot tins nevertheless.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyThese two were one of the strangest pieces there, intertwined in an eternal combat for life and death.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyThis old poster says “Pre- and early historic artifacts from the Province of Hanover” at the top and even though Bronze Age isn’t my personal specialty it’s not too far away to not gush over this.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyI’ve been thinking about building my own family history with pictures like these, thrifted old photographs to make up stories to about adventures and star-crossed lovers and strange pastimes of long-disappeared relatives.

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyI was rather tempted by the pots and saucieres below, but what for? Our kitchen is stocked and we rarely entertain without just having dinner on the sofa. Maybe next time I’ll find a purpose for one of them and take it home…

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyI’m such a big fan of enamel kitchen things, always have been. I desperately need to get more enamel camping mugs for storing things, too…

Vintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyVintage Wonderland Hannover | HedgefairyComing here was a truly inspiring adventure, even though it was incredibly crowded. But now that I’ve been there I think I won’t be as intimidated when I return at some point, hopefully still in 2017. Until next time, Wonderland!

FinThSat: Lightweight Grocery Bags

Finished Things Saturday is the (usually) bi-weekly counterpart to my UFO Fridays. While there I show you what I’m working on FinThSat is about small finished projects that I didn’t think worthy of a separate post for some time but now just put in this feature. They deserve it! For more FinThSats, look here.

Grocery Bags | HedgefairyIt was my Mum’s birthday last week and because she doesn’t have the time to care about these things I made her a few lightweight grocery bags for loose produce at the super- oder farmer’s market.

Grocery Bags | HedgefairyThe six sachets are made of a second-hand viscose scarf and the ribbons are probably viscose, too, according to my fire test… so they are biodegradable or burnable once they have outlived their usefulness. The only thing my Mum has to do is cut off the seams.

Grocery Bags | HedgefairyThe fabric was horrible to work with, I have to admit. Far too flimsy and slippery. But I think those will not be the last of these bags I’ll make. I already have another scarf thrifted for my own.

Mori Challenge Revisited: Question 6

What sort of things, outside of fashion, do you consider to be a part of a Mori lifestyle?

First a disclaimer: Only because I think there is something like a Mori lifestyle I don’t think everyone wearing the fashion should be obliged to follow it. If you don’t want to, don’t. If you adore it like I do, do. Maybe you just like certain aspects of it. It doesn’t really matter in the end. The important thing is that you enjoy it.

Mori Challenge: Lifestyle | HedgefairyI think there are a great many things matching what I define als “Mori lifestyle”. First and foremost it means respect for nature, recycling, conciousness when it comes to consumerist decisions. As long as I draw inspiration from all things that live and grow around me I personally feel obliged to protect this planet. I think picking up litter in the woods or at the beach or riverbank during strolls is something that fits, maybe, not into aesthetic photoshoots but surely into the very idea of being a Mori person. Generally enjoying nature, be it on camping trips and hikes, working in your own garden or taking a stroll in the park is something I’d consider part of a Mori lifestyle.

Mori Challenge: Lifestyle | HedgefairyI reckon crafts are another big thing. Be it cooking, woodworking, painting or sewing, making things yourself with your hands is something that resonates strongly with the same part of me that adores Mori Kei so much. There’s a simplicity, a down-to-earthness to it that matches the vibes of natural fabrics and a gentle disposition to life. In the same vein forageing, gardening and even dumpster diving (gasp!) are parts of this, too. Saving the food Mother Earth provides us with, cherishing her gifts, is an idea that I think fits in just fine with the Mori subculture.

Mori Challenge: Lifestyle | HedgefairyThen there are the things from Choco’s Mixi List: vintage and thrifted items (which are better for our planet than newly-made things, too!), a love of fairy tales and probably fantasy, too, frequenting cafés or tea houses, photography as a hobby (especially analogue photography), slow window shopping while exploring places in their own time, starting a collection of things you find lovely, reading. I think leading a gentle life with awareness for the world around you and doing what you love pretty much is what a Mori lifestyle is all about. The rest are aesthetics.

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Mori Challenge Revisited: Question 5

Mori Challenge: Name 5 Things you dislike about Mori | Hedgefairy***

Name 5 things you dislike about Mori.

  1. The way the community is a sleeping beauty. It’s not that there are no communities for Mori folks out there, they just tend to go quiet after a while, only one board active at best. The only really lively community I’ve seen lately would be on facebook. I’m even part of the problem, always forgetting to post in boards or too shy to partake. I hope I can change that in the future, waking up the community one post at a time.
  2. How almost all blogs are gone by now. There used to be a fair amount of Mori blogs – traditional blogs like mine and some tumblrs, too – around but I feel like most of them either stopped updating or “left” the fashion for good or just vanished from the face of the web. At the moment I enjoy reading Kathryn Elaine’s blog, Senchadays (hej Rhiannon!) and Life at Blueberry Barn (not decidedly Mori but it certainly fits the vibe). If you happen to know more still-active Mori blogs, please let me know!
  3. The focus on fashion. As I mentioned in my last challenge post I’m a lifestyle Mori person. Just as with Lolita most people in the style say that there isn’t such a thing as a decided “Mori Lifestyle”, but I refuse to accept that. I love reading and seeing other’s Mori-style adventures, food photographs and book or film choices just as much as their outfits!
  4. “Stop wanting practical Mori!”, based on this Mori confession. Yes, skirts and dresses can work equally well for adventures in the woods as pants but at the same time I know from growing up in the hedges and hiking that frills and dainty lace aren’t a thing for it. I think in this case “practical Mori” should be treated a bit like “casual Lolita” (whatever happened to that, by the way?), like a subset term meant for sturdier everyday wear.
  5. The lack of pants. Because I think that pants are to be part of this fashion, too. Because it makes it easier for pants-only wearing people to join if they find inspiration first. Because I actually like wearing pants. I should just make a few outfits myself rather soon. I will.

This post is part of the 30 Question Mori Kei Challenge. For other posts from this challenge, please look here for all the questions!