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Pretty lacy tablemats as fabric. | Hedgefairy

I’ve been really lucky in terms of thrifting pretty print fabrics lately, especially small tablemats and pillow covers. Some of them still have lace on them so I finally took out the seam ripper and made them into actual “just” pieces of fabric.Cloth ban cicle for LARP. | HedgefairyWednesday morning Scoundrel came to me and asked if I could make a last-minute ban cloth for a LARP character with a dangerous artifact. Of course I could with a little help from my scrap heap and some white acrylic paint, and for once there is an action shot, too!Printable LARP countdown. | HedgefairySpeaking of LARP I’m colouring my countdown as I go and cross off the days left to conquest. I know that some others have printed it as well and are already done colouring, that makes me so happy!

The Goblin Princess Throne Stage 1| HedgefairýHave a wonderful weekend!

Thrift Haul Catch Up: Fashion & Fabrics

Hej folks!
After my hiatus quite a lot of thrifted treasure have piled up here in the nest so I thought it would be fun to catch up with them before I (hopefully) how you my June loot in time!

Pleas tell me what find you liked best in the comments and if you’ve had any thrifting luck yourself during the last two months!

Finished Things Saturday: Crystal in the Rough

Clear quartz (Bergkristall in German, which means “mountain crystal”) is one of my favourite minerals ever. As much as I like rose quartz and amethyst and citrine and calcite there is something about clear quartz that makes it special to me. Maybe it’s the spiky form in which it grows, maybe it’s how clear it is and how you can see everything inside. I don’t mind my crystals being battered or cloudy or somehow imperfect.

I made all of these quite a while ago but never showed them to you. The big one on the leather string is from a vendor back in Marburg, I think, while the smaller ones are from a flea market in Amsterdam.106_2089This one is the closest thing I own and wear to a choker. Most of the time I’m not too fond of things too close around my neck but this one is okay. The wire is recycled from old champagne bottles – Scoundrel used to detangle them as a child and once gave me a whole small box of them, neatly wrapped up.106_2083I usually wear different earrings on each side (when I wear two at all) so I only ever have to make one if I make some.106_2091I love the rough part at the top of this one. I wrapped it up very casually, just the way I think a witch with very little nerves for thought-through finery would. Which I basically am most of the time.106_2092106_2096What’s your favourite kind of crystal? I’d love to know, leave me a comment!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Landesmuseum Hannover: Nature

106_1191When my father visited we went for a stroll though the city. When we passed an impressively large old building we went to investigate what it was and found it to be the Lower Saxony State Museum.106_1183Going to museums has always been “our” thing. When I was younger and visited him every fortnight we went to a museum every Sunday morning. And continuing this tradition we decided to go in.106_1188I’m splitting the picture for this museum into several parts (as I did before when I wrote about the Hessian State Museum in Darmstadt), Nature, man-made things and fine art, as this is one of those museums you’ll spend half a day in and still haven’t seen everything up close.106_1120106_1123We started with the depths of the sea, flooded with bluish lighting. Not only do they display skulls of sea mammals and fish there, no, they also have a vivarium that makes you feel like you’re in something part zoo, part museum. I don’t think I’ll have to mention that this is a great hit with the younger visitors (and me as well).106_1115I found myself taken with the beautiful aquariums even a bit more for the lush green flora and miniature landscapes (or rather, underwaterscapes) than for their scaly inhabitants.106_1126106_1125Right next to the piranha aquarium was a skull of one of their ancestors in a ghostly light, reminding us that those pouty lips hide absurdly sharp teeth and the pleasant chill down a childs spine when they wade into a lake thinking of those monsters (in central Europe where there are no piranhas, but did I care when I was eight? No, I did not).106_1140106_1141106_1178106_1149I really liked this display. It felt a bot like a bottled-up holiday by the seaside.106_1152106_1166To give you a bit of the scale of this quartz rock, here’s the bigger picture. It was lit from the bottom, emanating a magical glow that made it strangely special in this huge collection of things in a now brightly lit showroom.
I also love the transition from the Under The Sea exhibition to (more or less because Lower Saxony has quite a bit of moorland) dry land.

106_1167106_1164The nature exhibition, located in the parterre of the building, ended with something that looked like a giant, glass-walled birdcage with all kinds of specimen captured and stuffed in flight or rest. I’m always so very fascinated by shimmering feathers.106_1194106_1197I wish they had quartz crystals in the souvenirs shop, I would surely have gotten one.

10 Things I ♥ in June

Monthly Favourites: July 2017 | Hedgefairy

  1. The beautiful sculptures of Patrick Haines. His work is kind of morbid, a bit of a “memento mori”. Take this beetle, for example, or this bird. I was also quite taken with the “Citadel” and this raven. Thanks to Polly for leading me there!’
  2. Cécile Corbel’s Vagabonde album. I know I put her on one of my lists before but at the moment I’m having a phase of her albums rotating as my personal background soundtrack.
  3. Our new hammock in the backyard.
  4. This Mori Kei beginner’s guide by Baaikha on tumblr.
  5. My tablet. I got an unused Fire (so it’s technically not a tablet, it’s a kindle, but DILLIGAF?) from a friend and it is so much more handy for bingeing on blog posts on the sofa than my laptop! I still need a good cover for it but I can’t wait to have more packing space on my next travels because I don’t need to take the notebook anymore just to update a blog post or read my Changeling rule books (putting them on there was pretty much the first thing I did when I got it).
  6. This Dormouse Pin from Monica L. Knighton’s Etsy shop. All of her pieces are wonderful (and some were already featured in this list), but this is definitely a new favourite, together with the Fluttering Bat and the Hanging Bats.
  7. The music of Josh Woodward. I’m always on the hunt for good royalty-free music to use in videos and it was on such a hunt that I stumbled over Josh’s work on the Free Music Archive. Someone who puts songs for people who like things as their tag line on their website can’t be a bad person, right? He makes a feel-good, soft, pop-folky kind of music that just makes me smile (and serves as a great soundtrack for some of my videos, too. He puts up an instrumental version for each song, this is so wonderful!).
  8. psych. I know I’m late with this one but my friend Rus is a big fan and finally introduced me to the series. I’m always a friend of Sherlock scans and I love how it’s more of a sitcom than your usual crime show.
  9. Mangetouts. We have them at work and on Thursdays and Saturdays I seem to live only on them and fresh strawberries at the moment. Sooo yummy!
  10. Adriene is hosting a Find What Feels Good retreat, and there’s a home version on YouTube, too. It starts tomorrow (as far as I can see), is laid out for a week and the schedule looks really good, including journal prompts and of course yoga flows. I’ve been a bit lazy with my yoga practise lately so this is a great opportunity for me to start over and get used to daily sessions again.

Recent Reads: Friends With Boys

I’m really fond of the whole having-a-library-card-again thing. I go to the local branch about once a week at the moment and I always come home with more than I had actually planned.
106_2061Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks was one of those books that came home with me even though my trusty Gryffindor tote was already heavy. Recalling her own experiences with the transition from homeschooling to public high-school the Canadian tells the story of Maggie McKay who grew up with three older brothers, a police officer dad and a home-schooling mum – until said mum left for unknown reasons. Now Maggs has to face high school all on her own while her brothers have been there for a while already, two really liking it, one despising it, with herself right in the middle (with a strong tendency to “despise”).106_2064I loved the realistic, tender portrayal of sibling relationships in the comic and I adored her brothers, especially the two guys involved with the drama club at school. There’s a short arc about a musical revolving about heroes and zombies which I’d love to see, too.
106_2063Speaking of the undead and fantasy elements there is also a ghost involved… and Lucy, your chipper neighborhood punk girl who’s just incredibly lovely (she also has a thing for old cemeteries because they hold so much history which made her even more precious to me).

106_2062I loved how the ending didn’t feel like one at all. You just know that the story goes on, somewhere, somehow. After this I definitely want to read Hicks’ other works and definitely recommend this comic to about everyone.

For more information check out Faith Erin Hicks’s webpage!