UFO Friday

UFO Friday is my (usually) bi-weekly series where I show you what projects I’ve been working on (UFO standing for UnFinished Objects). For more of these, look here and for every other week’s feature, Finished Things Saturday, look here.

No matter how hard I try, I never seem to make it to the point where I only start a new project in exchange for three finished UFOs. Although this time Mother Nature is partially to blame, blessing me with elderberries so very ripe that I had to use them before they left Smelling A Bit Fermented to arrive at Vinegar, Done.

EDye| the fabric after mordanting with alum |

I’ve been wanting to try botanical dye for ages and I really didn’t want the berries to go to waste. It was experimental at best, but I think I found a new hobby (yet another one…)!

ElderberryDye| the impressively dark dye vat |

While I could argue in favour of urgency with the dyeing project I really do not have any excuse for drafting a new pattern. I’m done with the prototype so far and made the lining for the actual thing, and I think I’d love to make another from leather sometime this Autumn. Can you tell from the sketches and pieces what it’s going to be?

UFO21Have a lovely weekend!


FinThSat: Aperture Bakery

Finished Things Saturday is the (usually) bi-weekly counterpart to my UFO Fridays. While there I show you what I’m working on, FinThSat is about finished projects – I used to think that small things weren’t worthy of a separate post but now I just put them in this feature and feel less silly about it. They deserve it! For more FinThSats, look here.

106_5798Last time I mentioned this project was only a few days ago – last year. I would be lying if I said that this was my oldest UFO. It wasn’t.

106_5797Anyway, while wrapping our bread in kitchen towels was okay and nice and everything this makes it so much better and well-rounded. You can even take the bag to the store for packaging-free breakfast rolls!

106_5799I love this linen, it’s just so pretty and sturdy and rural. It’s slightly uneven which is typical for and beautiful about old linen bedsheets. They are among my favourite things to spot in thrift shop because you can use them for just everything.

106_5804I think next time I would work on making the nerd reference a bit more visible in the pie design (but not too obvious, hence not the classic cake-with-cherry-on-top one would expect), but all in all I’m pretty okay with the outcome.

106_5803What are you working on at the moment? I’d love to read about it in the comments!

10 Things I ♥ in August

August Favourites 2018
ltr: Gran Hotel, score knifes, de Jong’s miniatures, Kamikatz Brewery, Crossley Corduroy
  1. My most recent historical series obsession is Gran Hotel*. Set (and also made) in Spain in the early 20th century it combines melodrama, soap opera story lines and murder mysteries with neat costumes and gratituous shirtless boxing scenes. What’s not to love?
  2. How amazing are these Score Knives from the 16th Century? I’m always a fan of Renaissance harmonies and these are engraved on blades, how awesome is that? Also, note to self, best present idea for my Dad, ever.
  3. My favourite snack at the moment is Smoked Tofu.
  4. Rosa de Jong’s Miniature Landscapes are SO CUTE. Just look at them.
  5. After years of not actively listening to them the concert at the ConQuest pre-game party made me come back to Fiddler’s Green. They used to be such a staple in my old flat-share’s daily soundtrack! I’d never seen them live before, but they are actually so euphoric and fun in concert! My current favourite is The More The Merrier (which opened the concert and resonated so much with me) and Blarney Roses (an all-time favourite traditional of mine that just sticks and doesn’t go away).
  6. I’m absolutely smitten with Kamikatz Rise & Win Brewery, the architecture as well as the overall environmentally friendly concept.
  7. I’ve been reading Murder Mysteries by Hana Prosková by accident (by which I mean I found them in the open bookshelf) and have found them really enjoyable. They remind me of the Van de Wetering novels in their strangely calm tone, I love it.
  8. These DIY Geode Bath Bombs look so good! I’ve been saying that I want to get into making my own bath bombs for ages and I’m absolutely in love with these, they are so pretty!
  9. I’m also pretty enarmoured with the Crosley Corduroy Cruiser record player at Urban Outfitters… in every colour. Which is the main problem, because I could actually need a new record player but I can’t choose for the life of me when it comes to this colour combination (although I imagine the corduroy to be a pain to dust off).
  10. I unfollowed Connie Glynn a while ago but when this essay on the “Death of YouTubers” (as a concept. Not as people.) came up in my suggestions list I gave it a go and it’s really, really well researched and, well… good. I’ve been thinking about similar things in regards to blogging… but I’ve got that scheduled for another day.

*Gran Hotel is the original Spanish name. It might be written as Grand Hotel in some places, for example German Netflix.


Even though it’s late and obvious: Hedgefairy Tales is on a Hiatus until September. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the brink of Autumn!

10 Things I ♥ in July

from left to right: Rocococeane, Versailles and Phryne
  1. Rocococeane on Instagram. Her style is so over-the-top kitschy, inspired by old porcelain figurines, Victorian stickers and huge kiddie diamond accessoires, all mixed together in a fantastic thing that is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette and romantic looks featuring tons of shiny satin from the 80s, and fiercely individualistic, too. Gotta love it.
  2. I’ve been bingeing Versailles on Netflix and Verdinium is right, it’s marvellous. My favourite is definitely Lieselotte of the Palatinate (and the two Philippes, they are hilarious, melodramatic and heartwarming at the same time), I’ve always admired her very casual letters but after the portrayal here I love her even more.
  3. Now that I’m through with the former I’m currently re-watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and the series hasn’t lost any charm since the last time. I still adore Phryne’s lavish wardrobe, Mac’s snarky remarks, Jack’s chemistry with the leading lady and the overall lively, feminist spirit.
  4. Listing to Port, the most precious Tumblr account I’ve found lately. Their writing is beautifully whimsical, and very close to my kind of reality. My first few favourites would be Seven Perilious Cakes, Things in the Heart of a Rose, Ten Punks (I want Bibliopunk so desperately in my life), Safer of the Fairy Fruits and of course the beautiful tale of Seven Sons.
  5. The Explore Live Cams are kind of my go-to at the moment to run in the background when I’m cleaning my room or just want a serene moment to myself (although I’d recommend turning off the sound for most things aside from the underwater cams).
  6. Prepping for ConQuest. Same procedure as every year, and I’m so excited our little group is growing! I didn’t get around to making as much stuff for our camp as I would have liked to but that won’t stop me from having a fantastic time!
  7. Days by the Lakeside.
  8. Even though (or maybe because) it’s super kitschy I adore these vintage Lady LovelyLocks illustrations. What’s especially lovely are the details like the ribbon lattice on Lady’s bodice, the skirt layers and the translucent veils over RavenHair’s dress. And while the cartoon cannot be called clever or enticing anymore and isn’t really up to modern standards either at least the girls made do without a male hero to rescue them most of the time.
  9. Tracing Real Body Models, a fantastic project aspiring to give artists and designers templates that don’t adhere to catwalk standards but are instead based on actual not-a-model people.
  10. My Grandmother sends me her favourite poems in her letters. 

I’m of course wildly aware that it’s August by now. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t make it to one of these posts in time but I was horribly busy with my last bits of ConQuest prep. Now that the busy part of Summer is over maybe we’ll return to more regular updates here, too…
I hope you’re having a wonderful (and not too hot) time!