Thrifting in September ’16

After a two-months hiatus for this feature (you know, with moving house and everything) I’m back to showing you what I thrifted this month! I’m not quite familiar with all the thrift shops around town yet but so far Hanover has proven to be a good hunting ground.

Thrifting Sept. '16: Candles and Fabric

My new bedroom is still in dire need of a curtain of some kind so I ventured out to find fabric (not that I don’t have enough already…). I happened to find this cotton blanket with a homespun flair right after work, and now that the sewing machine is set up again I can’t wait to decorate my window.
The candles were a lucky find, too, as I happen to own two small candle holders that were basically made for tree lights like these. As for the trim… I can never resist craft supply.

Thrifting Sept. '16: Waistcoat

Thrifting Sept. '16: Waistcoat details

I also can’t resist fancy vests. This one fit perfectly even though it was marked two sized under what I usually wear. Look at those pretty buttons and the shiny lining! The back is the finest, softest leather I’ve ever touched.

Thrifting Sept. '16: Skirt

Thrifting Sept. '16: Skirt details

I found this skirt on the rack next to the vest, plaid and corduroy and patches convincing me to take it home. It has some sort of Sarah Kay/Holly Hobbie vibe to it and is perfect for windy Autumn days (I’ve tested it).

Thrifting Sept. '16: Cutlery details

I’ve always wanted to try and make jewelery out of cutlery and decided that these would do fine for my first experiments. The large fork is even aluminium so it’s easy to bend. The tiny spoon without a crest in contrast is silver. The fabric underneath is a thrift find, too!

Thrifting Sept. '16: Fabric & Yarn

Thrifting Sept. '16: Basket

I began the June post of this feature with baskets and I end this one with the fruit’s basket I brought home. I think rustic baskets make kitchens so much more comfortable and cozy!

So much for my thrifting adventures this month (the first full one in Hanover!). Have you had any good finds lately?

10 Things I ♥ in September

10 Things I love in September 2016

  1. Mark Heine’s Sirens, beautiful paintings of underwater beings, never sure if they are real or a thing of myth and magic.
  2. Our new place! To put it in the words of Ronald Weasley once again: “It’s not much, but it’s home.” (I also used a Pottermore picture of the Burrow, but there will be pictures of the place soon, I promise!) It’s cozy and cute and my window goes out to the backyard where doves coo and Scoundrel even spotted a squirrel already.
  3. Julie Fowlis. I already knew her from the Brave OST but had the pleasure to listen to her during our initial drive to Hannover because Pwyll, who was on the steering wheel, is a big fan, too. Visit her website here!
  4. MycoWorks, a project to make faux leather out of mycelium. I love the general feel of leather and I dislike synthetic leather most of the time (it ages horribly, barely lasts and the process of making it isn’t really environmentally friendly, either) but should there arise a new opportunity made from – essentially – fungi… I’m always a fan of new sustainable ways to make things, and I love mushrooms. What can I say, I’m smitten with the idea and I can’t wait to see the first products to come out next year!
  5. The Hermux Tantamoq Adventures. I’m reading There’s No Time Like Show Time at the moment after I found it at the open book shelf. The world it’s set in checks most boxes of what I want from a book: Anthropomorphic mice? Check. Other furry critters? Check. Silly names? Check. Food porn? Check. Being a fan of Redwall, Mouse Guard and Brambly Hedge I couldn’t just let it stay at the shelf, could I. I admit that though it’s supposedly set in modern times I imagine the Mouse World in a bit of a Golden 20s fashion. Here’s the website, by the way!
  6. Autumn! It’s getting cold and the leaves are changing colours. I can finally wear layers again without sweating to death! Another plus are all the autumn-themed decor items in the stores. Autumnal flower crowns, here I come.
  7. Finally catching up with BakeOff! Now that this seems to be the last BBC-, Mel-and-Sue- AND at least Mary-hosted series (*insert extensive complaining here*) I’ll make sure to take my time with it. It’s visual comfort food after all.
  8. Annika Victoria’s Youtube Channel that’s stuffed to the brim with clever DIY videos, especially the “Make Thrift Buy” series in which she tries to DIY versions of things from the internet that viewers send her. Click here to watch! And she also has a blog.
  9. While we’re on Youtube have a look at Camp Camp. It’s a Rooster Teeth animation series about your typical American Summer camp – or not. Just imagine a show where Gravity Falls meets Southpark meets Happy Tree Friends. I especially adore Dave the ever-blissful camp counselor (and his speech in the season finale really warmed my heart – it’s so very, very true. But no spoilers) and I might have the theme tune permanently stuck in my head.
    I do hope they’ll make a second season eventually, someday.
  10. Fairypunk. What a delightful genre, style and subculture! Here‘s the tumblr that explains it all. Well, that explains as far as it can.

Recipe: Rustic Autumn Equinox Quiche


Yesterday was Autumn Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere. We celebrated with a dinner made from this year’s harvest – things I took home from the market because we couldn’t sell them but that were still perfectly okay.
If you make this quiche don’t underestimate the time it will take (I absolutely did).

Actual making time: ~20min
Cooling time: 40min
Baking time (incl. blind baking): ~60min
Serves 2-4

You’ll need…

For the pastry:
220g flour
110g butter, cold

For the filling:
3 eggs
100ml milk
100g grated cheese
100g brie
3-4 carrots
2 medium eggplants
200-300g spinach (frozen or fresh)
1 apple

salt, pepper, thyme, nutmeg

To make the pastry knead the flour into the butter until you have fine crumbs. Add two tablespoons of cold water and knead into an even dough. Form a ball, wrap in saran and put to cool for 20min. After that, roll the dough out between two sheets of lining paper or saran wrap to get a smooth surface to a size comfortably filling your tin. Lay out the dough in your tarte tin,  if you have leftovers put them aside and use them to cut out decorations later if you like to. Cool for another 20min. Pre-heat your oven to ~200°C
Use a fork to prick small holes into the bottom of the pastry. Put a sheet of lining paper on the dough, fill the tin with lentils, chickpeas or something similar to weigh it down and blind-bake for 15min.

Prepare the filling by whisking eggs, milk and cheeses together and season to taste with salt, pepper and thyme. Season the spinach with a tiny bit of nutmeg (and, if you use frozen spinach, thaw and press it dry first).
Cut eggplants, apple and carrots into fine strips. Use a peeler for the carrots (slice them in half vertically first, this makes it far easier) and slice the eggplants in half before cutting them to make them about the same height as the carrot strips. Make normal apple slices first, too, it’s easier to make finer slices later.

After blind-baking let the pastry cool for a few minutes and reduce the heat to about 180°C, then pour in your filling. Bake for 10min.

The filling should have slightly set after that. Begin adding the vegetables by rolling two or three carrot strips together so they form a spiral or rose and plant it in the middle of the quiche. It should stick lightly to the set filling at the bottom. Then proceed by working from the outside to the inside and layer the vegetable strips along the edge of the tin, overlapping slightly. Add an apple slice once in a while and don’t layer the strips too tightly. Fill in any gaps with spinach, sprinkle with salt, add dough decorations if you have any and bake for ~45min until the egg-milk-cheese filling has set.

If you don’t like eggplant you can use pumpkin or zucchini instead, just make sure it’s something that you can slice up nicely for the spiral effect.


For a side salad I’d recommend something mustardy, adding red frills (a kind of mustard greenery) to something more hearty like a curled lettuce makes for a nice addition. And yes, that’s the only picture of the complete quiche I managed to take before we dug in. And I promise there will be better pictures again in the near future, too.

I hope you all had a nice Equinox!

UFO Friday

UFO Friday is the (somewhat) weekly feature where I show you what I did crafting-wise this week.

It’s the first UFO Friday from the new place!


I’ve been mostly busy with woodworking and screwing boards to walls and the like. My biggest project so far was the “add-on” to my (already selfmade) bed. It’s a four-poster bed now, and I took pictures of the whole thing so there’s going to be a tutorial/how-to!


Sorry for the grainy pictures.
This isn’t the last you’ll see of this striped fabric. It’s part of one of the first “vanity projects” I’ve done for my room so far and I documented the progress here, too.


And last but not least I took a seam ripper to this little guy I found at Oxfam today. It needed a wash and I thought it might be filled with rice. Alas it turned out the filling was little plastic pellets so they wouldn’t be ruined by water, but in cases like this it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What are your crafting projects at the moment or what did you finish this week? I’d love to read your answers in the comments!

The Move

I still haven’t written about so many things that happened from May until now – my RPC haul, ConQuest, my favourite parts of my internship – but the first thing I’ll catch up with is the move. It being the most life-changing event in my life at the moment and all that.


We started on an absurdly hot August 28th by picking up the rented car and then stuffing it to the brim with first Scoundrel’s and then my stuff. There were so many people to help and say their goodbyes (in exchange for the traditional beer and snacks, of course)!


Pwyll had agreed to drive the van to Hanover as neither Scoundrel nor I have a license (yet). We had to take Scoundrel’s plants with us to the drivers cabin because they would have been crushed in the back which meant that there was a giant spider ivy in Scoundrel’s face during the whole three-hour drive.

I’m in the jungle. This is my life now.

That’s a direct quote.

When we arrived in Hanover we were greeted by friends again, ones who already happen to live there (incredibly convenient), plus one friend’s dog. We also met a nice girl whom we promised to take something back to Marburg for, and she had offered to help with unpacking, too. Turns out she’s from Gießen (the neighboring town of Marburg) and only moved here a few months ago, too.

And I saw the new place for the first time! While Scoundrel was hunting for flats I was too busy with my internship and my Grandfather’s funeral to come with so it was a surprise. It’s not gigantic but definitely enough for two people, with two bedrooms and a living room, too. I’m really happy!


The next day we drove back with a near-empty van for flat renovations and key handovers, accompanied by a soundtrack of Tengger Cavalry, Julie Fowlis, Enter the Haggis and Red Hot Chili Peppers (all Pwyll’s choice of course as he was the driver).


We had until the 31st to clear our respective rooms and re-paint them which became a group effort of Scoundrel, Noisette (his now former flatmate who also moved that week but didn’t have to paint and thus was bored) and me.
Everything went well with the handovers even though I’ve had my fair share of trouble with my rather unpleasant landlord before and then we boarded the train North (with some difficulties and cancelled connections, but I won’t bore you with that), no return tickets.


Well, hello Hanover. I hope we can be friends.