Declutter my UFO stash with me!

I think Fridays might be my new uploading days!

Watch me declutter my stagnant projects and tell me what to tackle first! About some of the things in this video I already have blog posts, so here’s an incomplete (but alphabetical!) list of those:

Amsterdam Haul
Bodyline JSK (and when I first got it | in an outfit)
LARP bodice
Nana’s Jumper
Nether West
Pirate Pants (that were thrown out)
Plum Dress
Prairie Brambles | Worn
Velvet West & Dress Haul

Thank you so much for watching!

(Life) Style Tips in January 2020

januar tips

Too many resolutions and you can’t decide which ones to actually go through with? Write all of them down, cut them up and draw three of them from a hat. Stick to those.

January with all its “New Year, New Me” vibes is the perfect time to make plans if you want to change something about your looks, have a closet purge and make appointments at the tattoo parlour or the hairdresser or barbershop.

the Monday of the year.
– Urban Dictionary

To battle the Monday blues of the year, deliberately bring out the bright colours and glitter and maybe turn up the volume on some (electro) Swing to celebrate the new 20s. It’s far too easy to get dragged into the drab part of Winter, but actively battling it with clothes that don’t only make you feel comfy, but also good is a good way to stay away from it.

“I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,” said Pooh.
“There there,” said Piglet. “I’ll bring you tea and honey until you do.”
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

The 18th marks the birthday of A. A. Milne, the creator of Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet and all the other lovely people from the Forest (and by that of one of my favourite books in the world). Celebrate all of them by reading the books, either by yourself or out to one another, recite hums and poems, eat some slices of bread with honey or condensed milk and maybe get a blue balloon, but avoid ending up in thorny shrubbery.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we had the height of the Quadrantids meteor shower during the 3rd and 4th of the month, but they last until the 12th. If you’re up for a cold winter night outing while the sky is clear make sure to dress warmly, grab more blankets than you think you might need and take a thermos full of hot tea.

Scavenge for thrown-out Christmas trees during this month, they are too good to go to waste! There are so many things you can make from them, and a small rustic coat rack, wall hooks and a querl are only a few ideas!

And not to forget our friends in the Southern Hemisphere here’s our last July post for more summery ideas!

P.S.: The old New Year’s card is this one from Old Design Shop, in case you were wondering. Credit where credit is due.

Welcome to the 20s! – Happy New Year’s Resolutions


Happy 2020, Thistledown Gang!

I hope all of you had a good passing from last year to this and woke up bright-eyed and just looking forward to the new year as much as I do.

I spent my last night of the old year taming the chaos around me to start into the new year with a floor one can actually walk on, watching fireworks and going to bed early because I wanted to start the decade well-rested, which – yay! – worked wonderfully for me!

And of course, there are my resolutions, this year less of a list and more of an almost-vow, an almost-poem that I wrote in a grey hour when I felt utterly fragile in my fae-ness in this world, but after spilling my guts through my pen, I felt better, so I’m keeping it because it says pretty much exactly what I wish for in 2020. Let me know your resolutions in the comments, I’d love to read about them!

In 2020
I want people to see me.
I want people to see me as the wild faerie I am.
I’m done with being invisible,
I want the perfect wardrobe (for now)
I want to be charming and confusing
And life-changing and enchanting.
I want to celebrate the full moons and
Visit new and old places, I want to explore
both this world and myself.
I want to make, and want to make a living making.
I want to be a feral force of nature,
I don’t want to hold back.
I want my glamour to run free, to be
impossible to shake off.
I want to dance under the stars
and swim in wild waters,
I want to gather my tribe and
have them get caught in my intense lust
for life.
I’m done with inaction and anxiety
and being tired,
I’ll find a cure against all that
and the encroaching banality,
And my banners will fly,
amassing a following of creatures wild and free and inspired, just like me
in its light, because


I’m nothing if not shiny.

My 2019 Favourites

2019favouritesThe years is nearing its end in what seems to be quite the hurry (only one more day!) but I didn’t want it do be gone without mentioning a few new-to-me things I really loved this year. Most of these are new, some are old, but all are very dear to me:

booksDefinitely the Inspector Jury mysteries by Martha Grimes. I found one of them in the public bookshelf right across my workplace first, and then kept finding them, or did they keep finding me? Two of them came to me through my mother-out-law, and three more from other public bookshelves, in different cities, no less. So far I’ve found them an absolute delight to read, full of quirky, but not overly caricatured characters, lovely settings and obscure mystery cases. I’ll definitely look out for more of them next year to grow my collection!

I also started reading the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch, finally, and I keep fangirling about how it is like The Dresden Files but without everything I disliked about those.

gamesAside from my constant favourites – Sims 3 and Don’t Starve -, for both of which I finally decided to spoil myself with a few add-ons with, I’ve been extremely fond of Unavowed, a retro mystery point-and-click game by indie studio Wadjet Eye Games. What can I say, I might have a weak spot for supernatural police adventures…

seriesL’Art du Crime, which I discovered when I zapped idly through the channels at my father’s flat while I visited my family earlier this year. The French combination of murder mysteries and art history is incredibly perfect for me. Shame that so far only season one is available for legal streaming in Germany but fingers crossed that this will change soon!

In terms of anime I’ll have to go with Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Sōma because it was absurdly hilarious and made me very, very happy.

appsHere we’ve got a tie – between Duolingo and Level Up Life. With the former, I’ve been studying daily for over a hundred days now, and I think I’ve never held onto a habit that long ever before. I’m actually learning something. And with the latter I feel like I’ve accomplished something today – even if it’s just tiny things, like doing the dishes or taking the stairs or working overtime. Gamification makes daily things a bit less dreary, and it works wonders for me.

musicMy best new find would be La Belle Bleue, a French chanson rock band I encountered during autoplay after a few songs from a Parisian band I’ve loved for quite some time, Les Yeux d’la Tête. I especially like their earlier work ca. Morceaux de Papier but their new stuff is worth a listen as well.

ontheblogI immensely enjoyed writing the Life Style Tips each month (sorry there are none for December). I already have plans for the next ones!
The post I had most fun researching was the one on the Pre-Raphaelite Wombat – I think I should have more Wombat Fridays here on the blog.
In terms of videos, I had a lot of fun with Antonia Caecilie and I really hope to play with her again sometime soon, I’ll just have to get her out of her attic. The pictures I’m proudest of are in this recipe post, and I’m glad to report that my camera is waiting for new adventures, too.
Last but not least this blog turned ten (in numbers: 10!!!), and I’m so exceptionally happy about all of you who are here, old and new to this little space on the web.

This will be my last post for 2019 but I hope to see you all again soon in 2020. Have a fantastic, magical New Year’s Eve!

All my love

P.S.: For those of you interested, the lovely little wreath graphic I used for this post is this from Old Design Shop slightly re-arranged. Credit where credit is due.
P.P.S.: As always, none of this is sponsored and the opinions voiced are entirely my own.