Style Inspiration: Sarah Kay

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Back in the 70s the world – mainly the western, but not exclusively – lived through a nostalgic phase that gave us not only the origins of Mori Kei and Lolita but also brands like Gunne Sax and illustration legacies I always find inspiration and joy in, in some instances since my childhood.

One of these illustrators that make me feel all warm and fuzzy and about to confess my love for pioneer dresses and mob caps is Australian artist Vivien Kubbos, better known under the name of her franchise: Sarah Kay.

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The Sarah Kay pictures are laden with ruffled muslin dresses, mended aprons, a mix of patterns and chunky leather boots, which counts as a fair depiction of one of my current aesthetic favourites.

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They radiate a somewhat kitschy yearning for the countryside in “simpler days” where everything is fine and your biggest problem is a broken milk jug. I’m a big fan of the checkered pockets on the white aprons, by the way.

sarah 3


The other thing I absolutely adore are those colourful patches whenever there is a knee in sight. This last picture is pretty much how I look from time to time, now that I finally have a pair of dungarees.

I think of Sarah Kay as a wonderful source of inspiration for Natural Kei outfits, and maybe in some elements for Mori Kei, too. Think mixed, faded patterns and washed-out denim paired with shiny leather boots. And ruffles. All the ruffles.

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All pictures belong to Vivien Kubbos resp. her publishers, via

5 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Sarah Kay

  1. Lovely! I had some Sarah Kay postcards when I was a child, and I treasured them. Perhaps that’s where my life-long love of the mori and natural kei aesthetic came from?
    xx Katie.

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