OOTD: Bramble Leaf Picking

OOTD: Bramble Leaf Picking | HedgefairyWhen I visited my Mum earlier this summer I thought it would be a good opportunity to harvest some bramble leaves and petals for tea. The petals don’t really do anything but they make the tea look so much prettier!
OOTD: Bramble Leaf Picking | HedgefairyI also tried a bramble leave dye but without a decent mordant it would only turn out a very pale (albeit not ugly) yellow.
OOTD: Bramble Leaf Picking | HedgefairyOutfit Rundown:
– shirt/tunic: thrifted
– tank top: thrifted (tag says H&M)
– pants: Levi’s
– shoes: thrifted

Sadly the star hair clip I wore, too, isn’t visible in the pictures. This is the kind of outfit I imagine a modern version of the edge-of-the-village-dwelling, rich-with-knowledge-about-herbs witch woman wearing, and it felt really, really nice to be out there, collecting ingredients. For me it’s also an attempt at very casual Mori – muted colours, sturdy fabric, but still somewhat playful.


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