Interludium: Ten Questions

Really random, but they’re minty.

I have been tagged by Natz from junimondig.

Here are the inevitable rules:

  1. Link back to the tagger.
  2. Answer their ten questions.
  3. Think of ten questions yourself.
  4. Link back to ten more bloggers with less than 200 followers haben (no backtagging).

Some of these questions are pretty delicate. I usually don’t write about politics or religion here, but Natz asked so nicely. Please don’t feel offended by my opinion.

1. What are your feelings about advent and Christmas? I don’t celebrate Christmas. I celebrate Yuletide. Funnily the German term Weihnachten would simply be translated as blessed or sacred night, so there’s no terminus problem here. However, both are the celebration of the return of light to the world (as are pretty much all winter festivities), so I embrace every bit of decoration, music, food and the festive air in the weeks before the days themselves. I love it.

2. Would you venture through the sewer system of a city? Appropriately equipped, of course. Yes! That would be such an adventure!

3. Do you believe in changes through politics and voting? Sometimes. Most of the time positive political progress is a slow thing, so it would probably take more than one mandate to really change something. The equality of homosexual partnerships with the common law heterosexual marriage is one example that would probably benefit from a government change right now, but these are rare. Anyway, voting is important in the respect of not only giving a party your vote, but denying it to other parties, even if you just invalidate your vote.

4. What is your favourite name? I like Benoît a lot.

5. Do you believe in the supernatural? So, this is complicated. On one hand, most of the time I think I’m an agnostic. On the other hand I identify (and celebrate) as a neo pagan, spent hours, days and weeks in the library reading about folklore and the supernatural and sometimes feel compelled to leave food out for the little folk. I realise this is a paradox. Sometimes I’m not sure if I believe or if I just want to believe. Do I sound pretentious? I do sound pretentious. Damn.

6. What was the last book you read? The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.

7. What’s your opinion on people who believe in God or relate to a certain religion out of conviction? Religion, or better yet, faith is a thing people can hold on to, and who would I be to tell them holding on to something that makes you feel better is wrong? I might not always agree with them, but deep in their core most religions tend to tell people something like “be nice to each other” and “do nothing you wouldn’t have to be done to you”, and theses are nice credos to live by. It stops being nice when they try to evangelise people who don’t want to be evangelised or start burning things else than incense or tell the world that homosexuals are sick or encourage people to kill someone. As long as they don’t discriminate and do (not only mean) no harm to anyone they can do and believe in what ever strikes their fancy.

8. When was the last time you’ve been proud of yourself? I’m finally making progress in my new place, so last week would be it.

9. Are you going green or doing something for the environment in some way? The usual. I separate my trash and recycle, use organic detergent, shower gel and cleaners (except those I got left from the girl that had my place before me) and as little as possible, I don’t drive (I don’t even have a license, I may already have mentioned that) so I go by foot, bike or public transport, I only buy organic dairy and eggs and also, when possible, other groceries.

10. What are your goals in life? A scenery Tony would be great. But actually I’m planning on becoming a word-renowned comic artist and illustrator, which is far more realistic. Still pretty big, but more realistic. Anyway, being happy is a nice long-term goal, too.

* * *

And I tag

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who might like or not like being tagged.


My questions are:

1. Do you like stargazing? If yes, what’s your favourite constellation?

2. What would be your house in Hogwarts? Sure, it’s a question asked hundreds of times, but I’m still curious.

3. How came your blog name to be?

4. When you were little, what was it that you wanted to become when you’re grown up?

5. “What would you be if you were an animal?” is an old question. What would you be if you were a folklore creature?

6. What’s you favourite time of day, and why?

7. Hollywood or Broadway?

8. Nearly everyone has a field they’re sort of a specialist in (silly as it may be), if only in their circle of friends. What is yours?

9. Big headphones or in-ears?

10. Do you like rainy days?


4 thoughts on “Interludium: Ten Questions

  1. Oh danke für den Tag! :)
    Habe ich schon lang nicht mehr gemacht. Ist es in Ordnung, wenn ich das Ganze auf Deutsch mache? Wollte auf meinem Blog eigentlich nicht in Englisch schreiben.

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