First Snow

To counter the sad news from the US with something nice, we had the first snow yesterday. It’s really wet and it’s almost gone again already but it was there, and that’s what counts, and it makes me hope for more.




I guess I should get out the warm underthings and my gloves for the market tomorrow, but that’s perfectly fine. I love Winter!

Have you had the first snow already (except for my southern hemisphere readers, of course)?


2 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. I can’t believe it’s pretty much winter already…where did this year go?! I hope you get a snowy Yule this year, looks like you have plenty of space to build a snowman!

    1. The camera makes the backyard look a bit bigger, but thank you, and right back to you!
      The year really went by fast, didn’t it? With all the strange and sad things that happend I think I’ll be glad to put 2016 behind us…

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